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Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews - Our visit after lockdown

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews - Our visit after lockdown

After 6.5 months of lockdown, I was very stressed and I wanted an outing plan to refresh myself and get some relief from daily routine. So I planned to visit the Rainforest Resort in Igatpuri. This is approx. 55 km from our place in Nashik.

Igatpuri is well known for its natural scenic beauty which makes us feel fresh and relaxed. There are so many resorts in Igatpuri amid nature and they are in high demand among the tourists/travelers from Mumbai and Nashik as a weekend destination or short trip.

I chose the Rainforest resort in Igatpuri as my weekend destination last week. We searched everything about it online such as types of accommodation, rooms, prices, activities, facilities, food, and customer/guest reviews. I was happy to see the online rating 4.5/5 but I can give it a maximum of 2.5/5 after my visit, not more than that.

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews

I chose this resort only after seeing 4.5 ratings and so many good reviews but what I experienced was something else that is far away from those great reviews. I was not satisfied at all, in fact, I was disappointed.


We booked a luxury room for 1 day and 1 night. We paid Rs. 4,500 including the charge for our daughter. This price included the 3-time meal (i.e. lunch, dinner, and next day breakfast) and evening tea with snacks.

Rooms and cleanliness:

  • The room was good enough with the balcony. But the cleanliness was zero. So-called clean rooms were showcasing the dust everywhere clearly. Even the towels and bedsheets were looking dirty.

  • We saw spider web and dirt all over in the gallery and the rooms. Garbage was lying down everywhere outside the room. The dustbin was not only loaded with garbage but surrounded by it. I was surprised to see all this. We didn’t expect this from a 4.5 rated resort.

  • During this corona period when everybody is taking extra care for cleanliness then nobody can expect this irresponsible approach of the resort.

  • They took the whole price in advance otherwise we could have been shifted somewhere else. The half-price we paid 1 day earlier while booking the rooms online and the rest of the amount was asked to pay at the time of check-in only as per their policy they said.

  • So we adjusted ourselves there somehow and complained about cleanliness. The staff came and cleaned it; also we changed the towels and bedsheets.

Activities in Rainforest resort Igatpuri

  • If you see their website then you come to know that there are several indoor and outdoor activities being offered.
  • When we visited that time we could only enjoy indoor games such as carrom, badminton, and table tennis. The indoor play area on the 4th floor is spacious enough to accommodate all the indoor games but not well maintained.

    Rainforest Resort Igatpuri activities

    Maintenance and cleanliness is the main problem everywhere in this resort. The properties used for the games were not in good condition and spread everywhere.

    The dirt you can see in every corner. Sofa kept there for rest was in very bad condition. Why they need to keep this type of property? It will be better if it is removed from there.

  • Also, there are other water activities and adventure park but it was not available during our visit. I suggest you must do an inquiry about these activities on the phone in advance to plan your visit in a better way.

  • You can explore the surrounding nature by cycling. You will get cycle on chargeable basis. Rs. 100 per hour for 1 cycle.


Rainforest resort is widespread over a very large area that accommodates all types of rooms like deluxe, luxury, superior luxury, villas, and tent house. Tent rooms are provided with all the required facilities but they were closed when we visited.

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews

All villas are provided with a small personal pool. This is very small but okay for small kids. They will enjoy it.

A common swimming pool is also there which was closed at that time. We asked for a separate pool for my daughter and they managed it for us. We were permitted to use the private pool of one of the villa rooms which was unoccupied.


The taste of the food is good here. You need to walk to the restaurant (located nearby) for food, tea, and snacks. You won't have food service in the room. Veg and non-veg food are served in different restaurants and they are located very near to each other. It was a buffet system.

Disappointments from Rainforest resort in Igatpuri - based on my review after visiting

  • Lack of cleanliness and maintenance everywhere.

  • They did not follow the preventive measures set by the government (regarding coronavirus). There is no body-temperature checking and no oxygen level checking at the entry point. They mention on online travel websites that they follow everything but in actual we saw nothing like that.

  • The staff is very casual and not professional. Some of them appear in front of you without masks during this corona crisis.

  • When we entered the room the first impression was too bad. The so-called clean rooms claimed by the resort staff did not seem clean at all. In fact, we were angry to see this.

