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How to join The Kapil Sharma Show online

How the audience can join The Kapil Sharma Show online

The Kapil Sharma Show aka TKSS is a very popular comedy show in India as well as many other countries. This is the show where the audience also plays a major role in creating content. There are several humorous scenes that are based on the audience where few of the members interact with the host Kapil Sharma or the guests arrived at the show.

Many viewers and fans of the show are interested to become part of the audience during the shooting of the show and they always try to find the passes or tickets of the show. Please note there are no charges for being part of the show as an audience. But now due to corona and social distancing viewers won't be able to visit the set so you may join this show online and find here the steps.

how to go in kapil sharma show as an audience

Since this is the corona period and we all are locked down to a limited and essential phase. Corona era asks us to follow social distancing and does not allow us to create or become a part of any crowd so the shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show is being done with limited or without the audience.

Due to social distancing, they can’t invite viewers to be a part of the show but TKSS is incomplete without an audience so here is the catch. Kapil Sharma, the host of the show, has invited the viewers to participate in this show online.

Yes, online participation of the audience in The Kapil Sharma Show. Now I will tell you how to do it.

How to participate in The Kapil Sharma Show online as an audience

  • To participate or enter the show as an audience, you have to make a short introduction video (15-20 seconds approximately) of yourself where you have to mention your name, age, city, and profession or the work you do.

  • Once ready, post this video on your Instagram account while tagging the Kapil Sharma Instagram account (@kapilsharma) and also @tkssaudience Instagram account.

  • If you are the selected one then the team of TKSS will contact you and you can do a live chat with them and all this online conversation will be streamed in the episode of the show. This way you can enter or visit The Kapil Sharma Show online as an audience while sitting at home.

Now you might be thinking about what type of video you should make so that you are one of the selected participants for live chatting?

Think about it, this is a comedy show where they need those people who can create humor anyhow by their words, actions, or expressions. So express yourself in the best way and become the personality who will be participating in the show to entertain the viewers.

Earlier in 2019, the TKSS team invited the viewers of the show in a different way, and now maintaining the social distancing online participation is encouraged. So what are you waiting for? Make your videos and follow the above procedure to join The Kapil Sharma Show online.

Credit: A video post from Kapil Sharma Instagram account

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

How to get Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card and its benefits

Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card

Patanjali has started the Swadeshi movement long years back and always promoted and emphasized on using Swadeshi or Indian things to strengthen the economy of India as well as Indian culture. Patanjali Samriddhi Card is part of this swadeshi movement and this is equipped with lots of benefits for the customers.

patanjali samriddhi card
How to get Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card (image source: Patanjali website)

This is a card which you need to recharge with an amount which will be used for purchasing Patanjali products from Patanjali stores only.

Anyone can register for Patanjali Samriddhi Card and avail for up to 10% discount on Patanjali products purchased from any Patanjali exclusive stores such as Chikitsalaya, Megastore, or Arogyakendra. There are also several benefits for customers that will be listed in this post.

How to get Patanjali Samriddhi Card?

You may get or buy Patanjali Samriddhi Card from any of the Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Megastore, or Arogyakendra.

The procedure is very simple. Visit the venue and ask for the Samriddhi card, rest will be guided by the executive at the desk.

Also, you may buy this card online through the official website of Patanjali. But you have to visit one of the Patanjali exclusive stores to activate and recharge the card for further usage.

The card is activated by recharging it with Rs. 500 (first time) which will be used for purchasing Patanjali goods from the store. You need to pay a one-time membership charge of Rs. 100 for the card.

Patanjali Samriddhi Card Benefits

  • Customers with Samriddhi card can avail up to a 10% discount on Patanjali products bought from Patanjali stores, chikitsalaya, or arogyakendra.

  • Customers get a certain amount of cashback called “Samridhi Nishtha Rashi” after recharging your card with a specific amount which can be confirmed form any of the Patanjali stores, chikitsalaya, or arogyakendra.

  • Patanjali Samriddhi Card is backed with life insurance benefits. The card holder’s nominee will be given Rs. 5 lacs in case of death of the cardholder.

  • Also, the cardholder will be benefitted from the amount Rs. 2.5 lacs in case of permanent disability caused due to an accident if the customer purchased Patanjali products worth a minimum of Rs. 6000 in the last 6 months. Other terms and conditions will be applied as per the scheme.

