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Jio fiber and jio set top box launched – features, plans, prices and offers

Jio Fiber and Jio set-top box features, plans, prices, and offers

Finally, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), announced the launch of the most awaited Jio fiber services and Jio set-top box on 12th August 2019. Jio fiber is the Jio’s plan for optical fiber fixed-line broadband service ad this will be commercially available from 5th September 2019 for the customers.

jio fiber jio set top box price

Benefits of Jio Fiber broadband and Jio set-top box

Jio Fiber offers several benefits mentioned below.

  1. Fast broadband speed of up to 1 GBPS
  2. Landline phone connection at no extra cost
  3. The digital high definition set-top box
  4. Multi-party video conferencing 
  5. Virtual reality content
  6. Interactive gaming
  7. Voice-enabled virtual assistants
  8. Home security and 
  9. Smart home solutions
  10. Jio set-top box designed to accept the broadcast cable TV signals from their local cable partners.
  11. For small and medium businesses: Jio fiber empowering 2.4 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) by providing reliable connectivity, technology-enabled tools, and cloud applications and helping them to be more productive and successful in the marketplace.

Jio Fiber and Jio set-top box features

  1. You can do video conferencing with multiple persons at different locations easily sitting at home in front of the TV and this is called multi-party video conferencing. This service is interoperable between different devices such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop and the TV at our home. You can do a video conference with anyone anywhere in the world completely for free. Video conferencing setups costing thousands of rupees are not required now. 
  2. Jio set-top box is embedded with 100s of features inside such as video calling or conferencing, voice search, unlimited premium content and console light gaming experience, etc.
  3. Jio set-top box supports nearly all gaming controllers, also the gameplay in 4K. You can do multi-play gaming anywhere in the country. You can also do social gaming where your other friends can join virtually through video conferencing and enjoy the game with you.
  4. Mixed Reality (MR), the hybrid of AR and VR, is supported by Jio fiber. By wearing MR headsets you can virtually do the shopping, learn efficiently any chapter in education and virtually experience the entertainment as if we are there. By wearing MR headsets you can watch any movie on your TV screen while experiencing that you are sitting in front of the large screen in the theatre. 

When Jio fiber and Jio set-top box will be available?

Jio Fiber will be commercially available from 5th September 2019 (3rd anniversary of Jio’s launch).

Jio Fiber and Jio set-top box plans/price/tariffs

  • Jio fiber prices are very reasonable which will suit the budget of every segment. Jio’s basic plans will start at 100 Mbps and go up to 1 GPPS and this will cost from Rs. 700 – Rs. 10,000 per month as per the tariff you chose for you. 
  • Customers will have to pay for only one service either data or voice. Voice calls from home to any Indian operator mobile or landline will be free. (@45) Jio fiber offers the lowest fixed-line rates for International calling. Jio Announced unlimited international calling pack for US/Canada at just Rs. 500/month.
  • Simplify purchase and consumption content: Jio Fiber is packed with subscriptions to most leading premium OTT applications which override multiple subscriptions at multiple applications for different shows or movies. 
  • Premium Jio fiber customers will be able to watch newly released movies the same day at home and this offer “First-day first show movies” is not launched right now but planned to be launched in the middle of 2020.

Complete Jio fiber plans/tariffs/price will be available from 5th September 2019 on www.jio.com and My Jio app.

Jio also launched lucrative offer for the customers called “Jio fiber welcome offer” under which customers that chose Jio’s annual plan called “Jio Forever plan” will receive an HD/4K LED television (Tv) and a 4K Jio set-top box absolutely FREE.

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Best and unique gift ideas for girls or women – Starting from Rs. 500

Best and unique gift ideas for girls or women

Please do not expect the usual girly gifts such as makeup items, dresses, jewelry, handbags, and shoes, etc. Here you will find the list of the best and unique gifts for girls or women which will be useful for them. You must have searched for the best and unique gifts for girls/women on the occasion of Rakshabandhan festival, her birthday or any other event. She might be your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or just a friend. Whoever she is, you can gift her one of the items mentioned below within your budget.

Silver Coin

best unique gift ideas for girls cosmetics silver coin

This is one of the unique ideas for gifting. A silver coin which will be designed or engraved with wishing messages, quotes for a particular relationship, God/Goddess carving and many other designs. The price of this silver coin falls in the range of 500 to 1999 depending on the size and weight of the coin along with the design engraved. Pick your choice from the list of designs to be engraved for a specific occasion and gift your loved ones.

