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How to apply for Generic Aadhaar franchise?

Generic Aadhaar franchise application

Generic Aadhaar, the top Generic Medicine Franchise provider company, is founded by the youngest entrepreneur in the world Mr. Arjun Deshpande (16 years). This company aims to facilitate affordable healthcare for each and every consumer. They provide quality medicines at up to 80% lesser prices.

Generic Aadhaar, supported by honorable Mr. Ratan Tata, is set to expand its outlets countrywide. If you are one of those willing to partner with Generic Aadhaar and open its franchise then you can follow the steps below.

apply for generic aadhaar franchise
Generic Aadhaar franchise details

Generic Aadhaar franchise benefits

  • They provide 700+ medicines and you can earn higher margins/profit (i.e. 40%) on medicines.
  • End consumers may receive up to 80% discount on high-quality medicines.
  • Due to the lower medicine prices, customer grows rapidly.
  • They also provide cloud-enabled Billing/Inventory management software so that it helps you to run your pharmacy online as well.
  • Whether you already have a medical shop or you are interested to open a new one, you can apply for the Generic Aadhaar franchise or distributorship.

How to apply for the Generic Aadhaar franchise?

Here are the simple and easy steps to apply for the Generic Aadhaar franchise.

Visit Generic Aadhaar official website. There you will find the Business Opportunity tab. Click on it and you will see a form to become a franchise.

Fill up required details such as your name, mobile number, email ID, and city in the application form and send. After receiving your application, their representative will contact you to assist in the further process of the franchise.

You may also contact on below numbers or email IDs for the Generic Aadhaar franchise.

Generic Aadhaar franchise Cost

Generic Aadhaar retail franchise one time fees - Rs. 1 lac + 18% GST

You can download the Generic Aadhaar business opportunity brochure from their website and find out more details about it. Also, watch the embedded video on the same page for a better understanding of this business.

Contact for franchise details

You may follow below contact details of the Generic Aadhaar team for any query regarding the franchise.


Phone: 96533 73636/39


Corporate office address:

5th Floor, 505, Dev Corpora, Eastern Express Highway, Cadbury Junction, Service Road Khopat, Thane (West) : 400601, Maharashtra

Branch Office address:

Office 11, Amrut Dham, Manisha Nagar, Kalwa, Thane (West), Maharashtra

Contact: 9820493888 / 9833229888

Email: /

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Gayatri mantra meaning, significance, benefits and how to chant

Gayatri mantra meaning, significance, and benefits

Gayatri mantra is the most powerful mantra. It encapsulates the essence of Vedic wisdom and it helps us to awaken ourselves to reality. Here I will elaborate on the meaning of the Gayatri mantra and its significance and benefits.

First, let’s understand what is Mantra? 

Mantra is a sound vibration that infuses every cell of the body resulting in a calm mind. In Sanskrit, it is said  “मननात त्रायते इति मंत्रा (mananat trayate iti mantra)” means when you think about it repeatedly it will liberate your mind. Mantra chanting helps in increasing concentration.

Gayatri means "गायन्तं त्रायते इति गायत्री (gaayantam traayate iti gayatri)" the one who chants it, it liberates him.

gayatri mantra meaning benefits
Gayatri Mata

Gayatri mantra in Hindi

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो योनः प्रचोदयात्।

Gayatri mantra in English

Om bhurbhuvah swah tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodayat.

Now let’s understand the meaning of the Gayatri mantra.

Meaning of Gayatri mantra:

Gaytri mantra - ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो योनः प्रचोदयात्।

First, understand the word by word meaning in the mantra then we will get the Gayatri mantra meaning collectively.