  • If the cardholder is a Military/Paramilitary or Police personnel and he died during any terrorist incident then this will also be covered under life insurance and financial assistance will be served as per the scheme.

  • Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card can also be used to pay online for purchasing Patanjali products from their website.

Swadeshi Samridhi Card app

  • Swadeshi Samridhi Card app also developed through which you can recharge your card and monitor your transactions (recharge, purchase, cashback, and balance).

  • This app also helps to make purchases without a card. You can pay just by scanning QR code at Patanjali exclusive stores.

  • You can block or unblock your card through this app. Also, you are capable to change transaction PIN through this app.

  • Visit their website at for more details of this card.

In short, buy Swadeshi Samridhi card, recharge, activate, use it while purchasing Patanjali products from their stores or online website, and contribute to raising the economy of Independent Bharat.

If you are seeking for help regarding Samridhi card then you may contact through below supports.

Customer support number - 18001804108

Email -

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Find out Chinese apps alternative in India

Chinese apps alternative in India

Amid this corona crisis, India is also facing some LAC issues on India-China border and this has generated anger in every Indian citizen and we are all geared up to boycott Chinese apps and products. Already many have uninstalled Chinese apps from their phone and others are ready to do it and at the same time, they all are looking for alternatives to Chinese apps.  So let’s find out the solution and read further. Here I will explain the easiest way to find out the Chinese apps in your phone and replace them with similar alternative apps originated from India or a country other than China.

How to find out Chinese apps in your phone and replace with alternative apps

A few days ago there was an app called “Remove China apps” which used to detect Chinese apps in your phone and then you would remove or uninstall them in a click. Indian people found it favorable and installed it to identify and remove all the apps from country China. Unfortunately, that was removed from the Google play store by referring certain policy violation but no worries recently I came across few more Indian applications which help to find out the china apps in your phone and also suggest the best options or alternative for them.

1. Replace IT

This app is developed by an Indian citizen especially to support “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and it promotes Indian apps. This app is capable to scan and remove apps from China, as well as give any information about each product that comes from China or belongs to the Chinese company. Thus you may also find out the origin country of any product by scanning the product barcode.

Chinese app alternative in India
Replace IT app suggesting Chinese app alternative in India

After opening the Replace IT app, you have “scan non-Indian apps” on the top. Clicking here will give you a list of all the Chinese apps installed on your phone. Once you select a particular app to delete or uninstall it suggests the best replacement apps for that app which you can install with just one click.

Also, it is a way more useful in finding the popular Indian apps in all categories like browser, dictionary, education, file sharing, games, music streaming service, news, photo editor, scanner, shopping, social media, tools, travel, video conference and video streaming service.

It has one more tab dedicated to “Other useful apps” in different categories where you may find out several useful apps which are originated from a country other than China.

How to find out the origin country of any product?

Each and every product is assigned with a barcode containing all the details concerned with the same. Replace IT app gives you the option to scan the product barcode and find out the origin country of the product. This way you are capable to know about the country of any product and you may refrain yourself from spending money on Chinese products.

2. Bleave –Better apps for Android

Bleave is an app that helps to detect, remove, and replace the existing applications in your phone with the better alternative apps available for your gadget. But it cannot remove or uninstall the system applications which are pre-loaded in your device. This is only available for Android devices and you may download it from Google play store.

Chinese app alternative in India
Bleave app suggesting Chinese app alternative in India

After downloading when you open this app you will see a list of all harmful Chinese apps installed on your phone. Click on replace. You will have a list of better alternatives for the app. Now you can proceed as per your choice and requirement. Install the better alternative for you and remove the Chinese app.

The most important point is, both the applications are “Made in India”.

Concluding words

While our Indian soldiers are combating with Chinese soldiers on the border we Indian civilians are ready to answer China with wallets instead of the bullet. We all know there is a vast range of Chinese investment in our country so we Indians play an important in the fight against China.