Click here for more designs and buy one.

Cosmetics Makeup Holder or Organizer

best unique gift ideas for girls cosmetics makeup organizer

Girls/women are always flooded lots of cosmetics and makeup items but most of them could not store these products in an organized way. So, why don’t you help them in storing their beloved items by gifting Cosmetics Makeup Holder or Organizer? This is not very expensive also. The range starts from Rs. 250 and it will increase as per the holder/organizer size and storage capacity.

Click here for more varieties of makeup organizer and buy one.

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Body Massager 

best unique gift ideas for girls body massager

In today’s lifestyle, the schedule is very hectic for all. At the end of the day, many people often go through stress and feel pain in various parts of the body mainly shoulders, legs, and foot. In that case, the body massager is the perfect gift option which can provide happiness and relaxation to your loved one every day. There are so many different types of the massager in the market such as neck massager, head massager, foot massager, leg massager, multi-tasking massager, etc. at different prices. The price of the massager starts from Rs. 500 and go on increasing as per the type of massager and the benefits they offer.

Click here for different body massagers and buy one.

LCD Notepad

best unique gift ideas for girls LCD notebook writing pad

One more useful gifting option for girls/women is LCD Notepad which can be used for different purposes such as making quick notes, preparing a to-do list for the day to day life, teaching sketching/drawing or anything else to the children, etc. This is portable, rewritable and equipped with the magnet at the backside so that you can stick it to the metallic wall or base. This is ideal for the office as well as home.

Click here for more varieties of LCD notepad and buy one.

Bluetooth Headphone

best unique gift ideas for girls and women Bluetooth headphone

The headphone is a great idea for gifting since this enhances the utility. This is useful in several ways like listening to music, hands-free calling and hands-free actions through Google assistant. Nowadays Bluetooth headphones are available in various designs which go perfectly with your style. Some of them are headband shape and it looks like a fashion accessory which you would like to put on every time. The price of the Bluetooth headphone falls in the range of Rs. 500-3500 depending on the type of headphone you chose.

Click here for various headphones and buy one.

Image source: www.amazon.in

Do you have any other gifting option? Please share with us.

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How to plan a trip to Tirupati Balaji temple – TTD online Tickets and accommodation

Tirupati Balaji temple

The most famous Balaji temple is situated in Tirupati city in Chittoor district of state Andhra Pradesh in India. Tirupati Balaji temple is the most visited by devotees throughout the year and this place is crowded all the time. I suggest planning your trip to Tirupati Balaji temple properly to avoid any discomfort in your trip in terms of accommodation or Balaji darshan. Below are the things you need to know before planning your trip to Tirupati Balaji temple so that you are able to finish your Balaji darshan easily and explore the other places or temples in Tirupati within the scheduled time.

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tirupati balaji temple

Best time to visit Tirupati Balaji temple

Till now I have visited Tirupati Balaji temple thrice, in the month of April, July, and November. Tirupati is very hot during the summer season so I would not suggest visiting Tirupati during summer but you may opt to visit Tirupati Balaji temple in winter season due to the satisfying weather in winter.

Online ticket booking for Tirupati Balaji Darshan 

  • Book your tickets online for Special Entry Darshan at Rs. 300 per person through the official website of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) services. Children below 12 years are allowed to enter for free but you need to show the age proof. You will be asked to upload photo ID such as Adhaar Card while booking tickets online and carry the same photo ID with you to show it at the entrance. 
    ttd online ticket and accommodation booking
  • You will get the tickets for Special Entry Darshan of Balaji for the time slot after 1 or 2 months because the earlier dates for Balaji Darshan are already booked so plan your trip for Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan accordingly.
  • First, you need to sign up on TTD services website, log in and then you may carry on with the booking procedure for Special entry darshan, accommodation or any other services.

