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MTDC Grape Park Resort Nashik review, activities and booking

MTDC Grape Park Resort, Nashik - activities and booking

Grape park resort in Nashik inaugurated at the end of September 2020 and I was curious to explore this resort since then. At the start of 2021 on the 1st weekend of January, I booked it for one day stay. We also visited the Nashik boat located close to the resort. Here I will give my honest review of the resort as well as the boat club.

MTDC Grape park resort nashik


This is located in the backwater of Gangapur dam of Nashik city. It measures 25 km from Nashik road station. This is easily reachable by any vehicle. The location is amid pure nature and the silence is everywhere.


This is built over a very large area and near to the Nashik boat club. The infrastructure of this resort is spacious and very good. Greenery is all around the resort.

There are different types of rooms and villas. The accommodation is equipped with all the required amenities. Grape park resort equipped with Deluxe rooms, Heritage rooms, Villas, multipurpose halls, a common swimming pool, a small playground for kids, a playroom for indoor games, a restaurant, and an open-air restaurant.

Also, there is a mini vineyard at the backside. We visited in January month and still, that was dry. You will have a beautiful view of the lake from the balcony attached to every room. All the rooms have their own balcony.

Ample space for parking vehicle available.

grape park resort infrastructure

Grape Park resort price and booking

You may check out the Grape Park resort prices from the MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism) website that will lead to the booking procedure as well.

We booked a Crimson room (double bedroom with balcony) for a 1-night stay and paid Rs. 2240/- online. This is only room price and excluding food.

You have to pay for whatever you order for yourself such as tea, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

The food charges are usual.

Also, read their cancellation policy while booking the grape park resort. you will be charged 100% of the booking amount if you cancel the booking 0-3 days prior to the arrival date.

Also, read our visit to Rainforest resort after lockdown.

Rooms and cleanliness

The rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities. It was supplied with proper working AC, TV, and geyser. The bedding is clean, soft, and comfortable. We received a neat and clean room. The washroom was also clean and supplied with mini toiletries and towels.

grape park resort rooms


A common restaurant exists for all and there is also an open-air restaurant, but it was not available to everyone. It was booked for some personal events or party I think. The restaurant is big enough and seemed clean every time.

grape park resort restaurant

Food taste was good at the usual price. Room service is also available. Sometimes you receive the food earlier and sometimes you need to remind them that you have ordered and you are waiting for this.

Grape Park resort activities

There is no activity other than indoor games. The playroom is not very big but sufficient to accommodate a few indoor games including a game of snooker. There are 3 ACs in one playroom. Sofa sets are placed for games like chess, carrom, etc.

grape park resort activities

Other than these, if you are a nature lover and like walking then you can take walk along the way all around the resort and enjoy the natural scene and the silence far from the city.

Also, you may visit the Nashik boat club nearby.

Nashik Boat club

In Nashik boat club, the entry is chargeable Rs. 100 for adults and Rs. 50 for kids on the weekend days and it is Rs. 70, Rs. 30 on weekdays.

To find out about boating activities and booking boat club services you may visit BookMyShow and proceed further.

Eatable things are not allowed inside the boat club. Inside there is a cafe where you buy snacks for yourself.

At the entrance, we were told that we could not do any water sports activities or boating rides as all the tickets were sold online. So we only entered the boat club, stayed there for 10 minutes and then left. There is nothing much to do.

It was quite crowded even though there was no boat ride. People enjoy sitting there and clicking pictures.

nashik boat club

nashik boat club activities

nashik boat club cafe

nashik boat club activities

Places to visit near Grape Park Resort

Apart from the Boat club, you may visit several wineries/vineyards like Sula, Soma, York situated at around 10 km.


The staff of the Grape park resort is very co-operative and polite. They all put on the mask all time and behaved with manner.


DCM Ajit Pawar along with few other VIPs arrived in the evening on the same day as they had some planned movement in the same resort that day itself. We had no idea of this. We checked in after 12 pm and after lunch, we stepped out of the resort as there was nothing left to do inside. So we left the resort to explore the boat club and Sula wines. We returned back at 5 pm in the evening and we were stopped to enter just a short distance from the resort by Police. They did not permit anyone to enter the resort and asked us to be back after 2 hours.

They said we won't be allowed to enter the resort area till the VIP's meeting going on. We called up in the resort and the resort staff tried to convince the policemen to let us enter the resort but unfortunately, they did not succeed. We were forced to stay outside. We had already finished our local tour and now we were forced to roam around here and there with no purpose. It was really irritating.

I don't understand why police need to block common people for the sake of the security of VIPs. Don't they have any other security system? This VIP culture of blocking common people is not right and it should move off.

Finally, the so-called VIPs left and at around 7 pm we entered the resort in a bad mood because for almost 2 hours we wandered aimlessly. This incident spoiled our evening.