Om - The primal sound

Bhur - the physical body/physical realm

Bhuvah - the life force/mental realm

swah - the soul / spiritual realm

TatSviturVarainyam – Adorable Sun, the creator/source of life (God)

Bhargo - the divine light or the destroyer of all sins

Devasaya - the divine one

Dhimahi - meditate

Dhiyo - the intellect

YoNahPrachodayat – may this light illuminate our intellect

So totally the Gayatri mantra meaning would be that we meditate upon the most adored supreme lord, the creator whose divine light illuminates all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). May this divine light illuminate our intellect.

In other words, The Sun, the most adorable one and divine being who illuminates 3 worlds/realms, may he so illumine my intellect that all good thoughts may come to me and I get the knowledge of this supreme reality.

Gayatri is personified as a five-faced Devi called Gayatri Devi. She is also called Ved Mata (the mother of all the knowledge). The Gayatri mantra has enormous benefits and blessings.

Gayatri mantra benefits/significance

  • Gayatri mantra is the mantra that opens the doors of wisdom for us and awakens us to reality.

  • 5 divisions of higher intelligence are Dhi (the spiritual heart), Medha (very bright higher intellect), Pragya (higher awareness), Dhriti (higher will), and Smirti (great memory). Gayatri awakens all these five faculties of intelligence.

  • By chanting the Gayatri mantra, you will find deep inner calmness and stability in your mind. It will remove obstacles from your path and your memory will be strengthened.

How and when to chant Gayatri mantra?

  • We should chant Gayatri mantra in the dawn and dusk periods when the surroundings are quiet.

  • It should be chanted 108 times preferably. Also, we can chant it 36 times in the dawn, 36 times in the noon, and 36 times in the dusk.

  • All the words in the mantra carry energy so it is better to chant the mantra with the proper understanding.

  • While chanting Gayatri mantra you should sit in a quiet place and proper straight posture to yield positive results.

  • If you can’t chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times then at least 12 times repetition of this mantra with the proper understanding in the mind should be done intensely.

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Best Youtube channel for hair and skin care (personal experience)

Best Youtube channel for hair and skin care (personal experience)

There are already so many Youtube channels and several new channels emerging every day but very few of them survive and establish their own brand. I am a frequent Youtube viewer/audience and I follow several channels in various categories. Here I will list out top/best youtube channel for hair care, skin care and beauty. This is based on my experience as an audience and I appreciate this YouTuber a lot as she add value in her viewer's life and so she deserves to be one of the best YouTubers.

top youtube channel for hair skincare

The best Youtube channel for hair and skin care - Preity प्रेरणा

Preity प्रेरणा, one of my favorite youtube channels. This channel started in last quarter of the year 2019 and it grew very rapidly. It provides DIY hair care, skincare, and other beauty-related videos. The owner of the channel is Prerna who is capable enough to engage her audience very well. I have tried her several hair-care and skincare videos and they worked just like magic.

Why I chose Preity प्रेरणा as the best Youtube channel?

There are several reasons.

  1. She gives complete information (root, cause, effect, and detail of each and every ingredient) in every video on the channel and the way she talks is very impressive. Skipping the video means missing the important information.

  2. There is so much positivity in her words that you believe in her words and you will definitely try her remedies.

  3. So many positive comments you will find there in the comment section and all these are her viewers/subscribers who are benefitted from her remedies. Happily, they share their story. I have never seen negative comments or maybe there is no such thing.

  4. I find her very genuine. She never creates promotional videos. She shares those things that benefitted her and they might be useful to the audience.

My journey with Preity प्रेरणा youtube channel

Now I will talk about my experience. I had a lot of hair fall due to which my hair became thin and very rough. I didn't like my hair at all. Earlier also I had seen many YouTube videos and tried them as well but they failed to keep me engaged with them.

Once, one of the Preity प्रेरणा's video popped in my Youtube feed, initially I ignored it but later ended watching her hair care video and immediately subscribed. I do not easily subscribe to any channel but yes, it convinced me to do it.

Prerna's positive words impressed me so much that I started following regular DIY haircare remedies for my hair and magic happened. My hair fall stopped, my hair has become very soft and shiny now. 

