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Panchavati – tourist attraction in Nashik


Panchavati holds major importance in Ramayana. This is the place where Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita stayed and spent a few years of their exile period. There are many places to visit in Panchavati and most of them are temples. Panchavati is not a one place tourist spot but there are several different parts around to look for at a walking distance. You do not need any vehicle to explore Panchavati but you can easily find and walk to all the temples nearby. While exploring Panchavati, you will see many small temples in each street. The infrastructure of the town is very old.
panchvati nashik

Location of Panchavati:

Panchavati is located at around 10 km from Nasik Road railway station. This is easily accessible by any vehicle. Park your vehicle in a spacious parking area near to the Ramkund and then start your exploration. Sacred Godavari River originated from Bramhagiri hill in Trambakeshwar flows through Panchavati.

The sightseeing in Panchavati:

  • Ramkund:

    Ramkund is a significant part of the Panchavati. This is the place where Lord Ram used to take bath when he stayed here. People come here for ash immersion (asthi visarjan) of their loved ones. People visiting Panchavati do not miss a holy dip in Ramkund. During Kumbhmela in Nasik, this place is congested as all saints and devotees come here to be blessed with the holy dip in Ramkund. On the banks of Ramkund, there are several small temples holding their own importance for a different reason. Sitakund and Laxmankund are also there close to the Ramkund.
    ramkund panchvati nashik

  • Kapaleshwar temple: 

    Kapaleshwar temple is very close to the Ramkund, just a few steps. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and this is the only temple where you will find no Nandi statue in front like in other Shiva temples. Here Lord Shiva considered Nandi his Guru, therefore, no statue of Nandi here as a guard.
  • Kalaram Temple: 

    This temple is devoted to Lord Ram. This temple is situated at 5 minutes walking distance from Ramkund and made up of black stones. Also the statues of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita are black in color hence the name of the temple is Kalaram temple. Black colored statue of Lord Hanuman is facing his Lord Ram just before the entrance of the temple. This temple is quite spacious.
    kalaram temple panchvati nashik
  • Goreram Temple: 

    In this temple the idols of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita are made of white marbles. Unlike Kalaram Temple this one is white in color hence the derived name is Goreram temple. This is located a few steps from Kalaram temple and smaller in size than Kalaram temple.
    goreram temple panchvati nashik

  • Sita Gumpha: 

    Sita Gumpha is situated very close to the Goreram temple. This is the place where Sita stayed during exile period and Ravana captured her from here only. There are 5 banyan trees around Sita gumpha and Panchavati name derived from these 5 banyan trees only. Panch means 5 and vat means banyan trees, hence Panchavati. You may enter Sita gumpha and visit statues of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita inside.
    sitagumpha panchvati nashik
  • Tapovan: 

    Tapovan is situated at 2 km distance from Ramkund in Pachavati. Here Laxman performed his penance and cut the nose of Surpanakha. There is nothing much for sightseeing. Godavari River flows through Tapovan from Panchavati. Two more sacred rivers merge here with Godavari River.
    tapovan panchvati nashik
  • Naroshankar temple: 

    The name of this temple is derived from its founder Naroshankar Rajebahadur. Seeking for the makeover and situated near to the Ramkund, this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.
    naroshankar temple panchvati nashik
There are many more other temples such as Laxmi Narayan temple, Balaji temple, etc which you can visit when traveling Panchavati in Nasik. What do you say, have you visited Panchavati and how was your tour here? 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Review of Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi – entry fee, timing and attractions

Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi

Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi is one of the hangout places for the travelers, tourists or devotees coming from a different region to the Shirdi during the summer season. I am from Nashik and here I will discuss my experience visiting this water park. Many people from Nashik city keep visiting this water park in summer season due to no availability of a big water park in Nashik. Shubham Water Park is the only water park in Nashik city which is spread over a limited area with no big rides. But I am sure small kids would love visiting there. For them that is okay but for adults one-time visit is sufficient. Let’s come back to the Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi and talk about it.


Wet n Joy Water Park is located at a distance of 2 km from the well-known Sai Samadhi temple in Shirdi and just opposite to the Sai Teerth – The spiritual theme park dedicated to Sai. This is easily accessible through any vehicle. Sufficient parking space available for 2 wheeler as well as 4 wheeler in front of the water park. One more branch of Wet n Joy available in Lonavala, Pune.