Accommodation for Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan

  • Once your Balaji Darshan tickets are booked means your dates are specified for Balaji Darshan, now you can book your accommodation for that period.
  • TTD offers satisfied accommodation to the pilgrims in Tirumala as well as in Tirupati at a lower cost. TTD accommodation in Tirumala is occupied very soon so you have other lodging options in Tirupati. Srinivasam Complex (Tirupati), Madhavam guest house (Tirupati) and Thollappa gardens (Tiruchanoor), these are the other lodging options offered by TTD. 
  • I have tried Srinivasam complex in Tirupati and Thollappa gardens TTD guest house in Tiruchanoor. Out of these three TTD accommodations offered, I would suggest picking any of them other than Thollappa garden because this is located in Tiruchanoor at 5.7 km distance from Tirupati which is the ideal place to stay as a tourist in Tirupati.
  • Also, I do not find Thollappa garden guest house a good option because when we reached this place and saw the condition of this guest house we immediately checked out and booked a hotel for us. This is not well maintained like Srinivasam complex.
  • Also, there are several hotels, lodging and boarding options in Tirupati and Tirumala where you can stay. If you are not interested in TTD accommodation then you may book any of the hotels available there.

What you need to know before booking accommodation in Tirupati for Balaji temple darshan?

  • Balaji temple is situated in Tirumala, a hill town in Tirupati, at a distance of 23 km from Tirupati Railway station. Prefer Tirumala for accommodation, this is near to the Balaji temple. If you do not find any suitable one there then you may check the other options in Tirupati.
  • If you are interested to stay in one of the guesthouses offered by TTD then you need to book your accommodation 2-3 months before due to the massive booking in advance for reservation.
  • If you decided to stay in Tirupati then I would suggest staying nearer to the Srinivasam complex because this location is ideal for communication as well as food.
  • There is NO on the spot booking in Srinivasam complex and Madhavam guest house in Tirupati. You need to book it in advance. 
  • TTD guest houses can be booked only for 1 day. They do not offer an extension. 

How to reach Tirupati?

  • Nearest airport - Tirupati Airport or Renigunta Airport
  • Railway station – Tirupati and Renigunta railway station
  • The number of trains direct to the Tirupati railway station is lesser than the number of trains running through the Renigunta railway station. Reserving tickets in the train direct to the Tirupati station might be a bit difficult so you have another option i.e. Renigunta station.

Sightseeing near Balaji temple:

There are several other temples and religious places to visit in the hilly area of Tirumala. APSRTC buses are running frequently for the devotees or tourists to facilitate communication between the different places. The places are:

  1. Swami Pushkarini (this is situated in the Balaji temple premises only)
  2. Akashganga
  3. Papvinashanam
  4. Jabali Teerth
  5. Pandava Teerth
  6. Kapila Teertham etc

Temples in Tirupati

There are many well-known temples in Tirupati also which are visited by devotees after Balaji Darshan and they are:

  1. Padmavati temple
  2. Govindrajaswamy temple
  3. Kodandramswamy temple
  4. Kapileshwar temple
  5. Srikalahasti temple (at 1-hour distance from Tirupati)


  1. You have to wear traditional dresses while entering the Tirupati Balaji temple. For male, shirt or kurta with dhoti or pajama is compulsory. They won’t let you enter the temple with jeans or pants. If you do not have dhoti then you may purchase it from there. You will find several Dhoti vendors nearby. For female, the required dress is saree or salwar kameez with dupatta. Any kurta with the legging will also do but do not forget to carry dupatta. 
  2. Free buses named Srivari Dharmarath in orange color are operated by TTD for the local transportation of devotees in Tirumala which covers several stations of Balaji temple complex.
  3. Wherever you deposit your belongings such as mobile phone, camera, shoes, bags or luggage, they will be delivered at Common Delivery Centre only and this is labeled on the card you receive after deposit.
  4. TTD does not offer accommodation for a single person. 
  5. Carry the print of ticket and photo ID (such as Adhaar card) you used while booking tickets.

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Vestige lipstick review - Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick shade price

Vestige lipstick review - Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Creme matte)

Mistral of Milan (MOM), the color cosmetics brand of Vestige, recently introduced super 16 shades of Crème matte lipstick and here is my honest review of the same.

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Packaging of Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Crème matte): 

The packaging you can see in the image. The outer casing has all the details of the lipstick such as brand, shade name with number, packaging date, specification of this lipstick and the quantity. They do not mention the ingredients used. Cap of the lipstick is tight enough so carrying in a handbag while traveling is not a problem.

vestige mistral of milan lipsticks review

vestige mistral of milan lipsticks review

Specification Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick:

  • Supplemented with SPF 15
  • Instilled with Vitamin E&A
  • The deep color which gives full coverage in one stroke
  • Moisturizing and smooth 

Shades of Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Crème matte): 

Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Crème matte) range has a total of 16 shades and you may see all the shades by visiting this link.

