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Romantic getaways - resort, hotel and restaurants for couples in Nashik

Romantic resort or hotels in Nashik for couples

Nashik is a pilgrim’s city but there is no shortage of romantic getaways and places for couples too. Here is my list of romantic resort and hotels/restaurants in Nashik for couples as well as family/friend get together to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Sula dining

Sula romantic resort in nashik for couples
Sula Tasting room - Image source Sula website

Sula Vineyards, located amid hills of Nashik in Govardhan village Off Gangapur-Savargaon road, is one of the weekend getaways for all age group. I personally prefer Sula dining for spending quality time with my family because I love the scenery around the vineyards, this is very calm. Sula offers paid guided winery tour where you will see and understand the winery process of Sula wines which is then followed by wine tasting at the end. You may skip this winery tour if not interested and pick your dining restaurant for wholesome food. Sula has 3 options for dining; the tasting room, Little Italy at Sula and Rasa. You can try any of the Sula restaurants for lunch or dinner. Visit for more details and book your table. 

Soma Vineyards

soma romantic resort in nashik for couples
Soma - Image source Soma website

Soma, again a vineyard, is another romantic and soothing place for couples. This is at 10 minutes distance from Sula Vineyard. Like Sula, Soma also offers paid winery tour along with wine tasting. You can try their restaurant at Regenta resort to grab a few lovely moments with your partner. Visit for booking and dig out more details about dining at Soma restaurant.

The above two options are the best for wine lovers and the one who loves being close to nature.

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BLVD Nashik

blvd romantic resort in nashik for couples
BLVD Cafe - Image source BLVD website

BLVD was introduced in Nashik just a few years back and progressing with a positive and great response from their customers. BLVD, located on Trambakeshwar road, is one of the top hangout places that you can try out for romantic dates. You may invite your partner here for a cozy dinner at PANORAMA with the most beautiful view of Nashik city. Contact BLVD - for more details and booking for your special arrangement if any for a romantic date with your spouse. 

Seeyona Yacht Resort

seeyona romantic resort in nashik for couples
Image source: Facebook page of Seeyona Yacht Resort

Seeyona Yacht Resort, located at the backwaters of Gangapur Dam at a distance of 1 or 2 km from Sula and Soma Vineyards, is a waterfront Resort. You will have a pleasing view from its restaurant. Waterfront view, surrounding hills, and greenery, the scenic beauty here appeals to you. You may have more details from their Facebook page -

Hotel Express Inn Nashik

express inn hotel in nashik for couples
Image source: Express Inn website

The Express Inn hotel, located on Mumbai Agra road near Pathardi Phata in the Ambad area, is one of the best options for romantic dining and spending quality time with your spouse in Nasik city. The ambiance is perfect for a romantic feel. Let your loved one feel special with the services you receive here.
Aster - The Coffee Shop and After Dark (Nashik's highest Sky Lounge), these are the signature restaurant and cafe of the Hotel Express Inn which offer multi cuisines and favorite drinks to their customers and assure their stay turn out to be an extraordinary one. Book your table from their website in advance to avoid any inconvenience for seating after reaching there.

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This list will be updated regularly with the additional restaurants found to me. Which is your favorite place to hang out with your partner??