Saturday, June 27, 2020

Find out Chinese apps alternative in India

Chinese apps alternative in India

Amid this corona crisis, India is also facing some LAC issues on the India-China border and this has generated anger in every Indian citizen and we are all geared up to boycott Chinese apps and products. Already many have uninstalled Chinese apps from their phone and others are ready to do it and at the same time, they all are looking for alternatives to Chinese apps.  So let’s find out the solution and read further. Here I will explain the easiest way to find out the Chinese apps on your phone and replace them with similar alternative apps originated from India or a country other than China.

How to find out Chinese apps on your phone and replace them with alternative apps

A few days ago there was an app called “Remove China apps” which used to detect Chinese apps in your phone and then you would remove or uninstall them with a click. Indian people found it favorable and installed it to identify and remove all the apps from country China. Unfortunately, that was removed from the Google play store by referring to certain policy violations but no worries recently I came across few more Indian applications which help to find out the china apps in your phone and also suggest the best options or alternatives for them.

1. Replace IT

This app is developed by an Indian citizen especially to support “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and it promotes Indian apps. This app is capable to scan and remove apps from China, as well as give any information about each product that comes from China or belongs to the Chinese company. Thus you may also find out the origin country of any product by scanning the product barcode.

Chinese app alternative in India
Replace IT app suggesting Chinese app alternative in India

After opening the Replace IT app, you have “scan non-Indian apps” on the top. Clicking here will give you a list of all the Chinese apps installed on your phone. Once you select a particular app to delete or uninstall it suggests the best replacement apps for that app which you can install with just one click.

Also, it is a way more useful in finding the popular Indian apps in all categories like browser, dictionary, education, file sharing, games, music streaming service, news, photo editor, scanner, shopping, social media, tools, travel, video conference and video streaming service.

It has one more tab dedicated to “Other useful apps” in different categories where you may find out several useful apps which are originated from a country other than China.

How to find out the origin country of any product?

Each and every product is assigned with a barcode containing all the details concerned with the same. Replace IT app gives you the option to scan the product barcode and find out the origin country of the product. This way you are capable to know about the country of any product and you may refrain from spending money on Chinese products.

2. Bleave –Better apps for Android

Bleave is an app that helps to detect, remove, and replace the existing applications in your phone with the better alternative apps available for your gadget. But it cannot remove or uninstall the system applications which are pre-loaded in your device. This is only available for Android devices and you may download it from Google play store.

Chinese app alternative in India
Bleave app suggesting Chinese app alternative in India

After downloading when you open this app you will see a list of all harmful Chinese apps installed on your phone. Click on replace. You will have a list of better alternatives for the app. Now you can proceed as per your choice and requirement. Install the better alternative for you and remove the Chinese app.

The most important point is, both the applications are “Made in India”.

Concluding words

While our Indian soldiers are combating with Chinese soldiers on the border we Indian civilians are ready to answer China with wallets instead of the bullet. We all know there is a vast range of Chinese investment in our country so we Indians play an important in the fight against China.

Let’s contribute to the success of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” the vision of our PM Modi by adopting Indian products and being vocal for local. Remove Chinese apps from your phone find the top alternative Indian apps from the above applications Bleave and Replace IT. Buycott Chinese products and adopt local ones.