I bought the Choco lava (015) shade for me. This is chocolaty color and suits for all skin tone. I have medium skin tone and it was looking nice on me. Since the choco lava lipstick shade is dark so it fits with every skin tone.


This is highly pigmented and no need to apply several strokes of lipstick for better coverage.

vestige mistral of milan lipsticks review

Vestige Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick price: 

Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick price is Rs. 425 for a quantity of 4.2 g. This is the catalog price but if you join Vestige then you may purchase it for Rs. 360 only. If you do not want to join Vestige then find a Vestige distributor and purchase it from them on discounted price i.e. Rs. 360.

Specification wise, I find the Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipsticks more close to the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks from most of the aspects like pigmentation, texture, lasting hours, etc. But the price of the Mistral of Milan Crème matte lipstick is higher than the Maybelline. Also, the MOM Crème matte lipstick has only 16 shades whereas Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick has a wider range of a total of 32 shades to choose from.

Best and unique gift ideas for girls or women - Starting Rs. 500


Application and Lasting duration: 

Since this is highly pigmented so you do not have to worry while applying it. One stroke is enough to cover the lips. The texture of the lipstick is nice and feels good on the lips. No need to apply lip balm before applying Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick due to the creamy texture as this is infused with Shea butter for deep moisturizing. This keeps lips moisturized. But highly suggest scrubbing your lips before applying the lipstick.

How long does Mistral of Milan lipstick (Crème matte) last?

This is a matte lipstick but it transfers. Not very much but it transfers easily a little bit. It lasts for almost 3 hours after that you need a light touch up. If you eat something then it transfers some amount of lipstick but it is okay.

How to remove Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick?

Removing Mistral of Milan Crème matte lipstick is not a big deal; any makeup remover can remove it. This simply comes out with the rose water also.


I am satisfied enough with the Vestige Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick but I suppose this is costly as compared to other brands’ lipsticks with closer characteristics such as Maybelline. Maybelline creamy lipsticks cost only Rs. 299 while the Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick costs Rs. 360 for a vestige member otherwise Rs. 425 if you purchase from some vestige distributor.

How to purchase Vestige Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick?

You may purchase any of the Vestige products from any Vestige distributor or buy for yourself by registering in the Vestige. To join Vestige or become a Vestige member you may contact any of the Vestige distributors. They will do registration for you and guide for better purchasing. You will find several vestige distributors online from social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you do not find any Vestige distributor and interested to join Vestige then you may contact us through email myreviewhall@gmail.com or you may reach us at Facebook or Instagram, we will help you to join Vestige or shopping vestige products.

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How to earn from Amazon Flex app - part time job, delivery app, payment

Amazon Flex app

Amazon flex is a plan under which individuals may register themselves as their delivery partners and deliver the Amazon orders in their area using their own vehicles. This is all done through the app and  Amazon will pay some amount (around Rs. 120-140 per hour) to the delivery partners for this job.

Requirements to become an Amazon Flex delivery partner

  • Age- at least 18 years
  • Phone: You must possess an Android phone which meets below requirements.
    1. An android phone of version 6.0 or higher with an active SIM.
    2. At least 2GB of RAM.
    3. Voice and data connection.
    4. Camera with flash and GPS location services.
  • You will need a two-wheeler vehicle with Driving License, RC, PUC, and insurance certificate.
  • A bank account and
  • A valid PAN card (mandatory)

How to join Amazon Flex program:

You may join the Amazon flex program through their app, first download the Amazon Flex app and then register yourself.

amazon flex app

How to download Amazon Flex app

You may download the Amazon flex app by entering the URL https://logistics.amazon.in/app/download-app/ in your mobile phone browser or by visiting the Amazon flex website.

After downloading the Amazon flex app you register yourself as a delivery partner, schedule your delivery blocks, make deliveries and earn money from the successful deliveries.

How to work with and earn from Amazon flex app?

Part-time job: 
You may consider this as a part-time job which can be done as per your time availability. Here you are the boss and free to set your own working hours.

Delivery schedule:
After successful registration in Amazon Flex app, you need to be well versed with the delivery schedule. As per your availability, you may set your own delivery schedule during which you will make the deliveries.

Delivery offers: 
As per your delivery schedule set in the calendar of amazon flex app, you will receive the delivery offers for that particular delivery block and you are free to accept or reject it within a certain time period.

