Sunday, February 20, 2022

Picnic spot in Nashik - Floral Sojourn

Picnic spot in Nashik- Floral Sojourn

Nashik is a beautiful city with wonderful nature and perfect weather. There are many resorts and theme restaurants in the lush greenery of Nashik. I love Nashik city and I want to explore each and every corner of the city to the fullest. Every weekend, most of the time, we try to explore the new misal point in Nashik and this Sunday I found an amazing picnic spot "Floral Sojourn" where we spent our whole day amid nature and it was a great experience. If you are wondering "how can I spend my whole day in Nashik?" then you should come here and enjoy your day.

picnic spot in nashik

Floral Sojourn - Picnic spot in Nashik

Floral Sojourn, spread around more than 2-acre land including various types of trees and plants, is a pioneer in the field of landscape farming coupled with agro-tourism. You can come here to celebrate any event or party, or just picnic or day out plan.

Activities or things to do at Floral sojourn

  • You can cook your own food here. The owner will provide you the utilities such as gas connection, utensils, etc and you have to bring all the items needed to cook.
  • You are free to play any game here within the premises. If you are there for a picnic then you will be provided with several games such as cricket, dodge ball, badminton, twister, carrom, chess, dart, music chair, mini-golf, and many more. You can also bring your own games if you want.
  • There is a treehouse that was closed due to Covid and still, it is closed. I loved it and I wish I could stay there once.
  • You can have your meal amid the peaceful, lush greenery of beautiful nature.
  • Walk around the property and explore the several trees, plants, and flowers.
  • There are various types of swings including hammocks.
  • So many seating areas for tourists to enjoy the view.
  • You can enjoy rope climbing activity and have a feel of adventure.
  • Also, the owner will brief you about the property, trees, and plants if you are interested.

Have a look at the below video and explore the Floral Sojourn virtually.

Floral Sojourn entry fee

You need to pay the entry fee of Rs. 150 for 3 hours and Rs. 200 for 6 hours of picnic duration. These are the rates for special days otherwise you can pay Rs. 125 for 3 hours and Rs. 175 for 6 hours. The entry fee is the same for adults and kids.


Now let's talk about the food. As I mentioned earlier in the post you can cook your own food here. If you do not want to cook then you can go with any of the food delivery apps to manage the food. Zomato, Swiggy they all deliver here. If you inform the flower owner in advance about the meal, he will also arrange for your food.

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We ate Misal pav there, prepared by the owner itself, and that was good in taste. We had an option of having a village meal but we did not inform them on time so missed it and later we ordered pizza from Swiggy.

Floral Sojourn charged Rs. 90 per plate for Misal pav which does not include curd, papad, and sweet dish. You have to pay extra for all these things.

Misal was good in taste, the sweet dish was okay but I did not like the tea.

floral sojourn misal pav nashik

If you are planning a trip to the Floral Sojourn then I suggest you must be very clear with your food management. If you are planning to cook then you must carry everything required for cooking after having a discussion with the owner of the property. If you want the owner to manage the food for you then you have to give all the details of the breakfast, tea and lunch you will be having during your whole day picnic there.

Our picnic experience in Floral Sojourn

We spent 6 hrs there and it was so much fun and completely relieving. You need to book your visit in advance otherwise you won't be allowed to walk in inside. The day we visited, there were only 2 groups, one was our group of 6 people and the other group had 3 people. No crowd at all and we had our own space and privacy. I loved it.

When we went there, all the leaves had fallen and there was not much greenery but still, it was fine to be there. Now I would like to visit again in the month of April or May when there will be greenery everywhere and many beautiful flowers will bloom.


  1. Thank you. Very nicely narrated. Reader will surely get required information and all updates about Floral Sojourn which is an ultimate Ecotourism Destination where Horticulture and Hospitality are presented together, through this blog.

    I will add few more points :-

    1. Prior booking is mandatory to avail facilities at Floral Sojourn Ecotourism.
    We cannot entertain walk-in visitors.

    2. To get more details including address and procedure for booking etc. one should send "Hi" on WhatsApp to 9890986667.

    3. 15% assured concession/rebate for those who come to Floral Sojourn on Bycycle !

  2. Ya indeed ....its really nice place to enjoy your weekends

  3. Very well organized picnic spot with natural surrounding near nasik for a good change from our routine life. 6 hours of time passes with sports activities and excellent must visit and revisit at least once in a year