Following her words, I have stopped using my regular hair shampoo and started ayurvedic shampoo. The hair conditioner is out of my list now, I have not used any hair conditioner for the last 7 months.

Also I have white hair issue and now I am switching permanently to herbal hair color to avoid further damage from the hair colors available in the market.

I regularly apply one of the hair masks suggested by Prerana and they are all working wonderfully. My hair is healthier, softer, and shinier after I started following Prerana.

Most importantly, I have started loving my hair a lot and paying more attention to it than before. All credit goes to Prerna who motivated me for all this and provided value with the perfect video. Many many thanks to her.


If you are the one who is still struggling with the hair woes then I would suggest you to follow one of the videos from her channel related to your issue and see the magic yourself.

Her skincare videos are also good but I have used only 1 or 2 videos only (like DIY face wash) and they all worked for me.

The positive results after every remedy strengthens my faith in her again and again. This is the reason I am writing about her in my post today and I want everyone to get benefited like me.


This is not a promotional article and it is purely based on my opinion and experience. Whatever I observed and liked, I listed it here.

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How to make a Learning license online without visiting RTO

How to make a Learning license online without visiting RTO?

The government of India Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), has made some changes in rules related to the issuance of driving licenses. Online services are being offered through which the candidates can now apply online for a learning license and no need to visit the RTO for any LL test. Also, you can get your driving license without giving a driving test at RTO.

make learning license without going rto

Candidates can complete the required documentation submission without visiting the Transport Office. Let's see how.

Apply for a Learning license online

Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa which is meant to deliver better services (Vehicle Registration, Driving License related activities, etc) to the transport department and citizens transportation.

You can see license-related services on the top. For learning license application, click on Drivers/ Learners License. A new tab of Parivahan Sarathi opens where you have to enter your state.

After state selection there you see various options, click on Apply for Learner License. It takes you to the instructions for learning license application submission. There are different stages through which your learning license application gets submitted. Here you are first time applying for a Learning license, continue with the process.

When you reach Authentication with eKYC page, there you have two options, one is Submit via Aadhaar Authentication and another one is Submit without Aadhaar Authentication.

get learning license without going RTO

On the same page, it is clearly stated that applicants using Aadhaar authentication can take the LL Test from their home or any preferred location, no need to visit RTO. Successful applicants can download their Learner License.

And an applicant without Aadhaar needs to visit RTO Office for document verification. LL Test can be taken at home or any preferred location.

If you choose the authentication via Aadhaar then you can finish all the application procedures from home only otherwise you have to go to the RTO for authentication purposes.

How to get Driving License without visiting RTO?

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) notified new rules to the accredited driving training centers which will equip the training centers in such a way that those will be able to train the candidates in a much better way. The eligible centers providing high-quality driving training will be capable to conduct the test and the successful candidates in this test need not visit the RTO for the driving test for the license.

But it may not be available throughout the country and in some states, the candidates may have to visit RTO for a driving test.

You can finish all the Driving license application submission procedures online through the Parivahan Sewa website and if you have passed the test in the driving training center (if applicable in your state) then you won't be asked to book a slot for the DL test.

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Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi card affiliate program details

Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi card affiliate program details

Patanjali is set to expand more with the Swadeshi Samriddhi card affiliate program. Recently Baba Ramdev through this Youtube video announced to register 100 crore+ Samridhi card users. Also, he launched an affiliate program for the Swadeshi Samriddhi card users that if any persons who registered himself or herself as a Swadeshi Samridhi cardmember and then registers more persons as Samriddhi card member then he/she will receive a commission of Rs. 100 per person.

Patanjali Swadeshi samriddhi card

As per Baba Ramdev's statement in the video, in this pandemic where thousands of people are getting unemployed, this is a good opportunity for them to earn an extra amount in online or offline mode.