Amazon delivery station: 
If you accept the delivery offer in the amazon flex app then the app will provide you the package’s pick-up point 1 hour before your delivery scheduled time starts. After reaching Amazon delivery station i.e. the pick-up point of the packages to be delivered, you need to complete the required procedure and leave for delivery.

After finishing all delivery jobs, the delivery partners are asked to return to the pick-up point and complete the handover procedure. The delivery partners have to return all the items such as cash collected by the customer, the mobile payment device, the bag, and the undelivered package if any. Once done you are ready for the next delivery job if you want.

Earning through Amazon flex app: 
Amazon flex app pays delivery partners on the basis of length of time they assigned for deliveries in their schedule. One can make Rs. 120-140 per hour from Amazon flex app with the successful job done.

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In which Cities of India Amazon flex jobs available?

Presently Amazon flex is seeking for only 2 wheeler riders in 5 cities of India and they are Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Jaipur. Later it might spread in other cities too.

Visit https://flex.amazon.in and explore the FAQ section for more details about Amazon flex program.

If you have tried this then please share your experience here in the comment section.

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Review of hexi app and hexi bicycles based on my experience

Since many days I was observing bicycles at the several Hexi stations at various places all over Nashik city which can be used by anyone through Hexi mobility app. One fine day I decided to use these cycles just for fun as I could not ride cycle for many years. Whenever I used to see this, the urge to ride this cycle appeared and finally I satisfied my urge of riding cycle offered by Hexi. Here is my review of Hexi bicycle-sharing or riding using the Hexi app based on my experience.

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My experience with Hexi app and Hexi Bicycles

hexi app bicycle review
Hexi Station

  1. Hexi App downloading and registration was done successfully. For the first time trial, I recharged my Hexi account with Rs. 5 for 30 minutes ride. Please go through the post How to use Hexi app for riding Hexi bicycles to know more about the Hexi app and subscription plans.
  2. I searched for Hexi stations near to my location; I found one of them just 500 meters away and landed there for riding. 
  3. There were 7-8 bikes or bicycles at the Hexi stations. Picked one of them, opened the Hexi app and clicked on “Unlock bike”. I scanned the QR code at the back of the Hexi bikes and lock was unlocked automatically. 
  4. I was trying to pull out the bicycle to ride and suddenly the trip was ended in the Hexi app automatically. I don’t know what happened but the trip was ended within a few seconds (Later I contacted customer care, told them about this issue and they provided me a free ride for 30 minutes).
  5. Then I thought to recharge again and ride for 30 minutes. This time I unlocked another Hexi bike. But again I could not ride the Hexi bike because this time I selected the bicycle whose front tyre was damaged. I did the mistake of NOT checking the Hexi bikes’ condition properly before unlocking. The recharge for this trip was wasted. Then I checked every cycle parked at that Hexi station and found most of them were not in good condition with damaged parts like the seat, tyre, etc. 
  6. In the end, I picked one of them in better condition, unlocked and rode it successfully. The riding was comfortable enough though the bicycle feels a bit heavy. Please note, the bell is built in the right handle grip. I did not know about the bell before starting the ride as you won’t see the bell as in other bicycles. 
  7. Hexi bikes are GPS monitored secured from theft. Locations of Hexi bikes are updated on the Hexi app. 
hexi app bicycle review

hexi app bicycle review


  • Check the bicycle condition before unlocking the Hexi bikes.
  • There is no timer in the app after you start the ride. You take care of the timing yourself after unlocking the bike because riding a Hexi bike more than 30 minutes in a single trip will cause extra payment of Rs. 5 per 30 minutes. You won’t be able to END Trip after locking the Hexi bike manually if you rode more than 30 minutes in a single trip. In this case, when you END trip the app will ask you to pay again. If you do not END trip then you can’t unlock the Hexi bike next time. So better you supervise your riding minutes after unlocking to avoid extra payment or hassle. 

Availability of Hexi Bikes:

As per the website, till now the Hexi network is spread in just 7 cities in India and they are Chandigarh, Jabalpur, Bhubaneshwar, Nashik, Vizag, and Kochi. But these details do not match with the Hexi station network in the Hexi app. If you are looking for Hexi stations in your location then I suggest downloading the Hexi app and find the nearest Hexi station if it is there in your location. In my city Nashik, there are plenty of Hexi stations at different locations.