  • Not only the dust present in the room which is noticeable easily but also the towels and the bedsheet on the bed were looking dirty. There was a huge difference in the picture of the room on the website and the actual room.

  • I don’t know what was wrong with the AC. It was not that effective.

  • The miserable condition of the play area.

Good things - Rainforest resort Igatpuri reviews

  • Since it is surrounded by fascinating natural beauty, the location of this resort is beautiful. You will capture the amazing view.

    view from Rainforest Resort Igatpuri

    view from Rainforest Resort Igatpuri

  • Food taste is good enough.

  • If this place is cleaned and maintained perfectly then it is one of the good options for the wedding ceremony, friends get-together, family event, and other party/events.


According to my view, the Rainforest resort is the perfect example of saying "Naam bade aur darshan chhote".

Learned so many things about it online but what we saw was just disappointing. This resort needs a lot of cleanliness and maintenance work to deliver what they promise online.

I think it is a lockdown effect that turned this resort into a miserable condition. Whatever it is but if they are welcoming customers then it is their duty to deliver the best and leave the customers satisfied which did not happen in our case.

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How to use Microsoft teams app on laptop or mobile phone for students?

Microsoft Teams app (MS Teams app)

Microsoft teams app is a complete package for teamwork that compiled everything needed for the smooth online work of a team. Nowadays it is in more demand as most of us are switching to online work from home during the lockdown in the corona crisis.

In schools and offices, this is the priority app. When lockdown started and later most of us started switching to online work from home then most of us used the Zoom app for online meetings but due to some security issues this app was sidelined and Microsoft teams app chosen as the best alternative of the zoom app.

how to use MS teams app on laptop for students

Now let’s see the benefits of this app. This app is designed very vast and it has so many features and benefits but here we will talk short with the few and useful benefits for the students.

Microsoft teams app benefits:

  • When it comes to security this is trustworthy.
  • It has everything under one roof. You can chat, do video meetings or conferencing, make calls to anyone in the organization, set assignments or works, set your schedule, etc in the same app.
  • When used in schools teachers can set their assignments or home works here itself.
  • Students can have instant access to the websites (which are regularly used) if uploaded.
  • You can call or contact anyone added to the organization.
  • Students can discuss classwork among themselves in the same app.
  • Students are being more digitally literate at a younger age.

How to use Microsoft teams app on laptop or mobile phone for students?

Students will be provided login Email ID and password for this app by the school. You need these details while logging in MS Teams app after download and installation on your device.

After login, you will be asked to reset the password immediately. Now first learn how to download and install this app on PC and mobile phone.

How to install Microsoft Teams app on PC or mobile?

For Mobile: To download MS Teams app on the mobile phone, tab, or any other android device you need to go to the Google play store and search MICROSOFT TEAMS.

Microsoft Teams app for PC: To download the MS Teams app on PC you need to visit this link of Microsoft. Suggest opening this link in Google chrome as it works better in this browser. You will come to the page as shown below.

microsoft teams app wep app download

Click on the “Sign in” button here. Enter your Email ID and password provided by the school (generated for every student by the school).

After login immediately you are asked to reset the password and set a new one.

Now the next page of the browser will give you 2 options, first is “Get the Windows app” means MS Teams app for PC/computer and the second one is “Use the Web app instead” means you may continue with the browser itself. Go ahead as per your choice and you are done with the download and installation of the MS teams app.

MS teams app for students

The below image will show you the view of this app on PC as well as the mobile phone.

microsoft teams on laptop for students

There are different menus (or tabs) in the app for various activities and actions. They are all mentioned below.


This is your feed section. All recent activities will be shown in the Activity Tab. You can also filter your activities here.


In schools, this tab is used for different subjects. Here various teams are created as per the subject. When you click on a particular subject or team then you will find the related assignments and scheduled meeting details if any.

Once you enter a particular subject then you see various tabs/sections inside named Post, Files, Class Notebook, Assignments, and Grade.

Here you will see the concerned subject’s posts, files, subject notes, homework, and the grade which student acquires after the assessment.


Here all the meeting details are found date wise. It means this is your time table.

