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What is Oriflame business opportunity without investment?

What is the Oriflame business opportunity?

Oriflame offers a business opportunity without investment which can be done from wherever you want at your convenience.

About Oriflame:

Oriflame, founded in 1967, is a Swedish based international company selling directly to the customers through their consultants in 60+ countries globally. This is a well-known beauty company with numerous beauty products and health supplements enhancing the beauty of human beings. Oriflame products’ distribution channel is based on direct selling. Unlike conventional retailing, direct selling is an approach to advertise items specifically and directly to the client which removes all other middle persons like wholesalers or retailers, etc.

Oriflame business opportunity

Oriflame Products:

Oriflame offers an extensive range of innovative beauty products of high quality which are developed by combining the natural ingredient along with scientific research. Oriflame endeavor to use natural elements derived from nature such as fruits, flowers, and plants.

Oriflame product range: 
Skincare, makeup, color cosmetics, fragrances, personal care, hair care, wellness products, and various accessories.
Visit the Oriflame website for more details of Oriflame products.

Download Oriflame current month catalogue for 2022

Oriflame business opportunity without investment

Since Oriflame is a Direct selling company so their distribution is based on their sales force or consultants joining them. Oriflame offers a business opportunity to the consultants without any investment. Joining Oriflame business is free of cost in India and few other countries too but this is not the same for all other countries where Oriflame is operating. In some of the countries, Oriflame asks for a minimal charge while registering as a consultant.

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Benefits of joining Oriflame business as a consultant:

  1. Once you become an Oriflame consultant, you may earn extra income.  As an Oriflame consultant, you avail a 20% discount on the catalog price of any of the Oriflame products. You resell Oriflame products to the customer on catalog prices and thus you make 20% immediate profit. This is one way of earning with Oriflame i.e. 20% commission after reselling. 
  2. You may build your network or team by sponsoring individuals to join Oriflame business. When your team works the way you do then you earn additional income. You earn a rewarding amount after qualifying specific levels. 
  3. There is no loss since joining is free. Earning potential is very high. It totally depends on your hard work. 
  4. You are free to work from wherever you want. As per your availability, you may do it as a part-time job or a full-time job. You work as per your convenience and earn extra income. 

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How to join Oriflame?

  • You may join Oriflame online through their official website or any consultant you know. If you know any Oriflame consultant then contact them they will register you in their team and guide for further process.
  • If you do not know any Oriflame consultant then you may register online from their website. Oriflame will assign a sponsor for you under which you will be registered. 
  • If you are interested to join Oriflame and you do not have any sponsor then you may contact us to join Oriflame business opportunity through Facebook or Instagram. We will guide you best for the further process. 
  • Refer to the post "Oriflame joining procedure, Oriflame membership details, and benefits" for more.

How to find or locate Oriflame in your country?

Oriflame spread in more than 60 countries worldwide.  Follow the below steps to locate Oriflame in your country.

  • Visit
  • Select your country from different regions worldwide mentioned on the page. For example, I want to locate India. Then I will go to Asia and select INDIA from the list. This will redirect me to the Oriflame website for India.

oriflame business opportunity

Are you interested to join Oriflame business? Have you ever been an Oriflame consultant, what are your experiences?