My conclusion

The Grape Prak Resort in Nashik is one of the best MTDC resorts to explore. This is a brand new resort and everything is good. If it is maintained in a similar way, then it will be very good for MTDC as it will raise trust in government tourism.

I would advise you to confirm with the resort once before booking that there are no VIPs during your visit, otherwise you may face problems arise from VIP culture as we experienced.

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Download Vestige product catalogue February 2021 in pdf – Latest offers

Download Vestige product catalogue February 2021 in pdf – Latest offers

Vestige business is growing rapidly and joining more and more people per year. New Vestige catalogues are offered every month along with various lucrative deals and monthly schemes. You may download the Vestige catalog February 2021 and the latest offers down below in pdf form and check out the vast range of vestige products.

download vestige catalogue february 2021 pdf

About Vestige business

Vestige Business is an Indian company and it has become a well-known direct selling company in India. Vestige head office situated in Delhi and it has been 14 years since it is started. Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood, and Karmaveer Singh are the owner of this company. Together, these three started Vestige business about 14 years ago, and today, more than one crore people have joined to date. Every month around 300000 people are joining the Vestige business and it is moving very fast in India as well as other countries in the world.

Vestige is a direct selling company which is also known as Network Business or Multi-Level Marketing. There are many more direct selling companies operating in India such as Oriflame, Modicare, Avon, Forever Living, Herbalife, Amway, IMC, etc. Vestige follows all the guidelines, issued by the Indian government under Direct Selling since starting. To join the Vestige business, you do not have to pay any amount and it is absolutely free with no risk in it.

Vestige Products

Vestige covers a wide range of products which includes personal care, health care, oral care, agricultural products, air purifiers, and a large group of FMCG products. You can explore and order these products online on their website and also through their apps.

Have a look at the Vestige products being offered.

Health care

There are 8 categories in the health care section of Vestige.

  1. Vestige Prime - It includes a total of 4 supplements.
  2. Joints and bones health - It has a total of 3 supplements which include Glucosamine, Calcium, and collagen.
  3. Cardio care - It has a total of 4 supplements.
  4. Glycemic health - It includes 3 supplements.
  5. Fitness and diet - It has a total of 4 supplements which include Veslim protein powder, shake, capsules, and tea.
  6. Immunity boost - It includes a total of 5 supplements.
  7. Detox and rejuvenation - It includes a total of 5 supplements.
  8. Women's health - It includes a total of 4 supplements, Folic-iron plus capsules, hair skin nail capsules, cranberry capsules, and Shatavari capsules.

Personal care

  1. Skincare - Face wash, cream, face pack, anti-aging cream, exfoliating scrub, facial massage cream, BB cream, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, SPF 30+, Shaving cream, soap, hand cleansing gel
  2. Haircare - Shampoo, conditioner, hair spa, hair oil
  3. Body care - Body polish, body wash, body lotion, body butter, foot cream, deodorants, body talc, perfume spray, and hand wash.
  4. Self-care - Instant relief cream

Vestige Essentials

Pure Face mask and nasofilters for easy breath.

Oral care 

Mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss sticks come under this section.

Health food

It includes rice bran oil, olive pomace oil, zeta special tea, zeta coffee, protein powder, freshnup drink, choco-flaxseed bar, and Hi-nutrition breakfast cereal.

Agri care

It includes several Agri betterment and boosting products.

Audiobooks (self-health series)


It includes a total of 7 ayurvedic supplements. The brand is Ayusante.

Premium skincare (skin formula 9)

It includes 6 products, youth elixir, hydration cream, blemish gel, brightening treatment, deep cleansing oil, and under-eye serum.

Men's grooming

Men face wash, shaving gel, bathing bar, and deodorants.

Color cosmetics (Mistral of Milan)

It includes all the makeup products. Lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liner, eyeliner, kajal, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, compact powder, loose powder, blush, concealer, makeup remover, nail polish, nail polish remover, and makeup brushes.

Home care

Detergent powder, glass cleaners, air fresheners, ultra wash for clothes, cleansers for utensils, floor cleaner, and toilet cleaner. The brand is Hyvest.

Air purifier

Water purifier

Women hygiene

Sanitary napkin, panty liners, and intimate wash.

Vehicle health

This is an engine oil additive for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers and the brand is Mach-Drive NanoEnergizer.

Download Vestige product catalogue

Here you may download the Vestige catalogue for this month (i.e., February 2021) and also explore the latest offers and schemes.

Download Vestige catalog February 2021 in pdf

Every month Vestige proposes new offers and exciting schemes for their members and here you will get it all. Please note Vestige product's new catalogs and monthly schemes will be added every month in this post to keep you updated.

Download Vestige monthly schemes and latest offers for February 2021.

