Sunday, April 24, 2022

Nilini Ayurvedic Hair Color (by Shesha Ayurveda) Review

Review of Nilini Ayurvedic Hair Color by Shesha Ayurveda

I have been trying several natural and ayurvedic methods for my hair care and hair color. I tried various DIY videos for hair masks, hair care, and hair color. Finding the safe natural way to color my grey hair was the most important for me. Following Preity Prerna's videos, a year ago I stopped doing hair coloring and started using natural and ayurvedic methods to color my hair.

I was using 2 step Henna Indigo method to color my grey hair. Instead of Indigo I also use Greynil black shade sometimes after the henna application. But at the same time, I was also looking for an alternative to the 2 step Henna Indigo method. Then I saw Nilini's review on a YouTube channel which was quite satisfactory. I ordered and got it for myself. Here is my honest review of Nilini Ayurvedic Hair Color by Shesha Ayurveda.

nilini ayurvedic hair color review

About Nilini ayurvedic hair color

Nilini ayurvedic hair color (that contains ingredients Neer Brahmi, Indigo, Aloe Vera, Amla, Coconut shell powder, Henna, Curry leaves, and Hibiscus leaves) claims to provide natural black color to the white or grey hair. It is a product of Shesha Ayurveda and it is 100% natural. 


I liked the packaging of Nilini ayurvedic hair color very much. It comes in a pouch that contains Nilini hair color kit along with Lord Dhanvantari's image. Nilini packet includes 2 sachets of 20 gms. So the net weight of the Nilini hair color is 40 gms in this pack. Shesha Ayurveda suggests using the product right after opening the sachet as it is not useful after 3 hours.

nilini ayurvedic hair color review

Nilini ayurvedic hair color Price

It costs Rs. 290 for 40 gm pack. Additional shipping charge Rs. 70 will be added if your shopping amount is less than Rs. 1500.


The availability of this product is a major concern. Most of the time I see it is out of stock and not available. Now I am for its availability, once it is in stock I will order extra.

How to apply Nilini ayurvedic hair color?

Shesha Ayurveda suggests and recommends doing a mandatory 48-hour patch test before application. To justify this patch test, they have given detailed information on their website and also in the leaflet along with Nilini hair color kit. I did not do any patch test and applied it directly.

Remove the powder from both the sachets into the bowl and mix them with the water to make a smooth consistency just like we make henna paste.

Apply it all over your scalp and hair strands. Leave it for 1 hour and then wash your hair simply with water. Do not use shampoo for the next 2 days.

Do not forget to apply hair oil after drying your hair.

Use hand gloves compulsorily while applying otherwise you may get black stains on your hands.

How was my experience with Nilini ayurvedic hair color?

I saw all my white hair was turned to black perfectly. In the natural light, you will see the brown color but when I looked into the mirror they all seem black. Inside the house, my hair looks black in color but when I step out in the natural light, my white hair looked brown. I was totally satisfied with Nilini ayurvedic hair color. Finally, I found an alternative for 2 step henna indigo process that met my expectations. I got rid of so long 2-step hair color process and it needed only 1 hour to wait after application.

nilini ayurvedic hair color review

I am so happy that I found Nilini and I will definitely use it again and again to cover my white hair. It is the best alternative for 2 step henna indigo process till now because I am still searching for more wonderful natural ayurvedic hair colors.

How long does Nilini last?

The black color developed after the application of Nilini lasted for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks it starts fading it turns like a henna color. You need to apply it again after 3 weeks because by then white hair grows from the roots which are seen. In my case, I managed for 1 month comfortably but still, white hairs grown from roots were seen. I wanted to order again but it was not in stock so I applied henna indigo hair color after 4 weeks.

Overall I am satisfied with Nilini ayurvedic hair color by Shesha Ayurveda and I will also recommend it to others who are looking for a natural hair color to cover white hair.

Do you know any other natural or ayurvedic hair color that you find satisfactory? If yes then please let us know through the comment section.


  1. Hi. Very helpful review. I have a doubt. We are supposed to wash off the dye with normal water, right? No shampoo to be used. After drying my hair, can I apply coconut oil immediately or do I wait ? Thanks.

  2. Yes, you have to wash off the color with normal water. And ofcourse you can apply coconut oil after washing and drying the hair.