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If you are a member of the Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi card yourself and you refer people to become Samriddhi card members and they join with your referral code then you will get Rs. 100 per person. This earning opportunity is available to everyone who is a member of the Swadeshi Samridhi card. Your mobile number will be your referral code through which others will join so that you are eligible to receive a commission for each registration.

Those who succeed in registering up to 1000 cards will receive additional gifts worth Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lacs from Patanjali on the basis of their performance.

Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi cards can be made online as well as offline. For online registration, you need to visit You can buy cards from there but recently I checked it did not proceed further for card registration but it redirects to the homepage of the same website. Maybe something wrong with their own website system or it may not be updated for the same.

In the offline method, you have to visit the nearby Patanjali store and there only you finish all the registration process. Find the people who are ready to join, collect the form for the Samriddhi card from the Patanjali store, fill up the forms and submit those forms there themselves.

I also checked with Patanjali stores near to me, enquired about the Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi card affiliate program and they said nothing is updated till now. They still have old forms for registration which has no referral code. Let's see if it gets updated or enrolled practically in near future.

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Download Avon August 2021 brochure pdf for UK

Avon August 2021 brochure in pdf for the UK

Find here all the Avon brochures 2021 in pdf form only for United Kingdom (UK). If you belong to any country other than the UK then you may find your Avon from this link and locate your country. This post will be updated every month and a new Avon catalog/brochure will be added regularly throughout the year 2021.

Avon August 2021 brochure pdf for the UK

avon august 2021 brochure uk pdf

Download Avon August 2021 brochure pdf for the UK

Avon July 2021 brochure pdf for the UK

avon july 2021 brochure uk pdf

Avon June 2021 brochure pdf for the UK

avon june 2021 brochure pdf uk

Download Avon June 2021 brochure pdf for the UK

How to shop Avon in the United Kingdom (UK)?

The above brochure elaborates all the deals being offered this month. To shop any of the Avon products you may visit their official website - Otherwise, you have another option of buying products through Avon representatives. 

If you know an Avon representative then you may ask them to share their latest updated dedicated online Avon store link where you will find the latest Avon brochure and other lucrative deals in August 2021. Here I am sharing the link of an Avon representative online store, here you will find the latest brochures like AVON August 2021 brochure, Avon Men's brochure, and August Bonus brochure in digital form.

On the other hand, if you do not know any Avon representative then you may click on "Shop with a Rep" on top and it will take you to a page where you can find the representative in your city/area, contact them and proceed for shopping.

Also, explore Avon brochure in India, South Africa and Philippines if interested.

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Misal destinations in Nashik with activities for kids

Misal destinations in Nashik with activities for kids

Misal pav is a popular food among Maharashtrians and they enjoy it very much. In this post, I will share the best places or restaurants for Misal in Nashik. Every weekend I try to find out new places for Misal pav where we enjoy few activities also along with our children. They are all at a distance within 20 km from Nashik road.

Misal places in nashik for kids

Silver Oak Misal

Promoting Agro tourism, this is located in the inner part of Adgaon, Nashik amid the lush green farm area all around. It takes around 30 minutes to reach here by car. It has an open dining area which gives you the wonderful experience of having food in nature. You will love eating here. This is dedicated to the Misal pav but few other limited snacks like Bhaji, Wada, etc also offered here to the visitors.

Misal is not the only thing, which attracts a huge crowd here. There are so many activities here apart from Misal that you can spend your half-day comfortably. Adults and kids both will enjoy these activities. Rope activities, rain dance, ropeway, tractor ride, boating, etc are the activities offered to the visitors, some of them are free and some are chargeable.

Due to the large crowd on weekends, sometimes there is also a long waiting line. During that waiting period, you may enjoy the activities backside of the restaurant.

Silver oak misal in nashik

Watch the video here.

Grape Embassy

Grape Embassy is situated in Gangapur road, Makhmalabad area in Nashik. This is a unique grape roof restaurant that serves Misal pav under grapevines. Eating misal at a grape farm is a great experience and you will surely enjoy your meal here. During the grape season, they provide two types of grapes (black and green) in the Misal pav plate instead of sweets. Sweets you can order separately.