MS Teams app general information for students

  • Student can raise their hands to grab the attention of the teacher for any query or a fruitful discussion.
    Tap on the three dots beside the phone icon (at the bottom of the screen) and you may raise the hand, pin yourself, and switch your camera.
    You may end the meeting by clicking the phone icon in red color

    ms teams app for students

  • You can mute another student/participant only for you to avoid unnecessary noise if created from his/her side. This can be done by pressing on the video of the particular student.

  • The chat icon is on the top right corner. Tap it and type your message here.

  • You may see the total number of participants by tapping on the symbol beside the chat on the top right corner.

How to pin someone in MS teams app on mobile phone or PC?

Keep on pressing on the video which you want to pin. Then you will see the option of ‘pin’, tap it, and you are done. You can pin the host or any attendee or participant in the meeting.

To pin someone in the MS team app in PC you need to right-click on the particular video and select the pin and that’s it.

Overall this is a great app for online work from home and online studies. Do you have more values to add in this post which might be useful for the students? If yes then please share with us in the comment.

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How to apply for Sonu Sood Scholarship - application, email

Sonu Sood Scholarship (email, application)

After completing numerous good works and helping several people in need, now Sonu Sood pledged to support the complete college education for students in need. Recently he tweeted announcing the "Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship" for the 12th pass students who are willing to study further but deprived of money which may cause them to move ahead in their education. 

Sonu Sood offered this scholarship for those students who are brilliant in the study and facing financial issues to educate themselves further. This is named after his late mother's name Saroj Sood. Read further and know the steps to apply for the scholarship.

prof saroj sood scholarship

sonu sood scholarship email

How to apply for Prof Saroj Sood scholarship (by Sonu Sood)- the procedure

  1. As mentioned in the tweet by Sonu Sood declaring about the scholarship, the students need to send emails on email ID
  2. Once you send the email, an automatic response will come within a few seconds with a link to a form to be filled by students interested in the scholarship.
  3. Enter your full name, phone number, email ID, State (where you are currently living), name of the school and city (Grade 12), grade 12 subjects (science, commerce, or arts), Grade 12 Board (CBSE, ICSE, or State board), Grade 12 Score (in percentage), annual family income and preferred courses (such as MBA, MSC, Engineering, Diploma, Bachelor course, Medical, etc)
  4. You will also be asked whether you are comfortable studying out of your state or not.
  5. The next section of the form will ask you to enter your life goals. You need to be more specific and clear with your goals in order to win the scholarship. This offer is for the needy people who have the potential to excel beyond the limitations.
  6. Also, you will have to enter why you need this scholarship. Here you may describe your real limited financial condition which is the restriction in further studies.
  7. They also have a partial scholarship option which means the student has to pay half of the college expenses. You have to select your option from the given options.
  8. Fill all the details completely, correctly, and most important honestly. submit the form and let the selectors work on it.

If you are one of the selected beneficiaries for the Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship offered by Sonu Sood then you will be contacted by their team.

You can also check out the details of Sonu Sood scholarship from the CT University website

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What is Bikayi app, features, services and how to use it?

What is Bikayi app, features, services, and usage?

Bikayi app is an inventive android application that helps you to create your Whatsapp integrated eCommerce (online) store and sell your products without any hassle. This is also WhatsApp Integrated which offers the service to share your products or catalogs in different versions such as a text message, images, video, and pdf form. Customers can also book orders by looking at the photos, description, and price of products on WhatsApp. Thus you reach your customers simply online.

How to use Bikayi app

Bikayi app is a free android application but also offers premium services in case you are interested in branding your business and receiving additional useful features to excel in business and reach another level.

Bikayi app can be downloaded from the Google play store.

How to use Bikayi app?

Bikayi app is very easy to use due to its simple User interface.

After installation, when you open the app it asks for login. You may log in through a mobile number, Gmail, or Facebook account.

Once logged in, you are asked to enter a few details about your store. Here you may type the name of your store. Select your language from English, Hindi, and many other regional languages. Now are done with the registration and you are ready to create a catalog of your products to showcase your online store to the customers.

