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How to sell Oriflame products and earn 100 BP every month

How to sell Oriflame products and earn 100 BP every month

After joining Oriflame every consultant tries to find new ways to sell their products and complete 100 BP every month to qualify for the next level and achieve the rewards associated with it. For me, this is not an easy or practical job to buy products worth 100 BP only for yourself every month but you have to do it somehow if you are dedicated enough for performance discount amount and other rewards.

how to sell 100 BP oriflame products
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Here I will discuss a few ways which you can follow to complete 100 BP of Oriflame.

1. Buy a few products for yourself:

Being an Oriflame consultant you have to buy these products for you. This is not a compulsion imposed by Oriflame but if you have tried and tested Oriflame products then only you can offer these products to your customers in a better way because you have your own experience with Oriflame.

Also if you are interested to complete 100 BP of Oriflame then you have to buy a portion of this for yourself because practically speaking you won’t find lots of customers every month who will order these products.

Since these are cosmetic products so repetition of buying these products is very less except for wellness products.

You may order essential goods such as soaps, creams, deodorants, body lotions, lip balm, etc for you. You may replace current brands with the Oriflame.

2. Collaborate with nearby beauty parlors/salon

  • Try to connect and collaborate with several nearby beauty parlors that already have a customer base and there you can sell Oriflame products.
  • Now why the parlor or salon will entertain your business? Because you will share a percentage of profit you make by selling through the parlor or salon.
  • Also if you are interested in making Oriflame points (BP) only and you are receiving enough orders from the salon then you can share the whole profit of the sold product through them which will encourage your partner to find more and more orders for you.
  • Sharing of profit totally depends on your connection and bond with the salon personnel with whom you are making business. I suggest being straight forward and very much clear about your business terms with the parlor.
  • Oriflame offers several deals every month where the Oriflame consultants can buy a few high priced products at a much lower price if they suffice the required condition. So this is one more option to offer as a profit to your partner.

3) Try selling Oriflame products through online methods

To succeed in Oriflame you need to earn more and more BP (at least 100 BP every month) by placing orders. 100 BP is somewhat equal to Rs. 4500 and this is a big amount to place an order for yourself monthly so you need more customers who will place orders for Oriflame products and contribute to raising BP.

Now, the question is how to find customers for Oriflame products?

  • I suggest being professional to sell Oriflame products online and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) is the best platform in today’s era.
  • Create a standalone Facebook account and a Facebook page dedicated to Oriflame. Keep on posting the regular posts related to Oriflame current month catalog, offers and deals presented every time by Oriflame.
  • You may offer an additional discount from your side by deducting your profit margin sometimes so that it helps to raise the sale and points.
  • Same thing you may follow on other social media platforms also. You just try to engage your customer with your interesting and profitable social posts and it will surely work out.
  • There are several Buy/Sell Facebook groups where the members have selling opportunities to a vast range of customers. You need to find out the most genuine and reliable groups among the thousands of groups online.
  • You can also try Marketplace on Facebook where you can sell your products online in your nearby area. The marketplace can help you grow locally. It attracts a lot of local queries; you just need to convert it into a sale.

Explore the Oriflame apps required for an Oriflame brand partner/consultant or a VIP customer.

Clearing doubts of Customers about Oriflame

After exploring the Oriflame catalog, most people conclude that these are more expensive than the other brands available in the market, so why should we spend money on these?

- Explain to your customer about Oriflame if they are not aware of it that this company create and offer high-quality beauty/wellness products which meet the highest standards of quality so it is likely to be a bit priced than the other brands. But still, you have a chance to grab these high-quality products at lower prices.

- Here you may showcase the huge discounts offered on several products and lucrative deals of the month where the customer is benefitted with the savings on their purchase. Comforting your customer, ask him/her to buy their favorite Oriflame products whenever a big discount is offered.

Download the current month catalogue here.

At last most important your dedication, patience, hard work, and sustainability are the keys to success in the Oriflame business. I wish you good luck and success.


  1. As an Indian can I share these products on platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc??

  2. As an Indian Oriflamian can I share these products on platforms like facebook, instagram??

    1. But we are restricted from doing so I dunno why??.. they say we must use facebook and instagram for recruitment only🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. Sharing products is okay. Many are sharing Oriflame products through a Facebook and Instagram. This is a way of finding customers/ candidates for selling and recruitment purpose.
      Selling on e-commerce platform like amazon or any other site is not allowed.

  3. Can I have customers abroad? I live in the UK but my family is overseas, can they order through my website and have it delivered in a different country?

  4. I want to sell oriflame product what can I do

    1. You can register yourself as an Oriflame brand partner through their official website and Oriflame will assign upline member for you who will be your mentor and guide for future.

    2. Myself Oriflame brand Partner. Please contact me I can help you and share the details of Oriflame.

  5. hello can I create a personal website like an e-commerce for my oriflamme business where people can come and make orders?

    1. It is not allowed to sell Oriflame products on e-commerce website but still many are doing it.

  6. Is it important to first buy this and then sale

    1. Not at all but if you have tested the products yourself then it becomes easier to sell the product.