Let’s contribute to the success of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” the vision of our PM Modi by adopting Indian products and being vocal for local. Remove Chinese apps from your phone find the top alternative Indian apps from the above applications Bleave and Replace IT. Buycott Chinese products and adopt local ones.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

How to sell Oriflame products and earn 100 BP every month

How to sell Oriflame products and earn 100 BP every month

After joining Oriflame every consultant tries to find new ways to sell their products and complete 100 BP every month to qualify the next level and achieve the rewards associated with it. For me, this is not an easy or practical job to buy products worth 100 BP only for yourself every month but you have to do it somehow if you are dedicated enough for performance discount amount and other rewards.

how to sell 100 BP oriflame products
Sell 100 BP Oriflame products (Image source:

Recommend reading What is Oriflame business?

Here I will discuss a few ways which you can follow to complete 100 BP of Oriflame.

1. Buy a few products for yourself:

Being an Oriflame consultant you have to buy these products for you. This is not a compulsion imposed by Oriflame but if you have tried and tested Oriflame products then only you can offer these products to your customers in a better way because you have your own experience about Oriflame.

Also if you are interested to complete 100 BP of Oriflame then you have to buy a portion of this for yourself because practically speaking you won’t find lots of customers every month who will order these products.

Since these are cosmetic products so repetition of buying these products is very less except wellness products.

You may order essential goods such as soaps, creams, deodorant, body lotion, lip balm, etc for you. You may replace current brands with the Oriflame.

2. Collaborate with nearby beauty parlors/salon

  • Try to connect and collaborate with several nearby beauty parlors who already have a customer base and there you can sell Oriflame products.
  • Now why the parlor or salon will entertain your business? Because you will share a percentage of profit you make by selling through the parlor or salon.
  • Also if you are interested in making Oriflame points (BP) only and you are receiving enough orders from salon then you can share the whole profit of the sold product through them which will encourage your partner to find more and more orders for you.
  • Sharing of profit totally depends on your connection and bond with the salon personnel with whom you are making business. I suggest being straight forward and very much clear about your business terms with the parlor.
  • Oriflame offers several deals every month where the Oriflame consultants can buy a few high priced products at a much lower price if they suffice the required condition. So this is one more option to offer as a profit to your partner.

3) Try selling Oriflame products through online methods

To succeed in Oriflame you need to earn more and more BP (at least 100 BP every month) by placing orders. 100 BP is somewhat equal to Rs. 4500 and this is a big amount to place order for yourself monthly so you need more customers who will place orders for Oriflame products and contribute to raising BP.

Now, the question is how to find customers for Oriflame products?

  • I suggest being professional to sell Oriflame products online and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) is the best platform in today’s era.
  • Create a standalone Facebook account and a Facebook page dedicated to Oriflame. Keep on posting the regular posts related to Oriflame current month catalogue, offers and deals presented every time by Oriflame.
  • You may offer an additional discount from your side by deducting your profit margin sometimes so that it helps to raise the sale and points.
  • Same thing you may follow in other social media platforms also. You just try to engage your customer with your interesting and profitable social posts and it will surely work out.
  • There are several Buy/Sell Facebook groups where the members have selling opportunities to a vast range of customers. You need to find out the most genuine and reliable groups among the thousands of groups online.
  • You can also try Marketplace on Facebook where you can sell your products online in your nearby area. The marketplace can help you grow locally. It attracts a lot of local queries; you just need to convert it into the sale.

Clearing doubts of Customers about Oriflame

After exploring the Oriflame catalogue, most people conclude that these are expensive than the other brands available in the market, so why should we spend money on these?

- Explain your customer about Oriflame if they are not aware of it that this company create and offer high-quality beauty/wellness products which meet the highest standards of quality so it is likely to be a bit priced than the other brands. But still, you have a chance to grab these high-quality products at lower prices.

- Here you may showcase the huge discounts offered on several products and lucrative deals of the month where the customer is benefitted with the savings on their purchase. Comforting your customer, ask him/her to buy their favorite Oriflame products whenever the big discount is offered.

Download the current month catalogue here.

At last most important your dedication, patience, hard work, and sustainability is the key to success in Oriflame business. I wish you good luck and success.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to make hand sanitizer at home and does it really works?

Nowadays when corona virus is spreading all over the world everybody knows that we should maintain cleanliness everywhere along with our own body. Since this is an infectious disease we have to avoid physical contact with others so everyone is running to buy hand sanitizer to clean their hands on the go. I also went to buy a few for me and my family but there is no stock of hand sanitizer in any medical shop or general shop. I was disappointed with this then one of the shopkeepers gave me the idea of making hand sanitizer at home with the help of aftershave. I was happy to know this and curious at the same time for making one for me. I searched online for a hand sanitizer recipe and picked up one for me. Let’s see the procedure. Also know the experience with it and does it really works?