There are five tabs at the bottom Home, Catalogs, Services, Social, and Help. These take you to particular sections for the successful creation and promotion of your store. Below are the details explained.

bikayi app services


Select “Catalogs” to create a catalog of the products. Name it and then add products. You must have images of the products which are being added in the catalogs.

How to edit, rename, or delete a catalog.

Select the specific catalog and then tap on the “Action” at the bottom of the screen. Here you can do everything concerned with catalogs such as addition, creating subcategories, editing, renaming, or deleting. Also, you may hide a particular catalog.


The Services tab tells the services being offered to the sellers.

  • You may create different shareable catalogs for the various products.

  • You may add or manage your staff members here and assign them limited or full access as per the role.

  • You may checkout the inquiries and orders placed by the customers. Also, orders and inquiries from the customers can be answered as per their requirements.

  • You may offer discounts to your customers by offering a promo code for a limited period of time.

  • Sellers can explore the whole statistics report of the products or catalogs. You can see the number of visitors who viewed your products. You instantly receive a notification whenever someone is going through or checking out any of the products on your online store on Bikayi.

  • Bikayi offers ready to use free images for several grocery may add them in your catalog if you don’t have your own images of that product.

  • See the reviews of the customers or you may ask for a review.

  • Online payment, COD everything can be set in Order settings which are meant for checkout settings, pay mode, delivery terms, etc.

  • Business settings meant for adding the logo of your store, your business details (address, GST, Email, etc), privacy and return policy, and a small bio about your business.

  • You may link your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram pages to your Bikayi online store.

  • You may offer customers to order on Whatsapp.

  • Using Theme settings sellers can edit fewer things for a free account. If you want to manage your theme further as per your interest then you can upgrade to VIP where you will get a theme builder that facilitates changing your theme simply using drag and drop method.

  • Bikayi app also offers Premium services through which you can explore branding and other services. These additional services help sellers to take their business to another level.

Who can use or register in the Bikayi app?

Anyone who is selling something can register their business on the Bikayi app. All types of businesses can be listed here. Any shop owners (Kirana shop, Medical shop), online sellers -resellers, service providers, and the one who is doing dropshipping can open their online store on Bikayi.

Bikayi customer care number

In case of assistance, you may contact them in several ways mentioned below.

  • Whatsapp chat is the preferred way to contact for help.

  • For Live support from Bikayi, you may call on Phone: 080471 89960.

  • You may also do Live Chat from the app.

  • Email on or

Tap on the Help (?) tab on the bottom-right corner and you will have the above-listed contact support ways. Select the desired one and continue to resolve your issues.

Also, read How to register the Jio Mart app?.


Overall Bikayi app is a good app to create your online presence. This is very easy to use and loaded with so many useful features for free that anybody can easily create an online store from scratch.

Information videos are already present in the app to serve the knowledge and help sellers for the successful journey of their business on Bikayi. Also, Bikayi customer care present through various ways to resolve the issue arise if any.

Have you ever used Bikayi app, if yes then what is your review?

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Vehicle or Car leasing in India

Vehicle or car leasing in India

Buying a car is everyone's dream but many times people are unable to fulfill their desire of owning a car due to lack of money so here the concept of vehicle leasing comes forward to help them to own a car of their interest without buying. Nowadays approximately all the car companies offer cars on lease.

Car leasing companies are giving people a chance to become car owners even without buying.

Vehicle or car leasing means you get the vehicle or car without buying for a fixed period at payment agreed between buyer and seller. This is advantageous for both parties.

Vehicle car leasing companies in India

Many car companies have started this car subscription program which means car leasing.

Under this program, neither maintenance cost nor insurance cost will be paid from the customer. Also, there is no need to pay down payment either.

Customers only have to pay the car subscription amount set for the particular vehicle and return the vehicle after the subscription duration expires.

The year 2020 is known for the pandemic caused by Coronavirus and several changes seen in our lifestyles due to this virus.

customers are shifting from public transport to personal vehicle and they are in search of a pocket-friendly solution that will not be a burden financially. So here the car subscription helps that enables customers to own a car for certain duration.

Vehicle/Car leasing companies in India:

Nowadays most car companies such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Honda are providing cars on the lease as a part of the Car subscription program.

Here I am listing a few of the well-known car leasing companies in India.