How to contact Hexi customer care?

  • I have already mentioned the steps to report any problem concerned with Hexi app, payment or Hexi bicycles in this post, you may go through it.
  • Contact details are mentioned in the Hexi website and app.
    Hexi technologies
    Hero Youon Pvt Ltd
    Second floor, Augusta point, golf course rd, Gurgaon, Haryana.
    Phone: 07528810000, Email: support@hexi.co.in

My experience with Hexi customer care

  • I had some issues and queries about Hexi app so I tried calling them on the above-mentioned number. Initially, I could not connect as it was showing switched off but I did not let it go and tried the next day and this time I was connected successfully.
  • The lady at the other end was not very active and soft-spoken but quite enough to answer all my queries and suffice my issues. 
  • I also mentioned about damaged Hexi bikes’ and she told me to click the picture of those bicycles and send it to them through the Hexi app and they will take the necessary action.


Overall it was a nice experience of riding bicycles using the Hexi app but still, the app, as well as the working system of Hexi, needs more development I think. At least they must have the record of the condition of the Hexi bikes available on the stations regularly. They should also notify before completing the 30 minutes ride to avoid extra payment of Rs. 5 per 30 minutes.

Have you ever ridden the Hexi bikes? If yes then how was your experience and what is your feedback?

How to use Hexi app for riding bicycles?

What is Hexi?

Hexi is a transportation technology company established in Gurgaon, India. They promote and provide environment-friendly transport such as bicycle, electric vehicles, etc to the commuters. Their products are Smart E-Rickshaws and Smart Bicycles which are embedded with intelligent AI systems. Very soon Hexi Scooters will also be included in their products’ list. I have tried Hexi bicycles so here I will talk about it only.
how to use hexi app

How to use the Hexi app for riding Hexi bicycles?

  1. Download and install the Hexi mobility app and register yourself.
  2. Once you are successfully registered, now you need to recharge your Hexi account to be able to ride the Hexi bicycles. Subscribe for one of the packages offered for riding the Hexi bikes. Packages are mentioned below:
    • Hexi ka Chota recharge - 30 minutes ride in Rs. 5
    • One day Pass – Unlimited ride for 1 day in Rs. 23
    • Weekly Pass - Unlimited ride for 1 week in Rs. 49
    • One month Pass - Unlimited ride for 30 days in Rs. 175
    • Six months Pass - Unlimited ride for 180 days in Rs. 706
  3. Login the Hexi app and locate nearest Hexi stations in your location. Hexi stations are marked as “P” on the yellow and blue pin as shown in the image below.
  4. Visit your nearest Hexi station. Hexi app is opened, click on the “Unlock Bike”, scan the QR code on the Hexi bicycle lock at the back to unlock the bicycle and this is ready to ride.
  5. Once you reach your destination, find the nearest Hexi station from the Hexi app, park it there and lock the bicycle manually. Press “End trip” on the app and thus your ride is completed.

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Things you need to be careful while riding Hexi bikes:

  • Do not carry or park Hexi bikes/bicycles to your home, doing so may cause penalties.
  • Do not park Hexi bicycle at any place other than Hexi stations to avoid penalties or termination of your Hexi account.
  • You should ride a single trip of Hexi bike only for 30 minutes; if you ride beyond 30 minutes in a single trip then you have to pay extra Rs. 5 per 30 minutes irrespective of your subscription plan.

  • Bluetooth, location and internet connection of the mobile should be turned ON while unlocking and locking the Hexi bicycles or using Hexi app or bicycle.
  • Once you are subscribed to one of the subscription plans offered by Hexi you won’t be able to cancel it as they are not refundable.
  • Go to the “MORE” section to find out various FAQs related to Hexi app, subscription plans, contact details, reporting a problem with Hexi app, bike or payment, etc.

How to report a problem if you have any issue with Hexi app, bicycle or payment?