You can find all the details of Vestige products, catalogs, Mistral of Milan catalogue (MOM), monthly schemes from their official website also. You may choose your language from Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil.

Vestige business benefits

You can buy Vestige products at discounts and also enjoy the huge offers launched every month with the release of the new catalog.

Also, you have earning opportunities by increasing your network. If you are successful to suffice the conditions for income by recruiting or joining new people under you and they also purchase Vestige products then you can also earn some amount from Vestige. Larger your team (active), the more your income.

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Download Avon catalogue February 2021 in pdf (India)

Download Avon catalogue February 2021 in pdf (India)

Avon introduces a new catalogue every month with several discounts, offers, and new launches for the Avon members. Here I will share the current month catalog in pdf form only for India. If you are from any other country then you first find your own country at this link and once you are redirected to the respective country website then click on “Brochure” or “Digital Catalog”, now you can explore the Avon catalog online or download it in pdf.

This post will be updated every month with the launch of a new Avon catalog/brochure.

Download avon catalogue February 2021 pdf

Download Avon catalogue February 2021 in pdf

Download avon catalogue january 2021 pdf

Download Avon catalogue January 2021 in pdf

Go through the business model of Oriflame and explore the current month catalog if interested.

Avon business

Established in 1886, Avon is a New York based company empowering women. Avon offers earning opportunity only to the women only by joining as an Avon representative. This is spread worldwide and entered India in 1996. After joining Avon, you are offered a 10-30% discount based on your shopping amount every month through the Avon website. The joining is free of cost and you can place an order on discounts. If you are interested in earning then you will have to move further by joining more people with you.

To earn income from Avon you need to be a leader by developing your network. You can recruit people under you which is called downline. You recruit people, guide your downline, and assist them to develop their own team/network so that they are also eligible to earn income and achieve success in this business. Thus, it goes on further. Income released from Avon once you qualify certain levels set for leaders.

Avon Products

Avon proposes a wide range of products from make-up, daily essentials to fashion, etc. Let’s see the product list below.

  • Daily essentials (personal care to home cleaning) 
  • Skincare (moisturizers, serums, cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks, treatments, eye care)
  • All makeup products.
  • Bath and body (bath, shower, body, foot care, hair care, kids care, sun care, oral care, insect repellents)
  • Haircare (shampoo, conditioner, hair color, treatments, styling tools)
  • Oral care (toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, teeth whitening)
  • Fragrance (perfume, shower gel, body sprays, body lotion, travel sizes, deodorant)
  • Jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, fine jewelry),
  • Fashion (apparel, tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, intimates, footwear, accessories), 
  • Health and wellness products
  • Men (fragrance, grooming)
  • Home (decor, candles, cleaning, kitchen essentials, face masks, food)

How to locate Avon in your country?

Wondering whether Avon business is available in your own country or not and how to find out Avon in your own country then you may simply go through this link which will drop you to the page of Avon website where you can locate your region or country and find out the respective details.

AVON ON Reward Program in February 2021

Avon offers Reward programs for their Representatives to boost the business. The one, who shares the maximum content from AVON ON app, will be awarded some rewards. You can find out more details and current month reward programs from their official website.

Avon Offers and Incentives in February 2021

Also, Avon offers activity incentives in the form of huge discounts on some of the high-priced products to their representatives who qualify the conditions attached to it. Explore all the Avon offers and incentives online.

View Avon offers and incentives in February 2021

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Oriflame apps uses for Oriflame brand partners and VIP customer

Oriflame apps needed for Oriflame brand partners and VIP customer

Here I will discuss the Oriflame apps which are used for different purposes in placing orders online, enhancing Oriflame business from home, confidently recommending the products to the customers, and picking the suitable product for you. The apps covered here are Oriflame, Oriflame Business, Oriflame Makeup wizard, Oriflame SkinExpert, and Oriflame Conferences. Let's see one by one.
Oriflame apps for brand partners and vip customer

Oriflame app

  • Oriflame app is the main app that is equipped with everything required for a brand partner and VIP customer. It is loaded with the current month catalog, latest news/offers (if any), all product details, Oriflame branch activities, social media library, your all contact list, and Oriflame business tools.
  • We can place orders through this app and also can view the reports of your team’s work.
  • You can register new brand partners and activate them with this app.>
  • Business and the activity report is delivered in this app.
  • With the help of the “scan button”, brand partners are capable to scan any page of the catalog and quickly find all the description of that product and add them to the shopping bag if interested.
  • It has links to other Oriflame apps such as Oriflame business, Oriflame Make up wizard, Oriflame Skin Expert, and Oriflame conferences. All the Oriflame apps are linked to each other to download and share with another.
  • You can return any faulty product through this app using the “Claims” tab.
  • The social media library is the place where you find social media content of every product which you can share on your social media pages/groups.
  • You can add all your contact lists in a classified manner contacted and non-contacted.
  • Oriflame customer service tab lets you contact Oriflame in a needful situation.
  • The Oriflame app offers you a digital catalog, helps you learn about the products on the go, and supports you with hassle-free online orders.
  • This app can be used by both Oriflame brand partners as well as VIP customers.

