Monday, March 25, 2019

How to play Jio Cricket play along with IPL 2019

Jio Cricket play along

Jio cricket play along is an online game offered by Reliance Jio which can be played in My Jio app along with different IPL matches being played in real-time. Here you have to make your guesses which you think might be a possible score for all the balls in different overs. There are 5 options (holding a point value) provided which you need to drag and drop to the particular ball in an over.
The options are:
  1. Dot (0 runs scored) – 10 points
  2. Runs 1-2-3 (runs scored from 1 to 3) – 10 points
  3. 4 (FOUR) – 20 points
  4. 6 (SIX) – 30 points
  5. Out - 50 points

Other than these 5 options there is one more option of “Extras” which refers to the extra run in the form of No ball or wide ball etc. This holds a point value 10. You will have to answer this by clicking on it and selecting the extra number of runs might occur in an over.

If any of your guesses are right then that particular point attached to the option will be added in your points and the total point will decide your level.

How to register for Jio Cricket play along?

  • Jio cricket play along can be played in My Jio app.  When you open My Jio app then you see on the top “Jio cricket play along” image as shown below. If your app does not show this then you need to update it.

    jio cricket play along
  • Open it. Here you will be asked to provide your nickname and language and then hit “Continue”. Now you are done with your registration and ready to play Jio Cricket play along with the real-time IPL matches.
    jio cricket play along
  • How Non-Jio customer can play Jio Cricket play along?

    Non-Jio customers need to download and install My Jio app and register themselves for Jio Cricket play along. Additionally, OTP will be sent to the Non-Jio customers and they need to enter it at the time of registration to confirm their number.

How to earn more points on Jio Cricket play along?

  • Use booster cards “Power Play” and “Free hit” which helps in earning double points if your guesses are right. 
  • Other than per ball answer submission, do not miss to answer the Trivia quiz (three questions asked consecutively), Captain Questions (30 points), Third Umpire questions (out or not out), strategic time out questions (20 points each), Hattrick questions (50 points) during matches. You can earn 60 points (20 points per question) if all the three answers are right in the trivia quiz. Third umpire question holds a value of 50 points. Correct answers for these questions will award you extra points.
  • Also, there are chances of earning extra points by playing Gully cricket during breaks.
  • Complete your profile to earn 50 points.
jio cricket play along

Where to check leaderboard in Jio Cricket play along?

Click on My points in the top left corner. There you will see leaderboard, achievements, settings etc. Open leaderboard and explore the rankings.

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