Saturday, April 24, 2021

Natural hair color Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi review

Natural hair color Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi review

Due to the wide range of white hair, I regularly apply hair color. I have tried several things on my hair for coloring such as henna, various chemical hair colors, indigo powder, Greynil herbal hair color but never tried black henna. This time I thought of trying it once and I bought Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi from the nearby store. Here I will share my honest review of this black henna (kali Mehendi).

Khadi Shuddha black mehendi review

About Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi

It comes in a 100 gms package and the box contains 5 pouches of 20 gms black henna. It costs Rs. 150 for 100 gm pack. This is GMP certified and KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) approved.

Packet says

Revealing everything about Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi the packet itself says, this is a 100% natural hair color and it is Ammonia-free. If it is applied regularly then it keeps hair black and covers grey (white) hair. If there are some issues like dandruff or lice then they will be cured.


Ingredients are Henna powder, Amla powder, Brahmi powder, Shikakai powder, Bhringraj powder, aloe vera, Hibiscus powder, Para Phenylenediamine (also known as PPD), and preservatives.

Please note, they claim to be 100% natural but it contains PPD, a very toxic chemical, so it is equivalent to any other hair dye in the market. Please do not misunderstand the black Mehendi same as herbal hair color. Applying only henna on your hair is far better than this kali Mehendi.

Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi review

I had to do only touch up so I used just 2 pouches (20 gms*2) of henna.


I prepared the henna paste as per the instructions given in the packet. It says simply mix the black henna with water (to make a smooth paste) 20-30 minutes before applying it to hair. I mixed it and kept it for 1 hour then applied it to the hair.


The mixture was not very smooth. The spread of the mixture is very rough on hair. I kept this henna paste on my hair for 2 hours and then washed it with only water. I did not do shampoo as henna needs time to develop in a darker tone. 

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After wash experience

After wash, I saw that my hair became very dry and frizzy. They were so tangled that I could not comb them. I let my hair dry, applied hair oil then somehow I was able to comb. It was so rough and dry hair and this is the time when you decide not to apply henna anymore.

khadi shuddha black mehendi review

Shade developed with black henna

Now, what about the color shade developed on white hair. I wanted coverage for white hair and it was somewhat satisfactory. It was not black but it was somewhat close to brown shade. If you see from a distance then you can say the color is developed perfectly and you can't differentiate between the naturally black hair and grey hair which now turned to brown after coloring.

When you see closer then you will find out that it is not darker tone but a tint of brown shade has covered the white hair. Anyway, this is fine with me.

I kept the hair oil for 2 days and after 48 hours I washed my hair with shampoo. After shampoo, I expected the tone will fade away but you can see the hair there is no much difference in the tone.

Let me tell you one thing that this color fades with every wash and does not last long.


Khadi Shuddha Black Mehendi gave me the perfect brown shade I wanted but it made my hair dry and frizzy so I have to apply some natural mask (such as flaxseed gel or egg) immediately which makes my hair manageable. 

This was satisfactory and I was happy with the color developed but I do not recommend black henna to be used regularly for coloring your hair as it contains PPD. Frequent use of kali mehendi might be harmful to your hair. Natural henna would be the better option.