Also, read How to work in Oriflame and succeed.

Oriflame business app

  • This app helps you to improve your Oriflame business in several ways.
  • You have a detailed overview of your network which helps you to analyze your teamwork, follow up on the progress, and plan to execute in a proper way.
  • You can easily find the contacts of your downline members and communicate with them.
  • You can track the progress of your team here like how are the team members working, points earned by members, how many are left to place an order, how many inactive for a few months, etc.
  • You can share the current month catalog to the inactive members to explore the discounts/offers and place an order if they want.
  • Also, this app is loaded with several prospecting videos and presentations which helps in prospecting your clients and recruitment.
  • This app is only suitable for brand partners and VIP customers won't need this app since they are only interested to buy products and not in recruitment.

Oriflame Makeup wizard app

  • This app helps you to try different makeup products on your selfie and choose the perfect shade suitable for you.
  • This is your virtual make up mirror where you can try and create various looks by applying the Oriflame make-up products virtually.
  • Oriflame VIP customers and brand partners both can use this app.

Oriflame Skin Expert app

  • This app helps in selling skincare sets. Using this app, you are capable to recommend the perfect skincare products to their customers as per their skin’s requirement.
  • This app makes Oriflame brand partners more confident to consult and recommend the skin range products by analyzing the skin scientifically.

Oriflame Conferences app

  • If you are an Oriflame brand partner and you are looking to find out the agenda and programs of the Oriflame conferences being held on various occasions and at different locations then this app will help you give you the overview.
  • To use this app, you need to be qualified and registered to attend a conference. Not everyone can use it.

After joining Oriflame whether it is a brand partner or a VIP customer, you all receive a consultant number (sponsor number) which is your identity in Oriflame. This consultant number is the login ID in the Oriflame apps and website.

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How to join Oriflame, membership details and benefits

How to join Oriflame, membership details and benefits

Oriflame business is already elaborated in this post and now I will discuss the way to join Oriflame, Oriflame membership details, and its benefits.

how to join oriflame membership benefits

How to join Oriflame?

  • You can join Oriflame through an Oriflame brand partner (previously Oriflame brand partner was referred to as Oriflame consultants) otherwise by signing up or registering through their official website. Refer Oriflame business opportunity tab and there you have all the details regarding this business.

  • If you already know or find any Oriflame brand partner then you can join through them. The brand partner will help you to register Oriflame and he/she will be your sponsor who will guide you to go ahead appropriately. Joining through a brand partner is a good idea as this way you have your own guide who has all the knowledge and work experience to move forward and succeed.

  • If you are only interested to buy Oriflame products then you can join as a VIP customer and if you want to earn income from Oriflame then you have to register as a brand partner.

  • Registration will take few details such as email ID, name, full address, contact number, birthdate, sponsor number, and KYC document details (any of the Aadhar card, voter ID card, Driving license, passport, or state domicile certificate).

  • While registering as a brand partner you need to fill up KYC document details but in the case of a VIP customer, you won’t be asked for a KYC document.

  • Brand partners are eligible to make business with Oriflame and earn income if they get qualified. VIP customers only buy Oriflame products at discounted prices and they are also eligible for more offers by Oriflame.

  • Anybody (age above 18 years) can join Oriflame and earn through this platform. There is no particular qualification for joining as a member.

Oriflame membership details and benefits

  • After registering Oriflame you will get an additional 20% discount on the catalog price. If any product is already at a discount in the catalog then, being an Oriflame member, you can buy that product at a 20% discount on the discounted price.

  • Moreover to 20% discount, you are benefitted with several other discounts/offers like activity offer, welcome program, invitation program, loyalty program, etc. which gives a chance to buy the Oriflame products at cheaper prices and qualify for the other achievements.

  • If you registered as a brand partner then you can recruit people under you and earn income after qualifying certain conditions.

  • VIP customers can upgrade to the Oriflame brand partner at any time and start recruiting and earning from Oriflame.

  • After joining Oriflame you have access to Oriflame apps through which you can explore their wide range of products and place an order for yourself at discounted prices and get delivery at your specific address.

  • Oriflame brand partners have opportunities to travel their own country and worldwide to attend Oriflame seminar conducted at various places. There are several levels that are rewarded with recognition, cash awards, travel opportunities, etc. If you qualified the required condition for a particular level then you will be rewarded with awards attached to it.

  • There are so many business tools provided by Oriflame to support, assist, and ease the work of brand partners to expand their network and succeed in Oriflame.