How to reach Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi from Nashik?

This is just 2 hours travel from Nashik so you may carry your own vehicle to visit the Wet n Joy water park in Shirdi. But if you do not have one still no worries.  There are numerous vehicles traveling to and from Shirdi at a regular interval, you may catch any of them from CBS, Nashik road bus station or Bytco point. I suggest leaving at 8:00 am so that you reach Water Park on time that is 10:00 am, the opening time. You may catch luxury sleeper buses too from Nashik road at 8:00 am heading towards Shirdi. They won’t cost you much.

Entry Fee, locker and costume charges:

Entry fee of Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi in 2019

  • Entry fee for adults – Rs. 900 per person
  • Entry fee for Children height 3’3” to 4’6” – Rs. 600 per person
  • Entry fee for Children below height 3’3” – Free

All these prices are inclusive of GST 18%.

We are visiting Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi consecutively for 3 years. The first time we landed here in 2017, then the entry fee was 750 including food. In 2018, the entry fee remained the same excluding food. The food was discounted from the entry fee. Now in 2019, GST 18% added and the total amount per person is 900. Food is not included in the entry fee.

Locker service

Locker service is available at Rs. 100.

Luggage room

Luggage room is available at Rs. 500.

Costume charges

Nylon costume is compulsory to enter in the pool or enjoy the rides. If you do not carry your own costume then you may get it here on rent. The condition of the costumes is satisfactory.

  • Costumes price for gents set: Rs. 100
  • Costumes price for ladies set: Rs. 100
  • Costumes price for kids: Rs. 50
  • Towel prices: Rs. 50

Get here swimming costumes for men, women, and kids before visiting water park.

A refundable deposit amount of extra Rs. 100 applicable for a locker, luggage room and adults’ costumes and Rs. 50 for kids costumes and towel.

Also, there are tubes available for kids on rent at Rs. 100 plus refundable deposit Rs. 100. If you want cap then you need to purchase it as they are not available on rent. Better you carry your own water kinds of stuff if you have already.

Water Park tub for kids

Timing of Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi: 

Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi is open from 10 am to 6 pm. All rides do not start at sharp 10 am because most of the people are engaged in booking tickets, being ready in nylon costumes and entering the water park. After 11 am all the rides start and till then (if you are ready and entered) you can enjoy the rain dance or play with water in the pool with your family or group.


Wet n Joy Water Park in Shirdi is widespread over a large area and spacious enough to accommodate various amazing rides and the crowd with ease. There are several different types of attractions for all age group to experience during your trip to this Water Park. Let me mention the attractions here:

  1. Lazy River: Long and twisted river through which you pass slowly on the tube enjoying the various scenario. This is super fun with the group. 
  2. Pendulum ride
  3. Cyclone ride
  4. Tornado ride
  5. Anaconda
  6. Cruseder
  7. Family river
  8. Funnel 
  9. Daredevil drop
  10. Freefall drop
  11. Multi racer ride
  12. Multiplay station
  13. Family ride
  14. Kids pool with kids ride
  15. Thunder wave pool
  16. Swing chair
  17. Rain dance

Find more detail of the rides from the Wet n Joy Water Park website.

We enjoyed all the rides here. Kids also do not lag behind to entertain themselves as they are provided with kids’ pool and small kids’ ride. You need to spend here full day to experience all the rides with ease. On Sundays the water park is crowded and I like visiting on Sundays only. There are few rides where singles are not allowed so you need to be with your partner to enjoy those rides.

Water quality of the water park:

Water being supplied here throughout the water park is not very clear but okay. This is a bit salty. When you are out of the water and dried well then you will notice a layer of white substance like salt all over your body and costume.

Staff and safety: 

Most of the staff personnel here are quite active and taking care of visitors.


Wet n Joy Water Park is equipped with Friends Restaurant offering various types of snacks and food items. Outside food is strictly not allowed inside. Taste of the food and snacks is okay. Seating arrangements are sufficient enough.

Washroom and Changing room: 

I found a washroom in a clean and hygienic state and I was happy to see it because I presume a dirty and sinking washroom at crowded places. The changing room was also clean and tidy enough.