There are a lot of activities behind the farm for free. We can swing, shoot with the ball, enjoy mini tractor rides, and do many things. A family picnic can be enjoyed here. When we visited here, due to the huge crowd, we could not find a place to eat under grapevines, so we asked the staff for a backyard service and they agreed. We celebrated our picnic at the same place. Misal lovers, you must visit this place.

grape embassy misal in nashik

Aamchi Maati Aamchi Manas

This is located in the Deolali camp area at a 3.5 km distance from Nashik road. You will reach here in just a few minutes. This is Curry Leaves affiliated restaurant and comprises various interesting activities.

The location of the restaurant is not in the farm area but this is properly surrounded by various trees and successful enough to give a village theme. You will also find several other types of food here along with Misal pav.

Apart from food, there are several activities to explore. Adults and kids both will enjoy this place. There is a mini garden for the children with a few rides and swings. Also, there are some animals including an Ostrich which attracts the visitors. There are 2 or 3 games where you can play and win some gifts. Cricket net area where adults can play cricket and this is chargeable. I love the Cheekoo farm along with seating arrangements, cottages, and statues behind the restaurant. Here I enjoy my tea after having Misal.

You can easily enjoy your 2-3 hours along with family and friends.

aamchi mati aamchi manas misal nashik

Sadhana Misal

Sadhana misal is a popular destination for misal pav in Nashik. Situated in Gangapur road, it takes around half an hour to reach there from Nashik road. This is crowded most of the time and sometimes you may have to sit and wait for your turn. The crowd is well managed by the staff. There are so many activities where you can spend your free time. Kathputli dance, bullock cart ride, horse ride, swing are some of the activities which keep you entertained.

This is famous for Misal pav but here you will get other types of food items also. Their Jalebi is very tasty, dipped in jaggery syrup instead of sugar syrup. The village theme of the restaurant is loved by everyone.

sadhana misal in nashik

Mamacha Mala

Mamacha mala is a farm restaurant located in Matori village (Khandesh and Northern Maharashtra region) at 18 km from Nashik road. This is situated in the inner region of the village and promotes Agro tourism.

Misal pav is the specialty here. The village, farms, trees, camel ride, well, the shade under the trees (for seating), horse ride, etc you will see here. Floor seating available for dining.

Kids can enjoy in the play area and jumping bounce attached beside. I liked visiting the farm behind and it's nice to spend time here. It is advisable to visit this place in the morning as soon as possible because afterward, it is very hot when the sun is upon the head.

mamacha mala misal in nashik

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In my opinion, all the above-mentioned places are very good for having Misal Pav along with your family and friends where you will also enjoy several activities along with children and have a wonderful weekend. Their Misal prices are within Rs. 100 and there is not much difference among them.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Natural hair color Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi review

Natural hair color Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi review

Due to the wide range of white hair, I regularly apply hair color. I have tried several things on my hair for coloring such as henna, various chemical hair colors, indigo powder, Greynil herbal hair color but never tried black henna. This time I thought of trying it once and I bought Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi from the nearby store. Here I will share my honest review of this black henna (kali Mehendi).

Khadi Shuddha black mehendi review

About Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi

It comes in a 100 gms package and the box contains 5 pouches of 20 gms black henna. It costs Rs. 150 for 100 gm pack. This is GMP certified and KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) approved.

Packet says

Revealing everything about Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi the packet itself says, this is a 100% natural hair color and it is Ammonia-free. If it is applied regularly then it keeps hair black and covers grey (white) hair. If there are some issues like dandruff or lice then they will be cured.


Ingredients are Henna powder, Amla powder, Brahmi powder, Shikakai powder, Bhringraj powder, aloe vera, Hibiscus powder, Para Phenylenediamine (also known as PPD), and preservatives.