  • Zoomcar - It is a well-known car rental company in India which provides service in most of the locations in our country.

  • Avis Lease - This is operating in 170+ countries including India. This is working in India for more than 16 years and this is established as one of the top car or vehicle leasing companies.

  • - This is also like Zoomcar which services in 22+ cities across India for renting the car.

  • ALD Automotive India - They provide car rental services in 280+ locations across India.

  • SMAS Auto Leasing India - This is Japan's leading car leasing company providing commercial vehicle and car rental services in several cities of India.

How to lease a car?

You can browse any of the websites mentioned above for your requirement and continue with the offer given online otherwise you may visit the nearest car dealer or the showroom and do inquiry as per your interest.

Suggest going through each and every aspect of the car subscription program which might affect you financially and do not forget to discuss the below-mentioned points with the dealer or the car rental companies.

What should you know before leasing a car?

Before signing the contract for leasing a car you must check out the below things with the dealer:

  • What is included in the car or vehicle subscription such as annual usage of the permitted kilometer, road rax, car usage cost, insurance coverage, registration cost, and maintenance cost?

  • Be aware of the maintenance details being offered in the subscription.

  • What if the customer ends the lease early i.e. can you return the car early before the leasing duration expires?

  • The on-road or road-side assistance or support offered by the company.

  • Is there any lock-in period? It means the period, during which the customer can't cancel the subscription.

  • What are the charges if damage occurs due to the mishandling or negligent driving.

  • What will happen in case of car theft or accident?

So you inquire about everything you need to clear all your doubts and get yourself packed with the required details for a better leasing experience and no frustration later.

Have you ever driven a car on the lease? If yes then plz share your experience here and you are most welcome to add value to this post by including your tips for leasing.

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Places to visit near Shirdi within 100 kms

Places to visit near Shirdi within 100 km

You are in Shirdi, done with Sai darshan, and took his blessings. Now you have ample time which you can use to explore other nearby places and add them to your tour diary. Here I will explain a few places within 100 km from Shirdi.

sai baba samadhi temple in shirdi

By the way, there are several places to visit in Shirdi near to Sai Samadhi temple such as Dwarkamai, Museum, Saiteerth, Wet n Joy Water Park, etc. But you are looking something different from these then you may have a look at this article and find out your next destination after Shirdi. Shirdi is well routed with these places which impart better and comfortable transport.

Shani Shingnapur Temple

Shani Shingnapur located at 80 km from Shirdi approximately 2-hour duration is famous for Lord Shanidev. People landing in Shirdi for Sai baba’s darshan also visit this temple and take Lord Shani’s blessings. It is believed that Shani Shingnapur is protected by Lord Shani and this village is free from the act of theft.

shani shingnapur near shirdi within 100 km

You can book any car or mini traveler bus from Shirdi. During the 2 hours of drive you will witness the natural beauty of the villages on the way.


Nashik, situated at 80 km distance from Shirdi, is a pilgrimage city and well known for several temples and its connection with Ramayan. Most of the devotees or tourists visiting Shirdi also drive through Nashik to as an additional tour nearby.

panchvati in nashik near shirdi within 100 km
Panchvati in Nashik

If you have your own vehicle then it is best but if you don’t have one then you will find several buses at regular intervals from the Shirdi bus stop. Also, you may hire a cab from any of the travel agents near to the Samadhi temple.

Trimbakeshwar Temple, Panchavati, Saptashringi temple in Vani and Muktidhaam are few famous temples in Nashik for tourists.

Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and holds major importance for several types of Pujas being done here.

Panchavati is the place where Lord Ram, Laxman, and Sita stayed during their exile period as mentioned in Ramayan.

To explore the above-mentioned temples in Nashik, you need a complete day for comfortable travel throughout the city. If it is a seasonal period then you might face a huge crowd and a full day won’t be sufficient to visit all these temples in a day.


Saputara is a small hill station lying on the border of Nashik and Gujarat. The travelers from cities of Gujarat like Surat will pass through this beautiful hill station so this may be one of the places to visit near Shirdi. The distance between Shirdi to Saputara is more than 150 km so this won’t be a traveling option for the devotees coming from cities other than Gujarat.

saputara hill station

Whenever we will find any other places to visit near Shirdi within 100 km this post will be updated with more options and if you have come across any venue other than above mentioned then please let us know through your comments.