Address and contact details of Wet n Joy Water Park:

Wet N Joy Water Park
Near Sun-N-Sand Hotel, Post: Nighoj, Taluka: Rahata,
Ahmednagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra. Pin- 423109
Phone: 9850586650, 9527640000/50000
If you have any query then you may clear it by contacting on above numbers.


Despite being a bit costly this time in 2019, overall it has been a nice experience every time we visit this water park and I will surely recommend Wet n Joy Water Park to the others. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

How to clean air conditioner at home for better cooling

how to clean air conditioner filter at home for better cooling

Clean air conditioner at home for better cooling

A few days back the air conditioner in my bedroom was not performing well and it was not cooling properly like before. We could feel the inefficiency of the air conditioner (AC). We were feeling the higher temperature though it was set at a lower temperature that is 18-degree cent. We bought it one year back and operated continuously for 2-3 months in the summer season and after that, it was not in much use when the monsoon started. We forgot or you can say missed servicing or cleaning of air conditioner filters. After one year when again the summer season arrived with annoying hot temperature then again we switched to the air conditioner (AC). Now the air conditioner was not cooling properly. Then we thought of cleaning air conditioner filters which might be clogged with dirt resulting in malfunctioning of the air conditioner. There are several reasons if air conditioner not cooling properly mentioned below.

Reasons for air conditioner not cooling properly

  • Dirty air filter clogged with dust blocking air flow.
  • Too high room temperature causing longer cooling process.
  • Improper circulation of air due to blockage (like curtain etc) in front of the air conditioner.
  • Open door or ventilation points in the room through which cold air is escaped. 

In our case, the reason for not cooling properly was clogged air filter with dust. So we followed the below procedure and cleaned the air filters.

How to clean the air conditioner at home for better cooling step by step:

  • Switch off the power of the air conditioner and remove the power cord from the plug.
  • Open air conditioner by lifting up the front panel from both sides.
    open lg air conditioner to clean
  • Check the air filter inside. It gets clogged with dirt which results in poor air circulation.
    dirty air filter
    Dirty Air Filter
  • Remove dirt from the air filter with the help of a brush. You can see the dirt coming out.
    cleaning air filter using brush
  • Once all the dirt is removed then clean the air filter with water.
  • Now the air filter is clean. Keep it for drying.
  • Cleaning the air filter is the major part of cleaning air conditioners for better cooling. Other than air filters there are various parts also (like an anti-allergy filter, plasma filter, 3M filter depending on the model type) which need to be cleaned from time to time. Refer the corresponding manual of the air conditioner for better understanding of these parts. 
  • Wipe air conditioner with a dry cloth or a blower to remove the dust or dirt from other sections.
  • Clean the back side of the outdoor unit which is clogged with dirt using forceful water. Avoid using water on the front side of the outdoor unit.
    clean air conditioner back side

We cleaned our air conditioner using this procedure and it helped. After cleaning, the air conditioner cooling is better like it was before. Maintenance manual says to clean the air conditioner air filter once in two weeks and now I will follow the same to avoid the poor cooling.

Have you experienced the same problem with your air conditioner? How did you tackle the problem of poor cooling?

Monday, April 8, 2019

Muktidham Temple – a tourist attraction in Nashik

Muktidham temple in Nashik

Muktidham is one of the tourists’ attractions in Nashik. This is located near to the Nashik Road Railway station and easily reachable. This is a spacious marble temple which embraced all Hindu deities together. The replicas of all 12 Jyotirlinga also found here. Since all the deities are there in this temple and visiting here means you attain MUKTI hence the name of the temple is Muktidham.  Enough space inside and outside of the temple where one can sit and unwind. You can discover internal harmony here. Pilgrims are offered reasonable accommodation in their Bhaktniwas Dharamshala behind the temple.

Also read Trimbakeshwar temple in Nashik.
Muktidham temple nashik
Muktidham Temple


This temple is situated in Bytco Point in Nashik Road at a distance of less than a kilometer from Nashik Raod railway station. This is the center point of Nashik road and easily accessible within 5 minutes from the railway station through any vehicle.

