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Preity Prerna YouTuber biography

Preity Prerna YouTuber biography

Preity Prerna is one of the best youtube channels for hair care and skin care. The beautiful lady who is running this channel is "Prerna" and here is her biography that will give you a few details about her. All the details shared here are based on my research and experience through her wonderful videos.

Preity Prerna youtuber biography

Preity Prerna real name

The beautiful lady running this youtube channel, her nickname is Preity and her official name is Prerna so the channel name is Preity Prerna.

Preity Prerna birthday

Prerna's birthday falls on August 26. She completed the 1 Million milestone of the channel on her birthday in the year 2021.

Prerna's occupation

Preity Prerna is a teacher by profession who teaches Maths and Science subjects to class 10 students. Apart from teaching, she is running two youtube channels. One is "Preity प्रेरणा" and another one is "Preity प्रेरणा Vlogs". Both the channels are doing great and reaching greater heights day by day. Currently in the month of February 2022 - Preity प्रेरणा has 1.74 Million subscribers and Preity प्रेरणा Vlogs has 21.8K subscribers.

I am also one of her subscribers and fans and admire her a lot. Read here my review for her channel -

Best Youtube channel for hair and skincare (personal experience).

Prerna's Hobbies:

Preity Prerna likes singing and she is a wonderful singer. I love her voice. She has done singing for "Dil Ko Karaar aya" cover song. You can check out that video on her Youtube channel.

Preity Prerna family

Prerna belongs to a lovely Garhwali brahmin family. She has introduced her family members in a particular video. They are all so wonderful and joyful and I really appreciate them all. Her husband and all the family members are very loving and supportive. Her family includes her father-in-law, mother-in-law, husband, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law.

preity prerna family

Her father-in-law, Dr. Jaikrishna Godiyal is Ph.D. in Sanskrit and he has written 3 books till now. Two of them are प्रतीक नाट्य-परंपरा एवं संकल्प सूर्योदय and गढ़वाल की संस्कृति, साहित्य और कला. He maintains a wonderful library including several years old books.

Her Mother-in-law Jaya Godiyal is a wonderful lady. She is also running a Youtube channel (The Shyama Channel) where you may find a glimpse of Preity Prerna sometimes. She is super great at maintaining the house perfectly. She maintained her 30 years old house so well that it will surprise you for sure.

Prerna's husband's name is Vivek and she calls him Vekji with love. He is a working person, but also he supports and helps Prerna in making Youtube videos.

Her brother-in-law, Yagya, he is a gamer and future professor as mentioned by her in a video. He loves gaming a lot. He is the one who supports Prerna with all the technical knowledge required.

Preity Prerna from which state

Basically, Prerna belongs to the Garhwal district in Uttarakhand. Srinagar city in Garhwal is her hometown. She is a working lady and stays in Delhi NCR. She has shown her house in the home tour video and it was a big and beautiful house where all the family members live lovingly.

Preity Prerna contact - 

You may contact her through these social media platforms. If you have any queries regarding any remedy then you may contact her through Instagram. She is active on Instagram and Facebook.

Social media

More about Preity Prerna

If she reviews any product, that is totally unsponsored. She has set a particular day Sunday for review of the products and that is called Review Ravivaar.

She always recommends trying flaxseed gel remedy for hair if someone is looking for some DIY remedy for hair. Her first video was also on Flaxseed gel.

If you want to know more about Prerna then you can follow her Preity प्रेरणा Vlogs YouTube channel.


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