  • Open the Hexi app. Click on “MORE” at bottom right corner. Select “Report Problem” and fill the short form as per your issue.
  • You may also contact Hexi through phone number 07528810000 or email id support@hexi.co.in

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Panchavati – tourist attraction in Nashik


Panchavati holds major importance in Ramayana. This is the place where Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita stayed and spent a few years of their exile period. There are many places to visit in Panchavati and most of them are temples. Panchavati is not a one place tourist spot but there are several different parts around to look for at a walking distance. You do not need any vehicle to explore Panchavati but you can easily find and walk to all the temples nearby. While exploring Panchavati, you will see many small temples in each street. The infrastructure of the town is very old.
panchvati nashik

Location of Panchavati:

Panchavati is located at around 10 km from Nasik Road railway station. This is easily accessible by any vehicle. Park your vehicle in a spacious parking area near to the Ramkund and then start your exploration. Sacred Godavari River originated from Bramhagiri hill in Trambakeshwar flows through Panchavati.

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The sightseeing in Panchavati:

  • Ramkund:

    Ramkund is a significant part of the Panchavati. This is the place where Lord Ram used to take bath when he stayed here. People come here for ash immersion (asthi visarjan) of their loved ones. People visiting Panchavati do not miss a holy dip in Ramkund. During Kumbhmela in Nasik, this place is congested as all saints and devotees come here to be blessed with the holy dip in Ramkund. On the banks of Ramkund, there are several small temples holding their own importance for a different reason. Sitakund and Laxmankund are also there close to the Ramkund.
    ramkund panchvati nashik

  • Kapaleshwar temple: 

    Kapaleshwar temple is very close to the Ramkund, just a few steps. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and this is the only temple where you will find no Nandi statue in front like in other Shiva temples. Here Lord Shiva considered Nandi his Guru, therefore, no statue of Nandi here as a guard.
  • Kalaram Temple: 

    This temple is devoted to Lord Ram. This temple is situated at 5 minutes walking distance from Ramkund and made up of black stones. Also the statues of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita are black in color hence the name of the temple is Kalaram temple. Black colored statue of Lord Hanuman is facing his Lord Ram just before the entrance of the temple. This temple is quite spacious.
    kalaram temple panchvati nashik
  • Goreram Temple: 

    In this temple the idols of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita are made of white marbles. Unlike Kalaram Temple this one is white in color hence the derived name is Goreram temple. This is located a few steps from Kalaram temple and smaller in size than Kalaram temple.
    goreram temple panchvati nashik

  • Sita Gumpha: 

    Sita Gumpha is situated very close to the Goreram temple. This is the place where Sita stayed during exile period and Ravana captured her from here only. There are 5 banyan trees around Sita gumpha and Panchavati name derived from these 5 banyan trees only. Panch means 5 and vat means banyan trees, hence Panchavati. You may enter Sita gumpha and visit statues of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita inside.
    sitagumpha panchvati nashik
  • Tapovan: 

    Tapovan is situated at 2 km distance from Ramkund in Pachavati. Here Laxman performed his penance and cut the nose of Surpanakha. There is nothing much for sightseeing. Godavari River flows through Tapovan from Panchavati. Two more sacred rivers merge here with Godavari River.
    tapovan panchvati nashik
  • Naroshankar temple: 

    The name of this temple is derived from its founder Naroshankar Rajebahadur. Seeking for the makeover and situated near to the Ramkund, this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.
    naroshankar temple panchvati nashik
There are many more other temples such as Laxmi Narayan temple, Balaji temple, etc which you can visit when traveling Panchavati in Nasik. What do you say, have you visited Panchavati and how was your tour here? 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Review of Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi – entry fee, timing and attractions

wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi

Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi is one of the hangout places for the travelers, tourists or devotees coming from a different region to the Shirdi during the summer season. I am from Nashik and here I will discuss my experience visiting this water park. Many people from Nashik city keep visiting this water park in summer season due to no availability of a big water park in Nashik. Shubham Water Park is the only water park in Nashik city which is spread over a limited area with no big rides. But I am sure small kids would love visiting there. For them that is okay but for adults one-time visit is sufficient. Let’s come back to the Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi and talk about it.


Wet n Joy Water Park is located at a distance of 2 km from the well-known Sai Samadhi temple in Shirdi and just opposite to the Sai Teerth – The spiritual theme park dedicated to Sai. This is easily accessible through any vehicle. Sufficient parking space available for 2 wheeler as well as 4 wheeler in front of the water park. One more branch of Wet n Joy available in Lonavala, Pune.

How to reach Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi from Nashik?

This is just 2 hours travel from Nashik so you may carry your own vehicle to visit the Wet n Joy water park in Shirdi. But if you do not have one still no worries.  There are numerous vehicles traveling to and from Shirdi at a regular interval, you may catch any of them from CBS, Nashik road bus station or Bytco point. I suggest leaving at 8:00 am so that you reach Water Park on time that is 10:00 am, the opening time. You may catch luxury sleeper buses too from Nashik road at 8:00 am heading towards Shirdi. They won’t cost you much.