Muktidham Bhaktniwas or Dharamshala

Tourists looking for cheap accommodation in Nashik can check out this option once. It costs Rs. 400 to Rs. 550 per day depending on the room you pick for you. If you have to accommodate an extra person in the same room then an extra charge of Rs. 50 per person asked to pay. Booking is done after reaching there. They do not allow advance booking. You need to check out in 24 hours.
muktidham temple bhaktniwas dharamshala
Muktidham temple Bhaktniwas or Dharamshala

Shopping and entertainment near Muktidham temple, Nashik

  • Surrounding of this temple is crowded with street shops and street vendors offering different items to the visitors. What I like the most to watch out and shop here are Earrings. Yes, there are so many earring designs on the shops and ‘thelas’, that too at a very low price ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.60. Of course, there are other jewelry items too but I always look for earrings. I just cannot resist myself.
  • muktidham temple nashik
  • Nashik is famous for grapes, wine, and raisins (kishmish). Here raisins you get at the price around half of the price in the market. None of the tourists are back without kishmish. There are lots of vendors selling raisins in one line. All types of raisins like black, brown, sonaka, the small one, longer one, etc are available, pick your choice, test it and take it.
    kishmish market near muktidham temple
  • Somani garden and Mini fun land; these are two attractions where kids will enjoy their time. Somani garden also offers few rides and jumping bouncers for the kids. Mini fun land is a kid’s entertainment place where 9-10 rides are packed in a limited space. But this is good for small kids under 7-8 years. Horse riding also available there for short distance which costs Rs. 20 for around 300 meters.
    Somani garden near Muktidham temple
    Somani garden near Muktidham temple

    Mini Fun Land near Muktidham temple
    Mini Fun Land near Muktidham temple

Hotels and restaurants

Street foods are available beside temple offering pav bhaji, Chinese food, pani puri, dabeli, samosa, south Indian dishes etc. If you are not interested in street foods offered here then you may go to hotel Rasoi, Mathura, Orange Tree, and Grape City nearer to the temple. There are many hotels and restaurants near to the Muktidham temple. Just step outside and look out, you will find several hotels of your choice within walking distance.

Have you visited this place? If yes then would you like sharing your experience with us?

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How to vote in India during Lok Sabha elections 2019

How to vote in elections
Image source:

How to vote during Lok Sabha elections 2019

Lok Sabha elections 2019 are listed in seven phases and India is ready to vote and finalize their next PM. Be ready with your Voter ID card and pack yourself with the all the required details needed to vote during the Lok Sabha election period.

Are you ready to vote? What you need to know before voting?

  1. Voting/Election dates: Lok Sabha elections in 2019 are scheduled from 11th April 2019 to 19th May 2019 is seven phases and the results of the elections will be declared on 23rd May 2019.
    Phase 1 – 11th April
    Phase 2 – 18th April
    Phase 3 – 23rd April
    Phase 4 – 29th April
    Phase 5 – 6th May
    Phase 6 – 12th May
    Phase 7 – 19th May

    Visit the website of Election Commission of India for more details on elections.

  2. Be ready with your voter ID. If you are a registered voter then check or verify your name in Voter list or Electoral roll. If your name appears in Voter list or electoral roll then only you can vote. If you are a new voter and yet to register to vote then get yourself registered as soon as possible.
    Also read How to do online voter registration - New voter or shifted to another state.
    how to register and vote online
    Also if you are shifted or relocated to another state or constituency then change/update your address.

    How to check your name in Voter list?
    Online method: Visit National Voters’ Service Portal, enter your EPIC no. and search.
    Telephonic method (by calling): Call the Voter helpline 1950. Add your STD code before 1950.
    Telephonic method (by SMS): SMS <ECI> space <EPIC No> to Voter helpline 1950.

  3. The voter should be aware of the candidate who filed his/her nomination papers from a particular region. Visit here for the details of the candidates’ records.

  4. Find your polling booth where you will vote for your candidate. You may discover your polling booth online at, otherwise, you may call Voter helpline 1950 as you did for checking your name in voter list. Also, you may SMS <ECIPS>space<EPIC No> to 1950 to find your polling booth or station.