  • After joining Oriflame you are provided with all types of support and training required so that you are capable to understand, order, recruit, work, and grow your network to earn income.

Explore current month catalog and offers.

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Download Oriflame catalogue February 2021 in pdf (and March)

Download Oriflame catalogue February 2021 pdf (and March)

Every Oriflame brand partner/consultant or customer needs an Oriflame catalogue for exploring the current month offers and discount to schedule their own and customer's purchase list. Here we offer the latest Oriflame catalog for 2021 in pdf version. Oriflame February 2021 catalogue shared here that can be viewed in a window and can be downloaded in pdf. Also, the Oriflame catalog for the upcoming month of March 2021 is also added for reference.

Now you can download the Oriflame catalogue February 2021 and March 2021 in pdf easily and share it with your family, friends, or clients. With the launch of a new catalog every month this post will be updated with the addition of the new catalog.

Note: What is Oriflame business and how to work in Oriflame, these topics are already discussed in our earlier posts. We also shared our ideas on selling Oriflame products and making 100 BP every month to progress and succeed in this work from home business. You may check out these posts if interested.

Oriflame catalogue February 2021 pdf

View the current month catalog here itself by scrolling down 👇.

Oriflame January 2021 catalog

download oriflame catalogue january 2021

Oriflame catalogue March 2021 in pdf

Oriflame catalogue march 2021 pdf

Click here to download Oriflame catalogue March 2021 in pdf

We would like to inform you that this is not the official website of Oriflame and we only work to assist you to download the current month Oriflame catalog in pdf. You can visit the official website of Oriflame company where you will find this month's catalog along with the activity offer, online flyer, and recruitment/invitation campaign if applicable.

The Oriflame catalogs we are sharing here are only applicable in India and if you are one of them who belongs to a country other than India then you may locate Oriflame in your country here at this link. Select your location and you will be landed on the proper page of Oriflame which belongs to your country. Explore the whole current month catalog, flyers, and offers for you.

Oriflame offers in February 2021

Oriflame online flyer, activity offer, recruitment/invitation offer, and sometimes reactivation offer (for inactive consultants/brand partner), these are some of the lucrative deals offered every month to the Oriflame consultants/brand partner and VIP customers. These offers are made live at a particular date of the month (mostly start of every month along with the launch of new catalog) and it remains active for a limited time period.

An online flyer offers a huge discount on some of the Oriflame products for a limited period of  5days or 1 week. This is launched at the starting of the month. Nowadays this is not being offered consistently for a few months.

Activity offer as the name suggests this is offered to the one who qualifies the condition of the activity offer. Oriflame consultants/brand partners and VIP customers all are eligible to grab this offer if they suffice the condition.

The Recruitment campaign is also known as invitation offer/campaign serves you a deal where you get a huge discount on selected Oriflame products if you sponsor or invite a defined number of new members to qualify a condition. This means if you recruit a specific number of new members and they qualify the condition of the welcome program then you will have the beneficial opportunity in this offer.

Current Oriflame offer or program in February 2021

Invitation campaign - If you sponsor or recruit 3 people who place 50 BP orders during the period 1-20 February 2021 then you are eligible to buy Elegant cutlery set worth Rs. 2990 for just Rs. 399 only.

Oriflame February 2021 offer

Oriflame Plenty program February 2021

During the offer period 1-28 February 2021, if you place 50 BP or 100 BP orders then you are eligible to buy HairX shampoo worth Rs. 579 for just Rs. 79 and Giordani Gold bronzing pearls worth Rs. 1599 for just Rs. 199 respectively. 

This will be updated regularly as per the availability of any offer.

Also, check out Avon current month brochure.

Ignite success Managers growth program is applicable which is valid from 1st January - 31st March 2021. Please check the website for more details.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews - Our visit after lockdown

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews - Our visit after lockdown

After 6.5 months of lockdown, I was very stressed and I wanted an outing plan to refresh myself and get some relief from daily routine. So I planned to visit the Rainforest Resort in Igatpuri. This is approx. 55 km from our place in Nashik.

Igatpuri is well known for its natural scenic beauty which makes us feel fresh and relaxed. There are so many resorts in Igatpuri amid nature and they are in high demand among the tourists/travelers from Mumbai and Nashik as a weekend destination or short trip.

I chose the Rainforest resort in Igatpuri as my weekend destination last week. We searched everything about it online such as types of accommodation, rooms, prices, activities, facilities, food, and customer/guest reviews. I was happy to see the online rating 4.5/5 but I can give it a maximum of 2.5/5 after my visit, not more than that.

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews

I chose this resort only after seeing 4.5 ratings and so many good reviews but what I experienced was something else that is far away from those great reviews. I was not satisfied at all, in fact, I was disappointed.