Wet n Joy water park entry fee, locker and costume charges:

Entry fee of Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi in 2019

  • Entry fee for adults – Rs. 900 per person
  • Entry fee for Children height 3’3” to 4’6” – Rs. 600 per person
  • Entry fee for Children below height 3’3” – Free

All these prices are inclusive of GST 18%.

We are visiting Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi consecutively for 3 years. The first time we landed here in 2017, then the entry fee was 750 including food. In 2018, the entry fee remained the same excluding food. The food was discounted from the entry fee. Now in 2019, GST 18% added and the total amount per person is 900. Food is not included in the entry fee.

Locker service

Locker service is available at Rs. 100.

Luggage room

Luggage room is available at Rs. 500.

Costume charges

Nylon costume is compulsory to enter in the pool or enjoy the rides. If you do not carry your own costume then you may get it here on rent. The condition of the costumes is satisfactory.

  • Costumes price for gents set: Rs. 100
  • Costumes price for ladies set: Rs. 100
  • Costumes price for kids: Rs. 50
  • Towel prices: Rs. 50

Get here swimming costumes for men, women, and kids before visiting the water park.

A refundable deposit amount of extra Rs. 100 applicable for a locker, luggage room and adults’ costumes and Rs. 50 for kids costumes and towel.

Also, there are tubes available for kids on rent at Rs. 100 plus refundable deposit Rs. 100. If you want cap then you need to purchase it as they are not available on rent. Better you carry your own water kinds of stuff if you have already.

Water Park tub for kids

Timing of Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi: 

Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi is open from 10 am to 6 pm. All rides do not start at sharp 10 am because most of the people are engaged in booking tickets, being ready in nylon costumes and entering the water park. After 11 am all the rides start and till then (if you are ready and entered) you can enjoy the rain dance or play with water in the pool with your family or group.

Attractions in Wet n Joy water park in Shirdi: 

Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi is widespread over a large area and spacious enough to accommodate various amazing rides and the crowd with ease. There are several different types of attractions for all age group to experience during your trip to this Water Park. Let me mention the attractions here:

  1. Lazy River: Long and twisted river through which you pass slowly on the tube enjoying the various scenario. This is super fun with the group. 
  2. Pendulum ride
  3. Cyclone ride
  4. Tornado ride
  5. Anaconda
  6. Cruseder
  7. Family river
  8. Funnel 
  9. Daredevil drop
  10. Freefall drop
  11. Multi racer ride
  12. Multiplay station
  13. Family ride
  14. Kids pool with kids ride
  15. Thunder wave pool
  16. Swing chair
  17. Rain dance

wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

Find more detail of the rides from the Wet n Joy Water Park website.

We enjoyed all the rides here. Kids also do not lag behind to entertain themselves as they are provided with kids’ pool and small kids’ ride. You need to spend here full day to experience all the rides with ease. On Sundays the water park is crowded and I like visiting on Sundays only. There are few rides where singles are not allowed so you need to be with your partner to enjoy those rides.

Water quality of the water park:

Water being supplied here throughout the water park is not very clear but okay. This is a bit salty. When you are out of the water and dried well then you will notice a layer of white substance like salt all over your body and costume.

Staff and safety: 

Most of the staff personnel here are quite active and taking care of visitors.


Wet n Joy Water Park is equipped with Friends Restaurant offering various types of snacks and food items. Outside food is strictly not allowed inside. Taste of the food and snacks is okay. Seating arrangements are sufficient enough.
wet n joy water park in shirdi entry fee

Washroom and Changing room: 

I found a washroom in a clean and hygienic state and I was happy to see it because I presume a dirty and sinking washroom at crowded places. The changing room was also clean and tidy enough.

Address and contact details of Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi:

Wet N Joy Water Park
Near Sun-N-Sand Hotel, Post: Nighoj, Taluka: Rahata,
Ahmednagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra. Pin- 423109
Email: wetnjoy@malpani.com
Phone: 9850586650, 9527640000/50000
If you have any query then you may clear it by contacting on above numbers.


Despite being a bit costly this time in 2019, overall it has been a nice experience every time we visited this water park and I will surely recommend Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi to the others.