Hand sanitizer making at home

After a lot of research on google, I found that hand sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol and aftershave contain only a few percentages of alcohol which does not meet the requirement for hand sanitizer. So I went with the option of isopropyl alcohol with more than 70% USP.

Ingredients you need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (>70% USP)

    Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is a disinfectant.

  • Aloe Vera gel (which is half of the Isopropyl alcohol in quantity.

    Aloe vera gel, acting as a base here, has anti-bacterial properties and it gives moisturization to the skin.

  • Essential oil (optional) - few drops for fragrance

For making 3 parts of the hand sanitizers, proportion should be 2/3 part is Isopropyl alcohol and the rest 1/3 is aloe vera gel.

All the ingredients are easily available in the market and they are not very expensive also. You will end up making hand sanitizers at a much lower cost than the higher-priced sanitizers available in the market.

make hand sanitizer at home

Procedure to make hand sanitizer:

Take Isopropyl alcohol in a bowl or container. Add aloe vera gel and mix it properly. Aloe vera gel should be mixed in the rubbing alcohol completely and it should not remain isolated. Hand sanitizer is ready and you may pour it in any bottle to carry with you.

You may also add a few drops of tea tree oil or any essential oil for additional benefits of fragrance and moisturization. This is optional and totally depends on your interest.


I am not sure up to what extent these homemade hand sanitizers reduce the germs and bacteria on our hands. The texture and feel of this sanitizer are mostly close to the packed one but I cannot assure you for the reduction of bacteria and germs really. Washing your hands with soap and water is the best method to clean as compared to using hand sanitizer so if you are capable and comfortable to use soap and water then please use this technique only.

Disclaimer: This post is only for information purpose and this is created after various researches on the internet and we don’t assure the required result.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue August 2020 in pdf

Oriflame catalogue August 2020

Oriflame, the direct selling company, launches a new catalogue every month which reveals the current discounts and offers provided on different Oriflame products. The discounts and offers on the Oriflame products are varying every month. The discount which is offered this month i.e. August won’t be available next month.

Also, there are a few new launches every month. You may download here the Oriflame catalogue for August month as well as other months of 2020 in pdf version easily and share it with your loved ones or clients. This post will be updated every month (the rest of the months of 2020 i.e. September, October, November, and December) with the launch of a new catalogue.

Have a look if interested, How to sell Oriflame products and earn 100 BP every month?

download oriflame catalogue august 2020 pdf
August catalogue 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue August 2020 in pdf

oriflame catalogue july 2020
Oriflame Catalogue July 2020
Download Oriflame catalogue July 2020

oriflame catalogue june 2020
Oriflame Catalogue June 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue June 2020

oriflame catalogue may 2020
Oriflame Catalogue May 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue May 2020

Oriflame catalogue April 2020
Oriflame catalogue April 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue April 2020

Oriflame catalogue march 2020
Oriflame Catalogue March 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue March 2020

oriflame catalogue february 2020
Oriflame catalogue February 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue Feb 2020

You may visit the official Oriflame website where you will find this month catalogue along with the activity offer, online flyer, and invitation campaign if applicable.

You may locate Oriflame in your country here at this link and explore the whole current month catalogue, flyers, and offers in your country.

Also, read What is Oriflame business opportunity?

Oriflame Online Flyer, Activity offer and Invitation campaign in August 2020

Also, Oriflame has some more lucrative deals for the Oriflame consultants and VIP customers of the Oriflame in the form of an Online flyer, Activity Offer, Sponsor program (or Invitation campaign), and sometimes Reactivation offer for inactive consultants along with the launch of new Oriflame catalogue every month.

An online flyer is packed with a huge discount on some of the Oriflame products for a week. This is launched on the 2nd date of every month and is valid for a week.

Activity offer is a beneficial offer by Oriflame which promises to give advantage to the Oriflame consultants or VIP customers if they qualify the mentioned condition.

The sponsor program or Invitation campaign offers you a special deal with a big discount if you invite a certain number of new members to qualify a condition.

