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Anjaneri in Nashik - the birthplace of Lord Hanuman

Anjaneri in Nashik - the birthplace of Lord Hanuman

Nashik city has its own importance in religious matters. It has Trimbakeshwar one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. It has Panchvati the place that witnessed the incidents in Ramayana when Lord Ram stayed during his exile period here along with Sita and Laxman. Also, Nashik city is known for the Anjaneri, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

Anjaneri birthplace of hanuman

Anjaneri is one of the well-known places and favorite treks in Nashik and it is visited heavily during the monsoon season for trekking. Anjaneri is named after the mother of Lord Hanuman "Anjani".

Trekkers of all ages, from children to old, come here for trekking and climb up to the top and visit the temple of Hanuman Ji at the top.

Anjaneri location

Anjaneri hill is situated 30 km from Nashik Road. It is on the way to Trimbakeshwar temple and falls 5 km before the temple.

Hanuman Temple in Anjaneri 

Since it is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, a temple dedicated to him was made exactly on the turn i.e. Anjaneri Phata that goes towards Anjaneri village and hill. It is also visible from the main road going towards Trimbakeshwar temple.

Hanuman temple in Anjaneri is very small and simple that comprises a big statue of Hanuman Ji. Also on the top of Anjaneri hill, the destination of trekkers, there is a very small temple of Hanuman Ji. Not in very good condition but people visit here for darshan once they reached the top.

anjaneri hill hanuman temple

Trekking at Anjaneri

You take a turn from Anjaneri Phata towards the village and drive your vehicle to the base of Anjaneri hill. Parking is available. There you will find several small shops and vendors selling eatable items.

The trekking route is overall good. Steps are made in between to ease the trekking and also there are flatlands after reaching a height. There you will also find seating arrangements. It is awesome all the way and you will always feel like clicking pictures to capture the beauty of the surrounding.

anjaneri trekking

While climbing, sometimes it was difficult to move forward in many places so I was wondering how these small children and oldies are moving without fear and with great courage.

Stairs and rocks slip a lot in the rain, which requires a lot of attention in trekking.

You will find a few shops/vendors selling tea and snacks in between.

anjaneri trekking top view

Once you reach the top of Anjaneri, you feel like heaven. It is spectacular and offers an amazing view. It is a lot of fun when you reach the top.

You will continue to face frosty winds and rain, so I suggest you to come with full preparation.