We booked a luxury room for 1 day and 1 night. We paid Rs. 4,500 including the charge for our daughter. This price included the 3-time meal (i.e. lunch, dinner, and next day breakfast) and evening tea with snacks.

Rooms and cleanliness:

  • The room was good enough with the balcony. But the cleanliness was zero. So-called clean rooms were showcasing the dust everywhere clearly. Even the towels and bedsheets were looking dirty.

  • We saw spider web and dirt all over in the gallery and the rooms. Garbage was lying down everywhere outside the room. The dustbin was not only loaded with garbage but surrounded by it. I was surprised to see all this. We didn’t expect this from a 4.5 rated resort.

  • During this corona period when everybody is taking extra care for cleanliness then nobody can expect this irresponsible approach of the resort.

  • They took the whole price in advance otherwise we could have been shifted somewhere else. The half-price we paid 1 day earlier while booking the rooms online and the rest of the amount was asked to pay at the time of check-in only as per their policy they said.

  • So we adjusted ourselves there somehow and complained about cleanliness. The staff came and cleaned it; also we changed the towels and bedsheets.

Activities in Rainforest resort Igatpuri

  • If you see their website then you come to know that there are several indoor and outdoor activities being offered.
  • When we visited that time we could only enjoy indoor games such as carrom, badminton, and table tennis. The indoor play area on the 4th floor is spacious enough to accommodate all the indoor games but not well maintained.

    Rainforest Resort Igatpuri activities

    Maintenance and cleanliness is the main problem everywhere in this resort. The properties used for the games were not in good condition and spread everywhere.

    The dirt you can see in every corner. Sofa kept there for rest was in very bad condition. Why they need to keep this type of property? It will be better if it is removed from there.

  • Also, there are other water activities and adventure park but it was not available during our visit. I suggest you must do an inquiry about these activities on the phone in advance to plan your visit in a better way.

  • You can explore the surrounding nature by cycling. You will get cycle on chargeable basis. Rs. 100 per hour for 1 cycle.


Rainforest resort is widespread over a very large area that accommodates all types of rooms like deluxe, luxury, superior luxury, villas, and tent house. Tent rooms are provided with all the required facilities but they were closed when we visited.

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews

All villas are provided with a small personal pool. This is very small but okay for small kids. They will enjoy it.

A common swimming pool is also there which was closed at that time. We asked for a separate pool for my daughter and they managed it for us. We were permitted to use the private pool of one of the villa rooms which was unoccupied.


The taste of the food is good here. You need to walk to the restaurant (located nearby) for food, tea, and snacks. You won't have food service in the room. Veg and non-veg food are served in different restaurants and they are located very near to each other. It was a buffet system.

Disappointments from Rainforest resort in Igatpuri - based on my review after visiting

  • Lack of cleanliness and maintenance everywhere.

  • They did not follow the preventive measures set by the government (regarding coronavirus). There is no body-temperature checking and no oxygen level checking at the entry point. They mention on online travel websites that they follow everything but in actual we saw nothing like that.

  • The staff is very casual and not professional. Some of them appear in front of you without masks during this corona crisis.

  • When we entered the room the first impression was too bad. The so-called clean rooms claimed by the resort staff did not seem clean at all. In fact, we were angry to see this.

  • Not only the dust present in the room which is noticeable easily but also the towels and the bedsheet on the bed were looking dirty. There was a huge difference in the picture of the room on the website and the actual room.

  • I don’t know what was wrong with the AC. It was not that effective.

  • The miserable condition of the play area.

Good things - Rainforest resort Igatpuri reviews

  • Since it is surrounded by fascinating natural beauty, the location of this resort is beautiful. You will capture the amazing view.

    view from Rainforest Resort Igatpuri

    view from Rainforest Resort Igatpuri

  • Food taste is good enough.

  • If this place is cleaned and maintained perfectly then it is one of the good options for the wedding ceremony, friends get-together, family event, and other party/events.


According to my view, the Rainforest resort is the perfect example of saying "Naam bade aur darshan chhote".

Learned so many things about it online but what we saw was just disappointing. This resort needs a lot of cleanliness and maintenance work to deliver what they promise online.

I think it is a lockdown effect that turned this resort into a miserable condition. Whatever it is but if they are welcoming customers then it is their duty to deliver the best and leave the customers satisfied which did not happen in our case.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

How to use Microsoft teams app on laptop or mobile phone for students?

Microsoft Teams app (MS Teams app)

Microsoft teams app is a complete package for teamwork that compiled everything needed for the smooth online work of a team. Nowadays it is in more demand as most of us are switching to online work from home during the lockdown in the corona crisis.

In schools and offices, this is the priority app. When lockdown started and later most of us started switching to online work from home then most of us used the Zoom app for online meetings but due to some security issues this app was sidelined and Microsoft teams app chosen as the best alternative of the zoom app.

how to use MS teams app on laptop for students

Now let’s see the benefits of this app. This app is designed very vast and it has so many features and benefits but here we will talk short with the few and useful benefits for the students.