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How to join The Kapil Sharma Show online

How the audience can join The Kapil Sharma Show online

The Kapil Sharma Show aka TKSS is a very popular comedy show in India as well as many other countries. This is the show where the audience also plays a major role in creating content. There are several humorous scenes that are based on the audience where few of the members interact with the host Kapil Sharma or the guests arrived at the show.

Many viewers and fans of the show are interested to become part of the audience during the shooting of the show and they always try to find the passes or tickets of the show. Please note there are no charges for being part of the show as an audience. But now due to corona and social distancing viewers won't be able to visit the set so you may join this show online and find here the steps.

how to go in kapil sharma show as an audience

Since this is the corona period and we all are locked down to a limited and essential phase. Corona era asks us to follow social distancing and does not allow us to create or become a part of any crowd so the shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show is being done with limited or without the audience.

Due to social distancing, they can’t invite viewers to be a part of the show but TKSS is incomplete without an audience so here is the catch. Kapil Sharma, the host of the show, has invited the viewers to participate in this show online.

Yes, online participation of the audience in The Kapil Sharma Show. Now I will tell you how to do it.

How to participate in The Kapil Sharma Show online as an audience

  • To participate or enter the show as an audience, you have to make a short introduction video (15-20 seconds approximately) of yourself where you have to mention your name, age, city, and profession or the work you do.

  • Once ready, post this video on your Instagram account while tagging the Kapil Sharma Instagram account (@kapilsharma) and also @tkssaudience Instagram account.

  • If you are the selected one then the team of TKSS will contact you and you can do a live chat with them and all this online conversation will be streamed in the episode of the show. This way you can enter or visit The Kapil Sharma Show online as an audience while sitting at home.

Now you might be thinking about what type of video you should make so that you are one of the selected participants for live chatting?

Think about it, this is a comedy show where they need those people who can create humor anyhow by their words, actions, or expressions. So express yourself in the best way and become the personality who will be participating in the show to entertain the viewers.

Earlier in 2019, the TKSS team invited the viewers of the show in a different way, and now maintaining the social distancing online participation is encouraged. So what are you waiting for? Make your videos and follow the above procedure to join The Kapil Sharma Show online.

Credit: A video post from Kapil Sharma Instagram account

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

How to get Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card and its benefits

Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card

Patanjali has started the Swadeshi movement long years back and always promoted and emphasized on using Swadeshi or Indian things to strengthen the economy of India as well as Indian culture. Patanjali Samriddhi Card is part of this swadeshi movement and this is equipped with lots of benefits for the customers.

patanjali samriddhi card
How to get Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card (image source: Patanjali website)

This is a card which you need to recharge with an amount which will be used for purchasing Patanjali products from Patanjali stores only.

Anyone can register for Patanjali Samriddhi Card and avail for up to 10% discount on Patanjali products purchased from any Patanjali exclusive stores such as Chikitsalaya, Megastore, or Arogyakendra. There are also several benefits for customers that will be listed in this post.

How to get Patanjali Samriddhi Card?

You may get or buy Patanjali Samriddhi Card from any of the Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Megastore, or Arogyakendra.

The procedure is very simple. Visit the venue and ask for the Samriddhi card, rest will be guided by the executive at the desk.

Also, you may buy this card online through the official website of Patanjali. But you have to visit one of the Patanjali exclusive stores to activate and recharge the card for further usage.

The card is activated by recharging it with Rs. 500 (first time) which will be used for purchasing Patanjali goods from the store. You need to pay a one-time membership charge of Rs. 100 for the card.

Patanjali Samriddhi Card Benefits

  • Customers with Samriddhi card can avail up to a 10% discount on Patanjali products bought from Patanjali stores, chikitsalaya, or arogyakendra.

  • Customers get a certain amount of cashback called “Samridhi Nishtha Rashi” after recharging your card with a specific amount which can be confirmed form any of the Patanjali stores, chikitsalaya, or arogyakendra.

  • Patanjali Samriddhi Card is backed with life insurance benefits. The card holder’s nominee will be given Rs. 5 lacs in case of death of the cardholder.

