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Best Youtube channel for hair and skin care (personal experience)

Best Youtube channel for hair and skin care (personal experience)

There are already so many Youtube channels and several new channels emerging every day but very few of them survive and establish their own brand. I am a frequent Youtube viewer/audience and I follow several channels in various categories. Here I will list out top/best youtube channel for hair care, skin care and beauty. This is based on my experience as an audience and I appreciate this YouTuber a lot as she add value in her viewer's life and so she deserves to be one of the best YouTubers.

top youtube channel for hair skincare

The best Youtube channel for hair and skin care - Preity प्रेरणा

Preity प्रेरणा, one of my favorite youtube channels. This channel started in last quarter of the year 2019 and it grew very rapidly. It provides DIY hair care, skincare, and other beauty-related videos. The owner of the channel is Prerna who is capable enough to engage her audience very well. I have tried her several hair-care and skincare videos and they worked just like magic.

Why I chose Preity प्रेरणा as the best Youtube channel?

There are several reasons.

  1. She gives complete information (root, cause, effect, and detail of each and every ingredient) in every video on the channel and the way she talks is very impressive. Skipping the video means missing the important information.

  2. There is so much positivity in her words that you believe in her words and you will definitely try her remedies.

  3. So many positive comments you will find there in the comment section and all these are her viewers/subscribers who are benefitted from her remedies. Happily, they share their story. I have never seen negative comments or maybe there is no such thing.

  4. I find her very genuine. She never creates promotional videos. She shares those things that benefitted her and they might be useful to the audience.

My journey with Preity प्रेरणा youtube channel

Now I will talk about my experience. I had a lot of hair fall due to which my hair became thin and very rough. I didn't like my hair at all. Earlier also I had seen many YouTube videos and tried them as well but they failed to keep me engaged with them.

Once, one of the Preity प्रेरणा's video popped in my Youtube feed, initially I ignored it but later ended watching her hair care video and immediately subscribed. I do not easily subscribe to any channel but yes, it convinced me to do it.

Prerna's positive words impressed me so much that I started following regular DIY haircare remedies for my hair and magic happened. My hair fall stopped, my hair has become very soft and shiny now. 

Following her words, I have stopped using my regular hair shampoo and started ayurvedic shampoo. The hair conditioner is out of my list now, I have not used any hair conditioner for the last 7 months.

Also I have white hair issue and now I am switching permanently to herbal hair color to avoid further damage from the hair colors available in the market.

I regularly apply one of the hair masks suggested by Prerana and they are all working wonderfully. My hair is healthier, softer, and shinier after I started following Prerana.

Most importantly, I have started loving my hair a lot and paying more attention to it than before. All credit goes to Prerna who motivated me for all this and provided value with the perfect video. Many many thanks to her.


If you are the one who is still struggling with the hair woes then I would suggest you to follow one of the videos from her channel related to your issue and see the magic yourself.

Her skincare videos are also good but I have used only 1 or 2 videos only (like DIY face wash) and they all worked for me.

The positive results after every remedy strengthens my faith in her again and again. This is the reason I am writing about her in my post today and I want everyone to get benefited like me.


This is not a promotional article and it is purely based on my opinion and experience. Whatever I observed and liked, I listed it here.


  1. Yes!!!! She is awesome, I also tried her flaxseed gel and meethie curd spa they all are awesome ❤❤❤

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  4. Which remedy you follow by preity prerna?

  5. Yes.. MAi bhi only inke skin care pe jyda trust krti hu... Dil se bhut thank you mam ko... Itne pyare pyare remedies lekr aate hai hum sbki care krte hai.. Online way me.. Soo smart loving caring lady😘👌❤️

  6. Yes, she is so intellegent she explain all the things love you di from bottom of my heart

  7. Cnt agree more..she is truly a blessing for the ladies out there who are facing various hair and skin related issues...

  8. I love ur all remedies and I follow you
    You are so sweet 😘😘
    Thank you so much for all ur efforts you do for us always be happy
    Aise hi remedies late rhiye ,,😎😎

    1. Yes she is amazing as a person as well as her remedies.I m happy to be a part of this beautiful family as she said we call it PREITY PRERNA❤️

  9. Thank u so muchhhhh for making my inspiration feel good

  10. Yes she is amazing as a person as well as her remedies.I m happy to be a part of this beautiful family as she said we call it PREITY PRERNA❤️

  11. Yes... She is an amazing woman perfect combo of beauty with brains... She is a teacher and undoubtedly she must be an expert teacher.... From her channel only i am motivated to do something for myself... Thanx a ton... God bless you with lots of happiness and success in life ahead

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  14. She is wonderful .... always try remedies first and after results share on YouTube