Microsoft teams app benefits:

  • When it comes to security this is trustworthy.
  • It has everything under one roof. You can chat, do video meetings or conferencing, make calls to anyone in the organization, set assignments or works, set your schedule, etc in the same app.
  • When used in schools teachers can set their assignments or home works here itself.
  • Students can have instant access to the websites (which are regularly used) if uploaded.
  • You can call or contact anyone added to the organization.
  • Students can discuss classwork among themselves in the same app.
  • Students are being more digitally literate at a younger age.

How to use Microsoft teams app on laptop or mobile phone for students?

Students will be provided login Email ID and password for this app by the school. You need these details while logging in MS Teams app after download and installation on your device.

After login, you will be asked to reset the password immediately. Now first learn how to download and install this app on PC and mobile phone.

How to install Microsoft Teams app on PC or mobile?

For Mobile: To download MS Teams app on the mobile phone, tab, or any other android device you need to go to the Google play store and search MICROSOFT TEAMS.

Microsoft Teams app for PC: To download the MS Teams app on PC you need to visit this link of Microsoft. Suggest opening this link in Google chrome as it works better in this browser. You will come to the page as shown below.

microsoft teams app wep app download

Click on the “Sign in” button here. Enter your Email ID and password provided by the school (generated for every student by the school).

After login immediately you are asked to reset the password and set a new one.

Now the next page of the browser will give you 2 options, first is “Get the Windows app” means MS Teams app for PC/computer and the second one is “Use the Web app instead” means you may continue with the browser itself. Go ahead as per your choice and you are done with the download and installation of the MS teams app.

MS teams app for students

The below image will show you the view of this app on PC as well as the mobile phone.

microsoft teams on laptop for students

There are different menus (or tabs) in the app for various activities and actions. They are all mentioned below.


This is your feed section. All recent activities will be shown in the Activity Tab. You can also filter your activities here.


In schools, this tab is used for different subjects. Here various teams are created as per the subject. When you click on a particular subject or team then you will find the related assignments and scheduled meeting details if any.

Once you enter a particular subject then you see various tabs/sections inside named Post, Files, Class Notebook, Assignments, and Grade.

Here you will see the concerned subject’s posts, files, subject notes, homework, and the grade which student acquires after the assessment.


Here all the meeting details are found date wise. It means this is your time table.

MS Teams app general information for students

  • Student can raise their hands to grab the attention of the teacher for any query or a fruitful discussion.
    Tap on the three dots beside the phone icon (at the bottom of the screen) and you may raise the hand, pin yourself, and switch your camera.
    You may end the meeting by clicking the phone icon in red color

    ms teams app for students

  • You can mute another student/participant only for you to avoid unnecessary noise if created from his/her side. This can be done by pressing on the video of the particular student.

  • The chat icon is on the top right corner. Tap it and type your message here.

  • You may see the total number of participants by tapping on the symbol beside the chat on the top right corner.

How to pin someone in MS teams app on mobile phone or PC?

Keep on pressing on the video which you want to pin. Then you will see the option of ‘pin’, tap it, and you are done. You can pin the host or any attendee or participant in the meeting.

To pin someone in the MS team app in PC you need to right-click on the particular video and select the pin and that’s it.

Overall this is a great app for online work from home and online studies. Do you have more values to add in this post which might be useful for the students? If yes then please share with us in the comment.

Monday, September 14, 2020

How to apply for Sonu Sood Scholarship - application, email

Sonu Sood Scholarship (email, application)

After completing numerous good works and helping several people in need, now Sonu Sood pledged to support the complete college education for students in need. Recently he tweeted announcing the "Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship" for the 12th pass students who are willing to study further but deprived of money which may cause them to move ahead in their education. 

Sonu Sood offered this scholarship for those students who are brilliant in the study and facing financial issues to educate themselves further. This is named after his late mother's name Saroj Sood. Read further and know the steps to apply for the scholarship.

prof saroj sood scholarship

sonu sood scholarship email

How to apply for Prof Saroj Sood scholarship (by Sonu Sood)- the procedure

  1. As mentioned in the tweet by Sonu Sood declaring about the scholarship, the students need to send emails on email ID
  2. Once you send the email, an automatic response will come within a few seconds with a link to a form to be filled by students interested in the scholarship.
  3. Enter your full name, phone number, email ID, State (where you are currently living), name of the school and city (Grade 12), grade 12 subjects (science, commerce, or arts), Grade 12 Board (CBSE, ICSE, or State board), Grade 12 Score (in percentage), annual family income and preferred courses (such as MBA, MSC, Engineering, Diploma, Bachelor course, Medical, etc)
  4. You will also be asked whether you are comfortable studying out of your state or not.
  5. The next section of the form will ask you to enter your life goals. You need to be more specific and clear with your goals in order to win the scholarship. This offer is for the needy people who have the potential to excel beyond the limitations.
  6. Also, you will have to enter why you need this scholarship. Here you may describe your real limited financial condition which is the restriction in further studies.
  7. They also have a partial scholarship option which means the student has to pay half of the college expenses. You have to select your option from the given options.
  8. Fill all the details completely, correctly, and most important honestly. submit the form and let the selectors work on it.