  5. Download Voter helpline app. This helps voters to find various information related to the election.
    voter helpline app

  6. What you need to carry for voting?
    Voters are not allowed inside the polling booth with a camera, mobile phone or any other electronic gadgets. Carry your recognized identity card for voting or polling. Anyone of the following will do:
    • Voter ID card (EPIC - Electors Photo Identity Card)
    • Passport
    • PAN Card
    • Driving License
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Service Identity Cards with photograph allotted to employees
    • Bank/Post Office Passbooks with a photograph
    • Smart Card issued by RGI under NPR
    • Pension document with a photograph
    • Health Insurance Smart Card 
    • MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee) Job Card
    • Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs

  7. Voting will be done on EVM-VVPAT so get some information on these machines.
    EVM - Electronic Voting Machine
    VVPAT - Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT)
Visit Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation for detail guide on voting.

So are you done with your preparation and ready to vote?

Monday, April 1, 2019

How to do online Voter ID registration – new voter or shifted to another state or constituency

Online voter ID registration in India

We all are ready to vote in this election and anyone here who missed to register to vote earlier or someone who turned 18 years now and became eligible to vote then he/she may follow the steps here for online voter registration in India and get yourself voter ID and vote for the better future of our country India.
The one who is relocated or transferred or shifted to another state, he/she can also change or update his/her constituency on the voter ID card as per the new address using the same procedure mentioned below.

Also read How to vote during Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

Eligibility for registration to vote in India: 

If you are an Indian citizen with an age of 18 years or more then you may apply for registration to vote in India. To vote in a particular area of the constituency, you must be a resident of the same.

How to register online for the voter ID card (Online voter registration)-step by step:

  1. Visit the website National Voters’ Service Portal  This is intended to help national voters of India and guide them for various procedures and education related to voting.
  2. Click on the “Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC- Form 6” as shown in the below image. It opens Form 6. This form is for the one who is registering to vote first time i.e. new voter and also the one who is shifted from a constituency to another constituency. 
  3. Now fill up Form 6 properly. Attach or upload the supporting documents required i.e. your passport size photograph, address proof and age proof and submit. The size of the supporting documents being uploaded along with Form 6 should not exceed 2 MB.
    • Anyone of the below age proof documents can be attached with the application:
      - Birth certificate
      - PAN card
      - Driving license
      - Indian passport
      - Aadhar card
      - Mark sheet of class 8 or 5 or 10 if the date of birth is mentioned on it.
    • Anyone of the below address proof documents can be attached with the application:
      - Indian passport
      - Driving license
      - Ration card
      - Bank Passbook or Kisan pass book or Post office passbook
      - Income tax assessment order
      - Rent agreement (it should be latest)
      - Water bill/telephone bill/electricity bill/gas connection bill on the same address. It may be on the name of the applicants or their parents.
  4. After submission, your application with the required documents will be verified and if everything goes well then your name will be added in the Voter list or Electoral roll and you will be notified.
  5. You may track your application status here by entering the reference id you get after submission of application.
  6. Once your name is added in voter list or electoral roll then you may find or verify your name here. Visit Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation for more information on voting.

Lok Sabha elections 2019 schedules and dates:

Lok Sabha elections 2019 are scheduled from 11th Apr to 19th May 2019 in seven phases for 543 constituencies and the election results will be declared on 23rd May’19.

Lok Sabha election dates for a total of 543 constituencies in 2019:

Phase 1 - 11th Apr
Phase 2 - 18th April
Phase 3 - 23rd April
Phase 4 - 29th April
Phase 5 - 6th May
Phase 6 - 12th May
Phase 7 - 19th May

Visit the website of Election Commission of India for more information on Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nashik

Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nashik

All over India, there is a total of 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and Trimbakeshwar is one of them. Trimbakeshwar is an ancient where numerous devotees visit throughout the year from different regions of India and abroad. Many of them land here for special puja vidhi such as Kaalsarp dosh nivaran, Mangal dosh nivaran, Pitra dosh nivaran, Narayan nagbali puja, Mahamrityunjay puja, Rudra Abhishek, etc. If you are in Nasik then you should not miss this place. Come and visit this holy place of Lord Shiva.
Trimbakeshwar Temple
Trimbakeshwar Temple


Trimbakeshwar temple is located at a distance of 40 km from Nasik Road railway station in Trimbak town of Trimbakeshwar tehsil in Nasik. Well connected by road, this is easily accessible through any vehicle. Several buses and private taxis also run frequently from various parts of the city to the Trimbakeshwar.

