Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dr. Jains Aloe Vera Gel Review

Dr. Jain's Aloe vera gel review

The brand "Dr. Jain's" is known for its various herbal and ayurvedic products in beauty and health sector. I was not aware of this brand until one of my friends suggested me herbal henna to color my hair. I am possessed with grey hair at an early age and I can't manage without hair color. I need to color my hair regularly at least once a month so I was looking for some natural hair color (to avoid damage to the hair) if available in the market. So here my friend advised me to try Dr. Jain's herbal hair color/henna. Thus I was introduced to Dr. Jain's brand. Let the herbal color be aside and let's focus on Dr. Jain's aloe vera gel.

I was okay with Patanjali aloe vera gel but I thought of substitute of it so I went with Dr. Jain's aloe vera gel as I had already heard few positive feedbacks of this brand's beauty products. I bought one for me and tried for hair conditioning and skin woes.

Dr. Jains Aloe vera gel
Dr. Jain's Aloe vera gel pack

My review for Dr. Jain's Aloe Vera Gel

I have used Dr. Jain's aloe vera gel for hair conditioning and I found that this is okay but not very effective like the original one. For skin, I would say this is really good. I had a slight burn mark on my face, daily I used to apply aloe vera gel on my face before sleep and you know what burn mark was gone after a few weeks. But it doesn't remove scars or marks overnight, it takes time depending on the type of scar or mark. Also, it heals pimples sooner than Patanjali aloe vera gel.
Dr. Jains aloe vera gel
Inside Dr. Jain's aloe vera gel pack


  • Dr. Jain's aloe vera gel pack includes a pamphlet stating several uses and benefits of aloe vera gel.
  • The gel is smooth and can be applied easily.
  • It can also be used for fixing and setting hair, claimed by the brand Dr. Jain's.
  • The texture is quite close to the original aloe vera gel.


  • Dr. Jain's aloe vera gel is a bit expensive as compared to other aloe vera gel such as Patanjali. It costs Rs. 120 for 100 gm.
  • Packing is not very user-friendly. It comes in a box with an upper lid.
  • This is not easily available like Patanjali aloe vera gel.


Yes, I will recommend Dr. Jain's aloe vera gel as a substitute for original aloe vera gel.

Do you know, you can make hand sanitizer at home using aloe vera gel?