Please note, they claim to be 100% natural but it contains PPD, a very toxic chemical, so it is equivalent to any other hair dye in the market. Please do not misunderstand the black Mehendi same as herbal hair color. Applying only henna on your hair is far better than this kali Mehendi.

Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi review

I had to do only touch up so I used just 2 pouches (20 gms*2) of henna.


I prepared the henna paste as per the instructions given in the packet. It says simply mix the black henna with water (to make a smooth paste) 20-30 minutes before applying it to hair. I mixed it and kept it for 1 hour then applied it to the hair.


The mixture was not very smooth. The spread of the mixture is very rough on hair. I kept this henna paste on my hair for 2 hours and then washed it with only water. I did not do shampoo as henna needs time to develop in a darker tone. 

After wash experience

After wash, I saw that my hair became very dry and frizzy. They were so tangled that I could not comb them. I let my hair dry, applied hair oil then somehow I was able to comb. It was so rough and dry hair and this is the time when you decide not to apply henna anymore.

khadi shuddha black mehendi review

Shade developed with black henna

Now, what about the color shade developed on white hair. I wanted coverage for white hair and it was somewhat satisfactory. It was not black but it was somewhat close to brown shade. If you see from a distance then you can say the color is developed perfectly and you can't differentiate between the naturally black hair and grey hair which now turned to brown after coloring.

When you see closer then you will find out that it is not darker tone but a tint of brown shade has covered the white hair. Anyway, this is fine with me.

I kept the hair oil for 2 days and after 48 hours I washed my hair with shampoo. After shampoo, I expected the tone will fade away but you can see the hair there is no much difference in the tone.

Let me tell you one thing that this color fades with every wash and does not last long.


Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi gave me the perfect brown shade I wanted but it made my hair dry and frizzy so I have to apply some natural mask (such as flaxseed gel or egg) immediately which makes my hair manageable. 

This was satisfactory and I was happy with the color developed but I do not recommend black henna to be used regularly for coloring your hair as it contains PPD. Frequent use of kali mehendi might be harmful to your hair. Natural henna would be the better option.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

How I fixed ads.txt error in Adsense account of blogger website

Finally, I fixed the ads.txt error on the blogger website

My other website which is hosted on blogger was approved by Adsense in November month of 2020 and after few days in December, I received the notification of ads.txt error. 

It said "Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid a severe impact on your revenue". Also, it was followed by the required solution to fix this error. I did everything as it was mentioned in the Ads.txt guide - Adsense Help to fix this issue. Like, I enabled "Custom ads.txt" and added ", pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0" (after replacing the pub number). After following the required fixing steps I had to wait for some days for the error to go away.

solution to fix ads.txt error in blogger adsense

I waited and kept on checking regularly to see whether it is gone or not. Ads were still showing but they were limited I think till the period the same error flashing on the Adsense account.

Days passed, weeks passed, and like this 4 months passed away but the ads.txt error was still there.

Along with this, I was facing one more issue in the Adsense Auto ad settings preview of the same website. It was "We can't preview this area of your page because it's in an IFRAME". Auto ads were not displayed in the body of the website due to this issue. I searched everywhere but found nothing that worked on it so I was thinking to change the theme of this website which might help to resolve the Auto ads iframe issue.

I was preparing myself to change the theme and then suddenly I found something that fixed both the issues mentioned above.

The solution to fix the ads.txt error and Auto ads iframe issue

While reviewing the Settings tab in Blogger I found that my website's non-www URL did not redirect to the www URL while I had enabled the "Redirect domain". I switched the setting ON to redirect domain while setting up the website in blogger initially but forgot to check whether it is redirected or not and here I made a mistake which led to various other issues I think. 

I am not sure about it, this is just my perception that it might be the direct or indirect possible reason for the various issues encountered in the Adsense account because when I solved this, it fixed everything in few hours. Ads.txt error was gone the next day and Adsense Auto ads settings preview was also showing ads in the body of the blogger website.

