Sunday, March 21, 2021

Train travel during Covid 19 period - My experience

Train travel during Covid 19 period - My experience

It was March month of the year 2021. We are still living in Covid 19 period and following all the Corona guidelines sincerely. We had to travel from Nashik to Bhubaneshwar by train. So here I will share my experience of how it all went through the train while assuring ourselves safe from the Covid 19 virus.

train travel in covid 19 time in india

We have traveled by train several times for longer and shorter distances. Most of the time our train journey is 24+hour long. Usually, we travel in the 2nd AC and 3rd AC compartments. 

After we decided to travel from Nashik to Bhubaneshwar, I was a bit skeptical about the train journey. The crowd, sanitization, toiletries, etc, all made me think about whether this journey is safe or not for all of us.

train travel in covid time
Inside view of 2nd AC coach of the train during Covid 19 period

We booked our tickets easily for 2nd AC and this time I found that the prices were far more than the earlier prices before the corona period. On top of that, there is no provision (inclusion) of beddings due to Corona. Also, the curtains removed from everywhere.

Carrying our own beddings with us was a headache for me as we already had huge packing items. I was annoyed that we are paying more amount with no benefit buy I was wrong later I came to know.

On traveling day our train arrived at the perfect time and we boarded. I was happy that we had no waiting period on the platform. Immediately we left as arrived at the railway station.

Now I saw the railway station was not at all overcrowded as it used to be usually before Covid 19 and everybody on the platform wearing a mask. This was relaxing and satisfactory for me.

The inside story of the train in Covid 19

We occupied our 2 seats and settled ourselves. I scanned the whole compartment and saw that only half of the bogie (coach) was occupied by passengers and all the side lower and upper berths were vacant.

There were no curtains anywhere, no bedsheets, blankets, and no pillows.

train travel during covid in india

I found public sanitizer nowhere inside the bogie for passengers. Do not forget to carry your pocket sanitizer with you always and keep on using it regularly.

Food, tea, etc were being sold by railway to the passengers. Other than these other eatable items were also being sold by vendors.

Toilets and cleanliness remained same as it was earlier. I saw no difference here. Toilets stink after few hours. Cleaning members come at their scheduled time and clean the bogie.

The mask was worn by every railway staff but most of the time they used to slide down the chin.

In the 2nd AC, every compartment has 6 seats including side berths. During our train travel, I saw that every compartment accommodated a maximum of 4 persons only. Some of the compartments had 1,2 or 3 only and also a few remain unoccupied.

train travel in corona time

I think most of the people were avoiding train travel during Covid period, therefore, the bogies of the train are not completely full. Also maybe the side berths are not being booked to avoid too much rush in the AC bogies.

Whatever is the reason but we enjoyed our train journey this time as we owned the whole compartment for more than half of the travel period. Overall our journey was okay and went off smoothly.

The only problem is carrying bedding, this is extra luggage but it's okay as it is only for our safety. After all, you are safer in your own kind of stuff.

Wear the mask, keep on sanitizing regularly and you will have a safe journey in Covid time.