Oriflame Invitation Campaign August 2020

If you invite or recruit 2 people who qualify welcome program by placing 100 BP orders during the period of 1st - 31st Aug. then you are eligible to get The ONE Colour Unlimited Kajal (Ultimate Black) worth Rs. 2,078 for just Rs. 199.

And if If you invite or recruit 3 people who qualify welcome program by placing 100 BP orders during the period of 1st - 31st Aug. then you are eligible to get Philips Hair Styling Kit (includes Hair Dryer & Straightener) worth Rs. 2,140for just Rs. 399.

Activity Offer August 2020

If you place an order of 75 BP this month then you are eligible to buy any one of the given high range accessories at a low price.

Reactivation Offer 2020

Reactivation Offer is proposed for inactive members of Oriflame who did not place an order for a long time. If inactive members place an order of a specific amount mentioned during a specific period then they are eligible to buy a high priced product at a low cost. Current month this is not available.

Explore the current month Oriflame catalogue along with other deals such as Online Flyer, activity offer, Summer solstice offer, etc at one place from this link.

How to earn from Oriflame?

Friday, January 17, 2020

Valentine and Anti-Valentine week days 2020

Valentine week 2020

February is noticed as the month of love due to the occurrence of Valentine's day (the Festival of Love) this month. Valentine week days are celebrated with great enthusiasm not only by couples but also the individuals. This is more popular among the young generation but the older generations also love to celebrate the festival of love. Here is the list of days of Valentine week with the dates.

valentine week days 2020

Days of Valentine week 2020

7th February, Friday - Rose Day
8th February, Saturday - Propose Day
9th February, Sunday - Chocolate Day
10th February, Monday - Teddy Day
11th February, Tuesday - Promise Day
12th February, Wednesday - Hug Day
13th February, Thursday - Kiss Day
14th February, Friday - Valentine’s Day

Rose Day

Valentine's week starts with the Rose day. This day different colored roses are given to the loved ones which represent the various meanings depending on the color of roses such as red color rose means love and yellow means friendship.

Propose Day

After Rose day, here comes Propose Day when the lovers propose their partner for a relationship.
It is assumed that your partner whom you proposed agreed to your proposal and said yes to you.

Chocolate Day

Now after the proposal day, you will gift chocolate to your lover to celebrate the occasion. This is not strictly limited to your lover only but also you may give chocolates to your family and friends too.

Teddy Day

After celebrating with chocolates, now it’s time to gift your lover or loved ones. Teddy day is the day to present your lovers a Teddy which is loaded with cuteness.

Promise Day

After gifting teddy, now you will make promises with your partner to be there forever whenever he/she needs you.

Hug Day

The sixth day of Valentine week is celebrated as Hug day when we hug each other to show our love and compassion.

Kiss Day

The seventh day is kiss day when you move one step ahead in your relationship and kiss your loved one.

Valentine Day

If you notice the above 7 days one by one, then you will understand that love bloomed and developed during these days and this is the time to celebrate Valentine Day with your partner. Take out a few hours from the whole day and spend it with your loved one rejoicing the lovely moment with each other.

Anti-Valentine week

Right after Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine week starts. As the name suggests this is just opposite to Valentine's day and hence the celebration. This week is considered as anti-love.

anti-valentine week 2020

I assume that after being in a relationship for a period several differences occur which affects the relationship also and hence the anti-valentine week celebration. It starts with the Slap day, Kick day and ends with Missing day and Break-up day. This is purely my assumption behind Anti-Valentine week.

This is just for the fun which you can celebrate with your friends and should not be taken seriously.

Days of Anti-Valentine week 2020

15th February, Saturday - Slap Day
16th February, Sunday - Kick Day
17th February, Monday - Perfume Day
18th February, Tuesday - Flirting Day
19th February, Wednesday - Confession Day
20th February, Thursday - Missing Day
21st February, Friday – Break-up Day

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Saiteerth theme park, Shirdi – entry fees, timing, attractions and review

Saiteerth theme park, Shirdi

Saiteerth is a devotional theme park purely dedicated to Sai Baba. Constructed under the Malpani group, this is one of the tourists’ places and a wonderful destination for devotees or tourists in Shirdi which gives an amazing experience of devotion infused with technology and entertainment. You should not miss this place if you are a tourist Shirdi.
saiteerth theme park shirdi


This is situated about 2 km from Sai baba Samadhi temple just opposite to the Wet n Joy water park in Shirdi. The location is easily accessible by road and you may hire an auto-rickshaw or taxi to reach here.