  • Also, the cardholder will be benefitted from the amount Rs. 2.5 lacs in case of permanent disability caused due to an accident if the customer purchased Patanjali products worth a minimum of Rs. 6000 in the last 6 months. Other terms and conditions will be applied as per the scheme.

  • If the cardholder is a Military/Paramilitary or Police personnel and he died during any terrorist incident then this will also be covered under life insurance and financial assistance will be served as per the scheme.

  • Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card can also be used to pay online for purchasing Patanjali products from their website.

Swadeshi Samridhi Card app

  • Swadeshi Samridhi Card app also developed through which you can recharge your card and monitor your transactions (recharge, purchase, cashback, and balance).

  • This app also helps to make purchases without a card. You can pay just by scanning QR code at Patanjali exclusive stores.

  • You can block or unblock your card through this app. Also, you are capable to change transaction PIN through this app.

  • Visit their website at for more details of this card.

In short, buy Swadeshi Samridhi card, recharge, activate, use it while purchasing Patanjali products from their stores or online website, and contribute to raising the economy of Independent Bharat.

If you are seeking for help regarding Samridhi card then you may contact through below supports.

Customer support number - 18001804108

Email -

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Find out Chinese apps alternative in India

Chinese apps alternative in India

Amid this corona crisis, India is also facing some LAC issues on India-China border and this has generated anger in every Indian citizen and we are all geared up to boycott Chinese apps and products. Already many have uninstalled Chinese apps from their phone and others are ready to do it and at the same time, they all are looking for alternatives to Chinese apps.  So let’s find out the solution and read further. Here I will explain the easiest way to find out the Chinese apps in your phone and replace them with similar alternative apps originated from India or a country other than China.

How to find out Chinese apps in your phone and replace with alternative apps

A few days ago there was an app called “Remove China apps” which used to detect Chinese apps in your phone and then you would remove or uninstall them in a click. Indian people found it favorable and installed it to identify and remove all the apps from country China. Unfortunately, that was removed from the Google play store by referring certain policy violation but no worries recently I came across few more Indian applications which help to find out the china apps in your phone and also suggest the best options or alternative for them.

1. Replace IT

This app is developed by an Indian citizen especially to support “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and it promotes Indian apps. This app is capable to scan and remove apps from China, as well as give any information about each product that comes from China or belongs to the Chinese company. Thus you may also find out the origin country of any product by scanning the product barcode.

Chinese app alternative in India
Replace IT app suggesting Chinese app alternative in India

After opening the Replace IT app, you have “scan non-Indian apps” on the top. Clicking here will give you a list of all the Chinese apps installed on your phone. Once you select a particular app to delete or uninstall it suggests the best replacement apps for that app which you can install with just one click.

Also, it is a way more useful in finding the popular Indian apps in all categories like browser, dictionary, education, file sharing, games, music streaming service, news, photo editor, scanner, shopping, social media, tools, travel, video conference and video streaming service.

It has one more tab dedicated to “Other useful apps” in different categories where you may find out several useful apps which are originated from a country other than China.

How to find out the origin country of any product?

Each and every product is assigned with a barcode containing all the details concerned with the same. Replace IT app gives you the option to scan the product barcode and find out the origin country of the product. This way you are capable to know about the country of any product and you may refrain yourself from spending money on Chinese products.

2. Bleave –Better apps for Android

Bleave is an app that helps to detect, remove, and replace the existing applications in your phone with the better alternative apps available for your gadget. But it cannot remove or uninstall the system applications which are pre-loaded in your device. This is only available for Android devices and you may download it from Google play store.

Chinese app alternative in India
Bleave app suggesting Chinese app alternative in India

After downloading when you open this app you will see a list of all harmful Chinese apps installed on your phone. Click on replace. You will have a list of better alternatives for the app. Now you can proceed as per your choice and requirement. Install the better alternative for you and remove the Chinese app.

The most important point is, both the applications are “Made in India”.

Concluding words

While our Indian soldiers are combating with Chinese soldiers on the border we Indian civilians are ready to answer China with wallets instead of the bullet. We all know there is a vast range of Chinese investment in our country so we Indians play an important in the fight against China.

