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Dr. Jains Greynil Herbal Hair Color Review (Brown and dark shade)

Dr. Jains Greynil Herbal Hair Color Review

This is a genuine review of Dr. Jain's Greynil Herbal Hair Color which is purely based on my experience. I am a regular customer of hair color and I cannot afford to miss coloring my hair due to the wide range of grey hair on my head. I suffered from grey hair at a very young age and with the passage of time, it spread like hell. Initially, I did not care for grey hair as it was in a few strands but later it covered more areas, and then I started using hair color.

Many years passed like that with the chemical hair color but I was looking for some natural ways to color my hair to avoid damage from chemicals present in hair colors. I tried henna/mehndi also but with mehndi, my hair looked more dried and frizzy. Then one day, one of my friends suggested using Dr. Jain's Greynil to color my hair. She told me that this is the herbal powder for the treatment of grey hair. Though this is also a henna or mehndi mixture, the herbal word attracted me and I thought to give it a chance.

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About Dr. Jain's Greynil mehndi powder mixture:

Greynil is Dr. Jain's herbal product which is used to color grey hair. This is a mixture of hair coloring agents Henna/mehndi and Indigo with Sofia oil. This herbal mixture is safe, effective, and good for hair health, claimed by The brand Dr. Jain.

Dr. Jain's greynil reviews
Greynil mehndi packaging

Greynil Packaging and Texture:

As the Greynil is a mixture of henna (mehndi), indigo and Sofia oil so the texture of this product is the same as henna. The packaging you can see in the image. All the required details are mentioned on the outer packaging along with instructions to use. Packaging includes Greynil packet, an instruction page, and a pair of plastic gloves (to be used while application of Greynil paste) inside.

Greynil Shade and Price:

Greynil comes in only two shades and they are black and brown shade. This is a limitation of this product. I have used both, brown shade as well as dark shade for my hair. The price of this herbal powder mixture for the treatment of grey hair is Rs. 150 for 100 gm.

Availability of Greynil:

Availability of this product is not a big deal, this is available everywhere. You will find it in any medical store. Few general stores also keep it in stock but if you do not get it there then visit any medical store and get it for you. You may buy this online too at the same price.

How to use Greynil powder?

Dr. Jain's greynil review
Greynil paste prepared with boiling water
Take enough quantity of Greynil powder in a bowl as per your hair volume. Boil water in a pan and add this boiling water to the Greynil powder while stirring continuously. Mix them properly and make a paste. The consistency of the mixture should not be very thick or very thin. When the paste turns lukewarm then apply it to the hair and let it sit for 2 hours. Once the duration of 2 hours completes, cleanse it with lukewarm water and avoid using shampoo.


First I used brown shade Greynil on my grey hair and I saw that the result was the same as the henna or mehndi application. White hair turned golden brown. Since it is a herbal powder and it does not last for a longer period like chemical hair colors so this is advised to be applied once a week initially.

The first week, I applied brown shade on white hair which turned my hair golden brown. Then next week I chose to apply dark shade and the result was satisfactory. Golden brown hair was turned to a nice brown shade. Still, grey hair turned brown were looking differentiated from the rest of the black hair on my head but this was looking okay, better than the golden brown.

Greynil dark shade won't turn your white hair to black but if you apply it after the application of henna or Greynil brown hair color then you will develop a nice brown shade. You can see the result in the below picture.

greynil brown shade hair color review
Result after the application of Greynil brown shade hair color

greynil dark shade hair color review
Result after the application of Greynil dark shade hair color

Dr. Jain's brand asks to repeat coloring hair with Greynil once a week for the first month and then later on you may increase the duration by 2 weeks. This helps to darken the grey hair gradually with continuous application.

Practically I could not apply Greynil paste every week. I was not very satisfied with this color so I could not continue with this product for longer and discontinued using it thereafter.

Initially, I was not happy with this paste as it involved several hours and I had to apply it every week but later on, I compromised with it for the sake of best results for my hair.

I knew that regular chemical hair colors were damaging my hair so I decided to replace the chemical products with herbal products. I started using herbal shampoo, stopped using hair conditioners, regularly applied DIY hair masks, and picked herbal hair colors like Greynil for coloring my hair. Now I think this was the best decision. Within a month, severe hair fall stopped, and hair was softer, smoother, and shinier than before.


I suggest using Greynil brown shade first and then applying a dark shade to develop the perfect brown shade. You can also visit the salon with your Greynil pack or call someone from the salon for the application purpose. This will make your work easier.

Clean your hair simply with water and do not use shampoo. Oil is necessary and keep the hair for the next 48 hours and then wash the hair with shampoo.

Now I like Greynil and I regularly use it myself. At the same time, I keep on conditioning my hair with DIY hair masks. It makes my hair healthier and they do not become rough with the use of henna or Greynil.

If you cannot apply Greynil once a week or you are one of those who do not like to apply henna or any other hair color to your hair by yourself then this is not for you. If you are patient enough to apply it every week then you may go ahead with Greynil. This will not give you the exact similar result, you get after applying other chemical hair colors available in the market but this is one of the good alternatives to chemical hair color.


  1. Hello,

    I use greynil dark brown shade. I want to know whether this mehendi can be soaked for overnight or so? Because a week back I had soaked it for 10 hours and then applied. Also, everytime I apply it, my scalp itches so much. But after that I had washed my hair 2-3 times with indulekha shampoo. Still my scalp is itching so much. Can it be like the mehendi doesn't suit me?

  2. Don't know about soaking overnight but I suggest not to do it as it contains Indigo powder. Itchiness in the scalp can be due to the presence of Indigo powder. Indigo dehydrates hair. Do not forget to do hair oiling after washing and drying hair.

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