If you are one of the selected beneficiaries for the Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship offered by Sonu Sood then you will be contacted by their team.

You can also check out the details of Sonu Sood scholarship from the CT University website

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

What is Bikayi app, features, services and how to use it?

What is Bikayi app, features, services, and usage?

Bikayi app is an inventive android application that helps you to create your Whatsapp integrated eCommerce (online) store and sell your products without any hassle. This is also WhatsApp Integrated which offers the service to share your products or catalogs in different versions such as a text message, images, video, and pdf form. Customers can also book orders by looking at the photos, description, and price of products on WhatsApp. Thus you reach your customers simply online.

How to use Bikayi app

Bikayi app is a free android application but also offers premium services in case you are interested in branding your business and receiving additional useful features to excel in business and reach another level.

Bikayi app can be downloaded from the Google play store.

How to use Bikayi app?

Bikayi app is very easy to use due to its simple User interface.

After installation, when you open the app it asks for login. You may log in through a mobile number, Gmail, or Facebook account.

Once logged in, you are asked to enter a few details about your store. Here you may type the name of your store. Select your language from English, Hindi, and many other regional languages. Now are done with the registration and you are ready to create a catalog of your products to showcase your online store to the customers.

There are five tabs at the bottom Home, Catalogs, Services, Social, and Help. These take you to particular sections for the successful creation and promotion of your store. Below are the details explained.

bikayi app services


Select “Catalogs” to create a catalog of the products. Name it and then add products. You must have images of the products which are being added in the catalogs.

How to edit, rename, or delete a catalog.

Select the specific catalog and then tap on the “Action” at the bottom of the screen. Here you can do everything concerned with catalogs such as addition, creating subcategories, editing, renaming, or deleting. Also, you may hide a particular catalog.


The Services tab tells the services being offered to the sellers.

  • You may create different shareable catalogs for the various products.

  • You may add or manage your staff members here and assign them limited or full access as per the role.

  • You may checkout the inquiries and orders placed by the customers. Also, orders and inquiries from the customers can be answered as per their requirements.

  • You may offer discounts to your customers by offering a promo code for a limited period of time.

  • Sellers can explore the whole statistics report of the products or catalogs. You can see the number of visitors who viewed your products. You instantly receive a notification whenever someone is going through or checking out any of the products on your online store on Bikayi.

  • Bikayi offers ready to use free images for several grocery may add them in your catalog if you don’t have your own images of that product.

  • See the reviews of the customers or you may ask for a review.

  • Online payment, COD everything can be set in Order settings which are meant for checkout settings, pay mode, delivery terms, etc.

  • Business settings meant for adding the logo of your store, your business details (address, GST, Email, etc), privacy and return policy, and a small bio about your business.

  • You may link your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram pages to your Bikayi online store.

  • You may offer customers to order on Whatsapp.

  • Using Theme settings sellers can edit fewer things for a free account. If you want to manage your theme further as per your interest then you can upgrade to VIP where you will get a theme builder that facilitates changing your theme simply using drag and drop method.

  • Bikayi app also offers Premium services through which you can explore branding and other services. These additional services help sellers to take their business to another level.

Who can use or register in the Bikayi app?

Anyone who is selling something can register their business on the Bikayi app. All types of businesses can be listed here. Any shop owners (Kirana shop, Medical shop), online sellers -resellers, service providers, and the one who is doing dropshipping can open their online store on Bikayi.

Bikayi customer care number

In case of assistance, you may contact them in several ways mentioned below.

  • Whatsapp chat is the preferred way to contact for help.

  • For Live support from Bikayi, you may call on Phone: 080471 89960.

  • You may also do Live Chat from the app.

  • Email on or

Tap on the Help (?) tab on the bottom-right corner and you will have the above-listed contact support ways. Select the desired one and continue to resolve your issues.

Also, read How to register the Jio Mart app?.


Overall Bikayi app is a good app to create your online presence. This is very easy to use and loaded with so many useful features for free that anybody can easily create an online store from scratch.

Information videos are already present in the app to serve the knowledge and help sellers for the successful journey of their business on Bikayi. Also, Bikayi customer care present through various ways to resolve the issue arise if any.

Have you ever used Bikayi app, if yes then what is your review?