About the temple:

This temple is situated at the foothills of Bramhagiri mountain which is the origin of Godavari River or Gautami Ganga. Built by third Peshwa Balaji Bajirao this ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, manufactured of black stones in a spacious area.  Amazingly the jyotirlinga here in Trimbakeshwar is unique and different from all other jyotirlingas in other temples of Lord Shiva. There is no Shiva linga but a hole which has three stones of thumb shape at equal distance in the circular way of hole representing the three Hindu deities Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva hence the name of the temple is Trimbakeshwar.

Trimbakeshwar temple darshan and timing:

This temple is open from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm. Whenever you visit this temple you will find the crowd and long queues but you may finish visiting Trimbakeshwar temple within 1-3 hours depending on the day time you choose. During a festive season like Shravan month or another festival period, you may have to wait for 4-5 hours in long queues. VIP passes also available for quick darshan but that will also take time when the number of devotees increases. Cost for VIP pass- Rs. 200 per person.

Best time to visit Trimbakeshwar:

You can visit this temple throughout the year but I would suggest visiting this place in monsoon or winter season because in that period the weather is quite good and during the summer season you sweat like hell. During monsoon, with the lower cloud touching the mountain this is the place not less than a heaven. I just love it in the Monsoon.


Trimbakeshwar temple is surrounded by several small shops and restaurants nearby offering various religious books, CDs, toys, handmade decorative items, and veg food, etc. You will find devotees feeding grass to the cows wandering in front of the main entrance of the temple, this is considered auspicious deed. Street vendors offering a bunch of grass are skilled enough to turn devotees their customers and thus they make business.

Sightseeing near Trimbakeshwar temple:

  • Bramhagiri Hill:
    Brahmagiri Hill in trimbakeshwar
    Brahmagiri Hill
    This is the origin of Godavari River and a small temple built for Gangadwar on the peak of this mountain. Monsoon is the best period to visit this place as you will witness amazing natural beauty around. Clouds are embracing Bramhagiri hill with you, this is a wonderful experience there.  But beware of strong winds on the top of the hill. You will see huge crowd trekking Bramhagiri hill during the rainy season and enjoying the scenic beauty.
  • Kushavarta kund:
    kushavarta kund trimbakeshwar
    Kushavarta Kund
    Kushavarta kund, located at 5 minutes of walking distance from Trimbakeshwar temple, is a sacred pond through which Godavari River flows and goes ahead towards Panchvati. During Kumbhmela in Nasik Saints and other devotees take a holy dip or bath here in Kushavarta.
  • Street market near the temple:  There are several small shops near to the temple which deals in various handmade home decorative items and toys; you must have a look there. 

Have you visited this temple? If yes then share your experience with us. If planning for a trip to the Trimbakeshwar temple and have some queries then drop your questions here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How to get the entry in The Kapil Sharma show as an audience

take a selfie with the kapil sharma show tkss and become audience

About The Kapil Sharma show

The Kapil Sharma show is an entertainment program packed with several comedy actors to produce fun-filled performances to tickle audiences and viewers and make them laugh to the peak. There are so many quirky incidents which audiences enjoy a lot. Celebrities visit here for different reasons, the talkative show goes on with various comedy acts in between and they enjoy being here. Here sometimes the audience is also a part of the show and responsible to create humor. Many are looking forward to joining The Kapil Sharma show audience and watch the show live.

How to enter The Kapil Sharma show as an audience

2-3 days back I saw an advertisement during one of the programs in Sony Entertainment channel. This was the great comedian Mr. Kapil Sharma who was describing how one can enter in The Kapil Sharma Show as an audience. If you are interested to watch The Kapil Sharma Show live then you may follow these steps.

This is a very simple procedure, take your selfie with Kapil Sharma on Sony LIV app and post it on social media with #DrivetoTKSS. If you are selected among the participants then you are awarded a chance to watch The Kapil Sharma show Live. The procedure is mentioned below step by step.