Let’s contribute to the success of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” the vision of our PM Modi by adopting Indian products and being vocal for local. Remove Chinese apps from your phone find the top alternative Indian apps from the above applications Bleave and Replace IT. Buycott Chinese products and adopt local ones.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

How to sell Oriflame products and earn 100 BP every month

How to sell Oriflame products and earn 100 BP every month

After joining Oriflame every consultant tries to find new ways to sell their products and complete 100 BP every month to qualify the next level and achieve the rewards associated with it. For me, this is not an easy or practical job to buy products worth 100 BP only for yourself every month but you have to do it somehow if you are dedicated enough for performance discount amount and other rewards.

how to sell 100 BP oriflame products
Sell 100 BP Oriflame products (Image source:

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Here I will discuss a few ways which you can follow to complete 100 BP of Oriflame.

1. Buy a few products for yourself:

Being an Oriflame consultant you have to buy these products for you. This is not a compulsion imposed by Oriflame but if you have tried and tested Oriflame products then only you can offer these products to your customers in a better way because you have your own experience about Oriflame.

Also if you are interested to complete 100 BP of Oriflame then you have to buy a portion of this for yourself because practically speaking you won’t find lots of customers every month who will order these products.

Since these are cosmetic products so repetition of buying these products is very less except wellness products.

You may order essential goods such as soaps, creams, deodorant, body lotion, lip balm, etc for you. You may replace current brands with the Oriflame.

2. Collaborate with nearby beauty parlors/salon

  • Try to connect and collaborate with several nearby beauty parlors who already have a customer base and there you can sell Oriflame products.
  • Now why the parlor or salon will entertain your business? Because you will share a percentage of profit you make by selling through the parlor or salon.
  • Also if you are interested in making Oriflame points (BP) only and you are receiving enough orders from salon then you can share the whole profit of the sold product through them which will encourage your partner to find more and more orders for you.
  • Sharing of profit totally depends on your connection and bond with the salon personnel with whom you are making business. I suggest being straight forward and very much clear about your business terms with the parlor.
  • Oriflame offers several deals every month where the Oriflame consultants can buy a few high priced products at a much lower price if they suffice the required condition. So this is one more option to offer as a profit to your partner.

3) Try selling Oriflame products through online methods

To succeed in Oriflame you need to earn more and more BP (at least 100 BP every month) by placing orders. 100 BP is somewhat equal to Rs. 4500 and this is a big amount to place order for yourself monthly so you need more customers who will place orders for Oriflame products and contribute to raising BP.

Now, the question is how to find customers for Oriflame products?

  • I suggest being professional to sell Oriflame products online and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) is the best platform in today’s era.
  • Create a standalone Facebook account and a Facebook page dedicated to Oriflame. Keep on posting the regular posts related to Oriflame current month catalogue, offers and deals presented every time by Oriflame.
  • You may offer an additional discount from your side by deducting your profit margin sometimes so that it helps to raise the sale and points.
  • Same thing you may follow in other social media platforms also. You just try to engage your customer with your interesting and profitable social posts and it will surely work out.
  • There are several Buy/Sell Facebook groups where the members have selling opportunities to a vast range of customers. You need to find out the most genuine and reliable groups among the thousands of groups online.
  • You can also try Marketplace on Facebook where you can sell your products online in your nearby area. The marketplace can help you grow locally. It attracts a lot of local queries; you just need to convert it into the sale.

Clearing doubts of Customers about Oriflame

After exploring the Oriflame catalogue, most people conclude that these are expensive than the other brands available in the market, so why should we spend money on these?

- Explain your customer about Oriflame if they are not aware of it that this company create and offer high-quality beauty/wellness products which meet the highest standards of quality so it is likely to be a bit priced than the other brands. But still, you have a chance to grab these high-quality products at lower prices.

- Here you may showcase the huge discounts offered on several products and lucrative deals of the month where the customer is benefitted with the savings on their purchase. Comforting your customer, ask him/her to buy their favorite Oriflame products whenever the big discount is offered.

Download the current month catalogue here.

At last most important your dedication, patience, hard work, and sustainability is the key to success in Oriflame business. I wish you good luck and success.