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How to get the entry in The Kapil Sharma show as an audience

About The Kapil Sharma show

become audience of the kapil sharma show tkss

The Kapil Sharma Show is an entertainment program packed with several comedy actors to produce fun-filled performances to tickle audiences and viewers and make them laugh to the peak. There are so many quirky incidents that audiences enjoy a lot. Celebrities visit here for different reasons, the talkative show goes on with various comedy acts in between and they enjoy being here. Here sometimes the audience is also a part of the show and responsible to create humor. Many are looking forward to joining The Kapil Sharma show audience and watch the show live.

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How to enter The Kapil Sharma show as an audience

2-3 days back I saw an advertisement during one of the programs on the Sony Entertainment channel. This was the great comedian Mr. Kapil Sharma who was describing how one can enter The Kapil Sharma Show as an audience. If you are interested to watch The Kapil Sharma Show live then you may follow these steps.

This is a very simple procedure, take your selfie with Kapil Sharma on Sony LIV app and post it on social media with #DrivetoTKSS. If you are selected among the participants then you are awarded a chance to watch The Kapil Sharma show Live. The procedure is mentioned below step by step.

  1. Download the Sony LIV app on your phone. Sony LIV app is 50 MB in size and this is all about TV shows, movies, and live sports online.

  2. Go to the “The Kapil Sharma Show” page. This is available on the top, if you do not see it there then scroll down and you will find it in the “Participate now” section. Click on it and land on The Kapil Sharma Show page as shown in this image.
    the kapil sharma show tickets tkss

  3. There are 4 options to do. First- take a selfie with Kapil Sharma, second- fun poll, third- Prizes to be won and fourth- Send your message to Kapil through audio or video recording. 
  4. Here you are interested to watch The Kapil Sharma Show live so you need to go for “Take a selfie”.
  5. When you click on Take a selfie then your phone camera opens. Here you need to scan the logo of The Kapil Sharma show wherever you find. You may find this logo on TV, Laptop or any other phone screen.
  6. When you scan the logo then a video of Kapil Sharma plays which is then followed by the selfie.
  7. While taking the selfie, your camera looks like this.
    watch the kapil sharma show live tickets
  8. There are different poses of Kapil Sharma with whom you can click your own selfie. You can reverse the camera for the rear or selfie view. 
  9. Choose your pose and click a selfie with Kapil Sharma. Once you are done with the satisfying selfie click then you need to share this image on social media with #DrivetoTKSS.
  10. If you are lucky enough and selected among several participants then you will be given a chance to watch The Kapil Sharma Show live as an audience by riding Mahindra XUV 300 to the set of The Kapil Sharma Show.

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So, are you ready to click the selfie with Kapil Sharma, ride Mahindra XUV 300 to the set of The Kapil Sharma Show, become a part of the audience and watch the show live?

Update: This option was available for a limited period offer in 2019 and now this option is not valid. 


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  2. Mujhe bhi kapil g aapake pas aana h please

  3. No option is there, no option about participate as audience in The Kapil Sharma Show

  4. How to get entry in kapil Sharma show?

  5. Mujhe kapil sharma ji k.sath kaam krna h show me mujhe bhi comedy krna bahut accha lgta h or me bhi bahut actors ki mimickiry kr leta hu

  6. Kush b nahi horha hai Kapil Sharma me vo 4options to aanahi rahe hai .. please btao kese kare

  7. Dear all,
    Please note that now this option is not available.

  8. My Wish i meet with Kapil.

  9. सर ,  कपिल शर्मा शो देखने आना है , बच्चे बहुत जिद करते हैं , प्लीज जितना जल्दी हो टिकट भिजवाने की मेहरबानी करनाजी . आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।  राजकुमार माखिजा जलगांव महाराष्ट्र। 

    1. Now you may participate in this show ONLINE as an audience. Refer this post.