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Misal destinations in Nashik with activities for kids

Misal destinations in Nashik with activities for kids

Misal pav is a popular food among Maharashtrians and they enjoy it very much. In this post, I will share the best places or restaurants for Misal in Nashik. Every weekend I try to find out new places for Misal pav where we enjoy a few activities also along with our children. They are all at a distance within 20 km from Nashik road.

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Misal places in nashik for kids

Silver Oak Misal

Promoting Agro tourism, this is located in the inner part of Adgaon, Nashik amid the lush green farm area all around. It takes around 30 minutes to reach here by car. It has an open dining area which gives you the wonderful experience of having food in nature. You will love eating here. This is dedicated to the Misal pav but few other limited snacks like Bhaji, Wada, etc also offered here to the visitors.

Misal is not the only thing, which attracts a huge crowd here. There are so many activities here apart from Misal that you can spend your half-day comfortably. Adults and kids both will enjoy these activities. Rope activities, rain dance, ropeway, tractor ride, boating, etc are the activities offered to the visitors, some of them are free and some are chargeable.

Due to the large crowd on weekends, sometimes there is also a long waiting line. During that waiting period, you may enjoy the activities backside of the restaurant.

Silver oak misal in nashik

Watch the video here.

Grape Embassy

Grape Embassy is situated in Gangapur road, Makhmalabad area in Nashik. This is a unique grape roof restaurant that serves Misal pav under grapevines. Eating misal at a grape farm is a great experience and you will surely enjoy your meal here. During the grape season, they provide two types of grapes (black and green) in the Misal pav plate instead of sweets. Sweets you can order separately.

Grape Embassy misal price - Rs. 100 per plate

There are a lot of activities behind the farm for free. We can swing, shoot with the ball, enjoy mini tractor rides, and do many things. A family picnic can be enjoyed here. When we visited here, due to the huge crowd, we could not find a place to eat under grapevines, so we asked the staff for a backyard service and they agreed. We celebrated our picnic at the same place. Misal lovers, you must visit this place. 

Grape Embassy address - Gate 110/3, Gangapur Road, Makhmalabad, Near Suyojit Bridge, Nashik.

You can refer to the Grape Embassy menu card here in this picture.

grape embassy menu card
Grape Embassy menu card

grape embassy misal in nashik

Now Grape Embassy is modified in several ways and the changes you can see in the below video.

Aamchi Maati Aamchi Manas

This is located in the Deolali camp area at a 3.5 km distance from Nashik road. You will reach here in just a few minutes. This is Curry Leaves affiliated restaurant and comprises various interesting activities.

The location of the restaurant is not in the farm area but this is properly surrounded by various trees and successful enough to give a village theme. You will also find several other types of food here along with Misal pav.

Apart from food, there are several activities to explore. Adults and kids both will enjoy this place. There is a mini garden for the children with a few rides and swings. Also, there are some animals including an Ostrich which attracts the visitors. There are 2 or 3 games where you can play and win some gifts. Cricket net area where adults can play cricket and this is chargeable. I love the Cheekoo farm along with seating arrangements, cottages, and statues behind the restaurant. Here I enjoy my tea after having Misal.

You can easily enjoy your 2-3 hours along with family and friends.

aamchi mati aamchi manas misal nashik

Sadhana Misal

Sadhana misal is a popular destination for misal pav in Nashik. Situated in Gangapur road, it takes around half an hour to reach there from Nashik road. This is crowded most of the time and sometimes you may have to sit and wait for your turn. The crowd is well managed by the staff. There are so many activities where you can spend your free time. Kathputli dance, bullock cart ride, horse ride, swing are some of the activities which keep you entertained.

This is famous for Misal pav but here you will get other types of food items also. Their Jalebi is very tasty, dipped in jaggery syrup instead of sugar syrup. The village theme of the restaurant is loved by everyone.

sadhana misal in nashik

Mamacha Mala

Mamacha mala is a farm restaurant located in Matori village (Khandesh and Northern Maharashtra region) at 18 km from Nashik road. This is situated in the inner region of the village and promotes Agro tourism.

Misal pav is the specialty here. The village, farms, trees, camel ride, well, the shade under the trees (for seating), horse ride, etc you will see here. Floor seating is available for dining.

Kids can enjoy in the play area and jumping bounce attached beside. I liked visiting the farm behind and it's nice to spend time here. It is advisable to visit this place in the morning as soon as possible because afterward, it is very hot when the sun is upon the head.

mamacha mala misal in nashik

Have a look at the below video.

PatilWada Assal Nashikchi Misal

Patilwada is located in an isolated place in the Gangapur area at around 18km from Nashik road. There is a play area and mini-train ride for children, a small farm to roam around, and some selfie spots. There are not many other activities other than this. Some snacks items are also available along with Misal Pav. Misal taste is okay and it costs Rs. 100 per plate.

Patilwada Assal Nashikchi Misal

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In my opinion, all the above-mentioned places are very good for having Misal Pav along with your family and friends where you will also enjoy several activities along with children and have a wonderful weekend. Their Misal prices are within Rs. 100 and there is not much difference among them.