The infrastructure of Saiteerth is marvelous. This is huge, wide, spacious (inside and outside both), royal and beautiful. It also accommodates its own parking space so parking your vehicle is not a problem here.

It has different sections for each attraction and they are large enough to accommodate a good number of people at a time. There is a water fountain inside to flourish the beauty of Saiteerth. You will get popcorn, candies, ice cream and other snacks like stuff inside. Also, there is a restaurant where you can sit and eat the food of your choice from the menu.

Saiteerth entry fees

An entry fee charged for an adult is Rs. 399 and for the child it is Rs. 299 (excluding GST 18%). It includes all four attractions. The entry fee differs for school and college students. During monsoon, they offer special packages along with Wet n joy water park tickets. Check out the official website for complete details of tickets and current offers.

Saiteerth theme park timing

Saiteerth theme park timing is 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. Usually, it takes 3 hours to explore all the four attractions here but if it is crowded during seasons then you may require 3-5 hours overall. They have luggage or baggage counter where you can keep all your belongings if you have any and roam around hands-free.

Saiteerth theme park attractions

Four different types of devotional and entertaining attractions are being offered here for the visitors/devotees and they are revealed below one by one.
saiteerth theme park attractions

  1. Teerth Yatra

    This is a spiritual journey of devotees across various famous temples or religious places of India. Devotees sit on a mini toy train and they are taken to the several halts of temples slowly. In this journey of Teerth Yatra, you will also see a virtual image of Sai Baba appear in front of you and I am sure you will love it.
  2. Lanka Dahan

    Lanka Dahan is an interesting and exciting 5D movie of 25 minutes duration which is based on the part of Lanka Dahan in Ramayana. This is amazing to experience the adventure of several scenes in this movie. You are left feeling a cold and a little bit wet at the end of the movie. Overall this is great to watch.
  3. Sabka Malik Ek

    This is a movie based on Sai Baba’s life which is shown on a big screen like you watch in the theatre. The movie named “Sabka Malik Ek” takes a 1-hour duration and in the end, you will see the audiences (including yourself) in tears due to the loss of Sai Baba at the climax. All major incidents occurred in Sai Baba’s life and his teachings; everything is covered in this movie.
  4. Dwarakamai

    This is not but alike a puppet show where you will come across the teachings of and good lessons of Sai baba through the humanoid robots of Sai Baba, Mhalsapati and Abdul (his devotees) enacting as per the audio being played in the background. The whole show runs in the Dwarakamai structure.

Saitheerth Review based on my visit experience:

My experience of visiting Saiteerth was very good. I enjoyed all the 4 shows here but Dwarakamai was the least engaging as per my review. Lanka Dahan was spectacular but my 4 years old daughter was not comfortable to accept the show so she did not watch it completely and sat eagerly waiting to finish it as soon as possible.

The staff personnel at Saiteerth are very professional and supportive in every manner. This is fully air-conditioned and very relaxing. I liked the infrastructure with a large amount of space for the visitors to accommodate comfortably.

You will love the photography here, inside and outside both. You may carry your phone inside but you are not allowed to capture the pics inside any of the attraction sites through the show is ON. Outside also there is enormous space to sit, roam or picking better shots in your camera.

Have you ever been here, what do you say on this?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

How to register Jio Mart app

Jio Mart launch

jiomart app

Finally, Jio introduced and launched its own online grocery platform called Jio Mart - “Desh ki Nayi Dukan”. Jio, growing in various fields, now entered in e-commerce to give a tough competition to other e-commerce brands such as Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. During initial stage Jio Mart will be limited to offer only grocery items but later it may expand and accommodate other items too for the customers. Also, this is currently available in only Navi-Mumbai, thane and Kalyan. It will deliver only in a few selected areas of these cities. In the future, it will cover other areas of the country.

Jio Mart specifications:

Jio Mart is an online-to-offline e-commerce platform that will connect customers to the grocery stores near them and facilitate the delivery of groceries sitting at home. Jio offers:

  • 50K+ grocery items
  • Free home delivery and no minimum order value
  • Return policy without any question
  • Promise great savings and express delivery

JioMart registration procedure:

Pre-registration in JioMart is started and this will make you eligible for exclusive launch discounts up to Rs. 3000.