I have redirected the non-www URL of the domain to the www URL in blogger but did not add A records in DNS settings of the same domain in the domain provider's account (Godaddy in my case). So I followed an article in the Blogger help which is meant to set up a custom domain in blogger and entered the 4 A records as mentioned there. It redirected from non-www to www URL and yes it solved the iframe issue in Adsense Auto ads preview settings.

The next day I checked and the ads.txt error was gone. I was so happy and grateful that finally, I found the solution to all the issues at the same time.

If you are also one of them who has the same issue then you check your settings and treat it if required.


I am not a pro blogger and I do not write on blogging regularly but I have sufficient knowledge to run a blog successfully. I do not have the complicated reasoning behind all these issues and how this solution fixed all the errors at the same time. It worked for me so I wanted to let others know about this so that if they are falling under the same circumstances then they can also follow the same and fix their own issues.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Train travel during Covid 19 period - My experience

Train travel during Covid 19 period - My experience

It was March month of the year 2021. We are still living in Covid 19 period and following all the Corona guidelines sincerely. We had to travel from Nashik to Bhubaneshwar by train. So here I will share my experience of how it all went through the train while assuring ourselves safe from the Covid 19 virus.

train travel in covid 19 time in india

We have traveled by train several times for longer and shorter distances. Most of the time our train journey is 24+hour long. Usually, we travel in the 2nd AC and 3rd AC compartments. 

After we decided to travel from Nashik to Bhubaneshwar, I was a bit skeptical about the train journey. The crowd, sanitization, toiletries, etc, all made me think about whether this journey is safe or not for all of us.

train travel in covid time
Inside view of 2nd AC coach of the train during Covid 19 period

We booked our tickets easily for 2nd AC and this time I found that the prices were far more than the earlier prices before the corona period. On top of that, there is no provision (inclusion) of beddings due to Corona. Also, the curtains removed from everywhere.

Carrying our own beddings with us was a headache for me as we already had huge packing items. I was annoyed that we are paying more amount with no benefit buy I was wrong later I came to know.

On traveling day our train arrived at the perfect time and we boarded. I was happy that we had no waiting period on the platform. Immediately we left as arrived at the railway station.

Now I saw the railway station was not at all overcrowded as it used to be usually before Covid 19 and everybody on the platform wearing a mask. This was relaxing and satisfactory for me.

The inside story of the train in Covid 19

We occupied our 2 seats and settled ourselves. I scanned the whole compartment and saw that only half of the bogie (coach) was occupied by passengers and all the side lower and upper berths were vacant.

There were no curtains anywhere, no bedsheets, blankets, and no pillows.

train travel during covid in india

I found public sanitizer nowhere inside the bogie for passengers. Do not forget to carry your pocket sanitizer with you always and keep on using it regularly.

Food, tea, etc were being sold by railway to the passengers. Other than these other eatable items were also being sold by vendors.

Toilets and cleanliness remained same as it was earlier. I saw no difference here. Toilets stink after few hours. Cleaning members come at their scheduled time and clean the bogie.

The mask was worn by every railway staff but most of the time they used to slide down the chin.

In the 2nd AC, every compartment has 6 seats including side berths. During our train travel, I saw that every compartment accommodated a maximum of 4 persons only. Some of the compartments had 1,2 or 3 only and also a few remain unoccupied.

train travel in corona time

I think most of the people were avoiding train travel during Covid period, therefore, the bogies of the train are not completely full. Also maybe the side berths are not being booked to avoid too much rush in the AC bogies.

Whatever is the reason but we enjoyed our train journey this time as we owned the whole compartment for more than half of the travel period. Overall our journey was okay and went off smoothly.

The only problem is carrying bedding, this is extra luggage but it's okay as it is only for our safety. After all, you are safer in your own kind of stuff.

Wear the mask, keep on sanitizing regularly and you will have a safe journey in Covid time.