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How to earn with Oriflame working from home?

How to earn from Oriflame - Success Plan

oriflame success plan

I have already mentioned Oriflame business in our previous article, please refer to that article to understand it. Oriflame offers a work from home opportunity while having fun. There are two ways of earning from Oriflame revealed below. 

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1. Resell Oriflame products to your clients and earn commission

  • When you become an Oriflame consultant then you can purchase Oriflame products at a 20% discount on catalog price.
  • Every month new Oriflame catalog is launched which is packed with several discounts and offers for the clients. Being a consultant you will be offered an additional 20% discount on the offer price in the catalog. For example, let’s understand with the lipstick in the below picture.

    oriflame success plan

    MRP of the “Giordani Gold Iconic Lip Elixir SPF 15” is Rs. 999.

    The current month's offer on this product is 30% off, so the offer price of this lipstick in the catalog is Rs. 699.

    As a consultant, you may buy this product at Rs. 559 including 20% discount on offer price i.e. 699.

    Oriflame Consultants show the catalog to the customers, receive orders at the offer price mentioned in the catalog, and earn 20% profit on their sales. In the above example, the profit is Rs. 140 on the sale of each lipstick.

2. Build your own team by inviting others and earn together- Oriflame success plan

Oriflame consultants invite others to join their team and work the same way. In this way the potential of earning is limitless. The bigger your team, the higher is the chances to earn more.

Download Oriflame current month catalogue for 2022

How the Oriflame success plan works?

  • Success in the Oriflame business totally depends on your BP earned per month. BP means Bonus Points. Every Oriflame product is assigned with a BP value. You earn a BP value whenever you place your order through your account on Oriflame and the same way your team (the one who joined under your network) also earns BP value whenever they place the order. Total BP earned by your team is added with your personal BP and this is called group BP which is the basis of various level qualifications.
  • There are several rewarding levels to qualify on the basis of the total BP earned within a month. These levels are categorized as a consultant (3%, 6%, and 9%), manager (12%, 15%, and 18%), senior manager, director, senior director, gold director, senior gold director, sapphire director, diamond director, senior diamond director, double diamond director, executive director, gold executive director, sapphire executive director, diamond executive director, president director, senior president director, gold president director, sapphire president director, and diamond president director.
  • Each level has its own benefit and cash reward, have a look at the below image of the success ladder of Oriflame business. The more you earn BP, you qualify for different levels and the more you earn income.

    oriflame success plan
    Oriflame Success Plan Ladder (Source:

  • The number of BP required to qualify these consecutive levels are big in number which is not possible to earn individually. Therefore you need a team or network with whom you will work and recruit people under them expanding your team benefiting yourself as well as your team.

What you need to do to earn from Oriflame every month?

  • Every month you need to place an order of 100 BPs which equals or lies in the range of Rs. 4500-5000 (consultant price) approximately. These are your personal BPs. If you cannot place the order of 100 BP in any month then you have to recruit at least two people who place 100 BP orders in the same month.
  • Your success totally depends on the performance of your network so you cannot ignore the act of your team. Observe the performance of your team members. Encourage and guide them to perform better and succeed with you.
  • The total BPs earned by your team members will be added with your personal BP and then group BP will decide the level you qualify.  An increase in the number of team members means the team or network expansion resulting in more income. If every member of your team earns 100 BP every month and recruits new members in their network then you will succeed with your team to the next level.
  • Also, you receive bonuses when your team members qualify for higher levels. So here everyone works together and grows together.

    Key to success in Oriflame: Placing 100 BPs orders every month and recruitment of passionate and hard-working people under your network. Your network must be self-motivated, capable to place 100 BP Oriflame orders, and must be able to recruit new members who are interested to work as per the Oriflame success plan.

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    If interested to know more in detail about earning with Oriflame then you may download the success plan from the Oriflame website which has everything you need to know but before that, you need to register. If you are confused and need a guide then you may comment below or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.


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