To register in Jio mart first visit the official website of Jio There you will find a form to pre-register to save up to Rs. 3000.

jiomart registration form

Fill all the required details like first name, last name, pin code, mobile number, email ID and click on Generate OTP button. Enter the received OTP on the mobile number you mentioned while filling the form. The registration procedure is complete and you are asked to stay tuned. Once the app is launched you will receive the link for the app and all the details regarding the discounts and offers.

If Jio mart is available in your area then you will receive a confirmation of registration but if it is not available in your area then you will be notified and you won’t be able to proceed further.

JioMart app:

Jio Mart app is not available in the Google Play Store or Apple store now. The one who pre-registered using the form above will be registering the JioMart app which is provided by the company itself.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Places to visit in Shirdi

Places to visit in Shirdi 

sai baba samadhi temple

Devotees travel and flock here in Shirdi from various corners of India and all around the world mainly for Sai Baba Samadhi temple. Once reached Sai baba Samadhi temple and finished Sai baba darshan, they are keen to know different nearby tourists’ places to explore Shirdi in a better way. There are several places to visit in Shirdi including the local temples as well as entertainment places, have a look here.


places to visit in shirdi dwarakamai

This is the place where Sai baba stayed for his whole life after he came to Shirdi. There is continuously burning Dhuni (the source of Udi) in a corner beside the stone where Sai baba used to sit. This place is also crowded always but the queue is moving fast so it does not take much time as imagined when you see the crowd.

Shree Chavadi

places to visit in shirdi chavadi

This temple is situated next to the Dwarakamai. This is connected to the Sai baba because he used to sleep here a few nights every week. This is a small place and accommodates a few things only including a large picture of Sai Baba.
Also, there is Shri Dakshinmukhi Hanuman temple close to the Chavadi.

Abdul Baba Cottage

abdul baba cottage

This is a cottage where Sai devotee Abdul Baba used to stay. He served Sai baba for a longer period. This is a very simple, compact and not well-maintained room opposite Chavadi.

Khandoba temple

If we are talking about Sai baba’s life then Khandoba temple holds major importance here. Sai Baba was first seen and welcomed by Mhalsapati in this temple only where he gave the name “Sai” to our Sai Baba. This is located at 5 minutes walking distance from the Sai Baba Samadhi temple on the main road.

These are the few small temples situated adjacent to the Sai baba Samadhi temple.

Sai Museum:

Sai Museum is located inside the premises of Sai Baba Samadhi temple. There are several things such as his clothes, utensils, cot, etc are stored safely which were used by Sai baba in those days. You must visit this place after Sai darshan.

Wet n Joy Water Park

shirdi water park

Wet n Joy Water Park located just 2 km from Samadhi temple. This is a quite huge water park including several attractive and adventurous water rides. You will have to spend your whole day here to experience all the rides and explore the water park completely. Several people from nearby locations such as Nashik travel to the Shirdi only to enjoy Water Park due to the unavailability of large water parks in those areas.


Saiteerth is a spiritual theme park dedicated to Sai Baba, located in front of the Wet n joy Water Park in Shirdi. The infrastructure of Saiteerth is huge and excellent. It offers 4 different types of devotional and entertaining attractions for the visitors mentioned below:

  • Teerth Yatra (a spiritual journey across 10 well-known temples of India)
  • Lanka Dahan (interesting and exciting 5D movie of Lanka Dahan)
  • Sabka Malik Ek (a movie based on the Sai Baba’s life is shown on a big screen)
  • Dwarakamai (similar to a puppet show where you will come across Sai baba in Dwarakamai)

places to visit in shirdi saiteerth

You may need 3-5 hours depending on the crowd to fully discover all the 4 shows. You will love catching the camera shots here.

Since Saiteerth and Wet n Joy Water Park, both of them are the parts of the Malpani group business so here you will get the combo offer for Saiteerth and Water Park.

Sai Heritage Village

Sai Heritage Village is a spacious enough theme park which is developed on the basis of Sai baba’s era which depicts the actions of Sai baba and the lifestyle of villagers during that period with the help of various statues. You will witness the beauty of the village when Sai baba lived there. The entry fee is Rs. 150 per person.

If you have found other interesting places in Shirdi then please share here.