  1. Download Sony LIV app on your phone. Sony LIV app is 50 MB in size and this is all about TV shows, movies, and Live sports online. 
    selifie with the kapil sharma show tkss sony liv app
  2. Go to the “The Kapil Sharma Show” page. This is available on the top, if you do not see it there then scroll down and you will find it in “Participate now” section. Click on it and land on The Kapil Sharma Show page as shown in this image.
    take a selfie with the kapil sharma show tkss and become audience
  3. There are 4 options to do. First- take a selfie with Kapil Sharma, second- fun poll, third- Prizes to be won and fourth- Send your message to Kapil through audio or video recording. 
  4. Here you are interested to watch The Kapil Sharma Show live so you need to go for “Take a selfie”.
  5. When you click on Take a selfie then your phone camera opens. Here you need to scan the logo of The Kapil Sharma show wherever you find. You may find this logo on TV, Laptop or any other phone screen.
    The kapil sharma show tkss
  6. When you scan the logo then a video of Kapil Sharma plays which is then followed by the selfie.
  7. While taking the selfie, your camera looks like this. 
    take a selfie with the kapil sharma show tkss and become audience
  8. There are different poses of Kapil Sharma with whom you can click your own selfie. You can reverse the camera for rear or selfie view. 
  9. Choose your pose and click a selfie with Kapil Sharma. Once you are done with the satisfying selfie click then you need to share this image on social media with #DrivetoTKSS.
  10. If you are lucky enough and selected among several participants then you will be given a chance to watch The Kapil Sharma Show live as an audience by riding Mahindra XUV 300 to the set of The Kapil Sharma Show.

So, are you ready to click the selfie with Kapil Sharma, ride Mahindra XUV 300 to the set of The Kapil Sharma Show, become a part of the audience and watch the show live?

Monday, March 25, 2019

How to play Jio Cricket play along with IPL 2019

Jio Cricket play along

Jio cricket play along is an online game offered by Reliance Jio which can be played in My Jio app along with different IPL matches being played in real-time. Here you have to make your guesses which you think might be a possible score for all the balls in different overs. There are 5 options (holding a point value) provided which you need to drag and drop to the particular ball in an over.
The options are:
  1. Dot (0 runs scored) – 10 points
  2. Runs 1-2-3 (runs scored from 1 to 3) – 10 points
  3. 4 (FOUR) – 20 points
  4. 6 (SIX) – 30 points
  5. Out - 50 points

Other than these 5 options there is one more option of “Extras” which refers to the extra run in the form of No ball or wide ball etc. This holds a point value 10. You will have to answer this by clicking on it and selecting the extra number of runs might occur in an over.

If any of your guesses are right then that particular point attached to the option will be added in your points and the total point will decide your level.

How to register for Jio Cricket play along?

  • Jio cricket play along can be played in My Jio app.  When you open My Jio app then you see on the top “Jio cricket play along” image as shown below. If your app does not show this then you need to update it.

    jio cricket play along
  • Open it. Here you will be asked to provide your nickname and language and then hit “Continue”. Now you are done with your registration and ready to play Jio Cricket play along with the real-time IPL matches.
    jio cricket play along
  • How Non-Jio customer can play Jio Cricket play along?

    Non-Jio customers need to download and install My Jio app and register themselves for Jio Cricket play along. Additionally, OTP will be sent to the Non-Jio customers and they need to enter it at the time of registration to confirm their number.

How to earn more points on Jio Cricket play along?

  • Use booster cards “Power Play” and “Free hit” which helps in earning double points if your guesses are right. 
  • Other than per ball answer submission, do not miss to answer the Trivia quiz (three questions asked consecutively), Captain Questions (30 points), Third Umpire questions (out or not out), strategic time out questions (20 points each), Hattrick questions (50 points) during matches. You can earn 60 points (20 points per question) if all the three answers are right in the trivia quiz. Third umpire question holds a value of 50 points. Correct answers for these questions will award you extra points.
  • Also, there are chances of earning extra points by playing Gully cricket during breaks.
  • Complete your profile to earn 50 points.
jio cricket play along

Where to check leaderboard in Jio Cricket play along?

Click on My points in the top left corner. There you will see leaderboard, achievements, settings etc. Open leaderboard and explore the rankings.

For more information on Jio Cricket play along, visit the link below: