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Review of Shubham Water Park in Nashik 2022 - ticket, timing, attractions, food

Shubham Water Park in Nashik - Review, ticket, attractions, and food

Shubham water park by Jadhav paradise is the only water park in Nashik city. It is small but enough to enjoy the water rides with your kids in summer. Every year we go to the Wet n Joy water park in Shirdi but this year 2022 we couldn't make it so we landed up in the nearest one i.e. Shubham Water park in Nashik. If you are interested to know an overall review along with ticket price, costumes, food, snacks, water rides, and other activities then keep on reading further.

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shubham water park nashik

Shubham Water park Nashik location

It is located about 30 km from Nashik Road and it falls a little before the Hanuman temple in Anjaneri. This location is easily accessible and you can reach here using any vehicle.

Shubham water park Nashik timing

Shubham water park is open from 10 am to 5 pm. The opening time is 10am but they open it after 10:30 am. All rides start after 11 am only. Till that time you can finish all your ticket and costume processes and get ready for the rides.

Shubham water park Nashik ticket price

Water park ticket price with lunch - Rs. 750 for adults and Rs. 700 for children between heights 3.6 - 4.6 feet.

Water park ticket price without lunch - Rs. 600 for adults and Rs. 550 for children between heights 3.6 - 4.6 feet.

Entry is free for children under 3.6 feet.

You will get unlimited popcorn, candy floss, and ice gola at both ticket prices. Lunch offered is unlimited thali.

Shubham water park costume and locker price

Ladies costume price - Rs. 70 (It includes top and full-length bottom.)

Men's costume price - Rs. 50 (It includes only shorts and NO t-shirt.)

Children's costume price - Rs. 30

Locker price - Rs. 30

Water park costumes were not in proper condition so I suggest selecting water park costumes properly before taking them. Check well costume conditions whether any dress is torn or not. I saw 10-11 dresses, then I got the proper costume. Most pants were torn.

Water rides and attractions in Shubham water park Nashik

There are 6 big water rides, a wave pool, a rain dance area along with family water fun system.

You will enjoy family water fun system slides with your little children. The water level here is such that even a small child of age 2.5-3 years can comfortably stand in the pool.

shubham water park rides

The wave pool is active 2 times, once around 2 pm and another one at 4 pm.

I loved Turbo Lab the most among the big water slides. The Fast Track water slide does not go smoothly due to joints in between and it is not that enjoyable. Everything else is fine and fun too.

shubham water park rides

Other attractions in Shubham water park

Aquarium - Entry is free.

Iguana - You can take selfies with Iguana.

Bird watching

It gets converted into a Flower park in other seasons when the water park is not operational.

Have a look at this video for more details about this water park.

The crowd at Shubham water park Nashik

Shubham water park is small but it is okay to enjoy with your family. Since there are limited water rides, during the whole day, you can take all rides multiple times. During weekdays the crowd is less but there is a lot of crowd on Sunday or any holiday.

When it is crowded, you won't find water tubes easily required for big water rides because they are already occupied by someone else and they do not leave it. Tubes are limited in number so getting them for big rides is a big problem when the water park is overcrowded.


Unlimited veg thali provided in lunch that includes rice, dal, poori, 2 vegetables, 1 sweet item (we got suji halwa), and papad. Food taste is not that great but okay. 

shubham water park lunch menu


The staff is very casual and not very attentive. Some of them take care in proper way and some of them don't.

Water quality

Water quality is not good and you can clearly see it but you can't do anything. You have to go with it.

Changing room and shower

The shower and changing room are different. After enjoying the water park thoroughly, first, wash under the shower in a commonplace (of course different for gents and ladies in their own space) and then go to the changing room to change the dress.

The shower and changing room were clean enough but it gets dirtier with the continuous flow of the crowd.

Most of the crowd gathers here after 4:30 pm so I suggest finishing your shower and changing work before that time to avoid a rush and then you have a clean changing room.

Address and contact details of Shubham Water park in Nashik


Jadhav Paradise, Anjeneri Hills, Nashik-Trimbakeshwar Road, Nashik.


Contact number:




Overall visiting Shubham water park in Nashik was a good experience but it needs to be better in terms of water quality, professional behavior of staff, costume quality, and food.

Some of the water slides do not slide only in the Family water fun system where a full family can enjoy it all together. This needs to be taken care of. This water park needs maintenance works to provide better service to the visitors.

For Nashikkars, it is the only water park in Nashik so it is well visited in the summer season but if you need to visit the bigger water park with several big water rides and that too, is not very far from Nashik then you should visit Wet n Joy water park in Shirdi.