Wednesday, December 9, 2020

How to join Oriflame, membership details and benefits

How to join Oriflame, membership details and benefits

Oriflame business is already elaborated in this post and now I will discuss the way to join Oriflame, Oriflame membership details, and its benefits.

how to join oriflame membership benefits

How to join Oriflame?

  • You can join Oriflame through an Oriflame brand partner (previously Oriflame brand partner was referred to as Oriflame consultants) otherwise by signing up or registering through their official website. Refer Oriflame business opportunity tab and there you have all the details regarding this business.

  • If you already know or find any Oriflame brand partner then you can join through them. The brand partner will help you to register Oriflame and he/she will be your sponsor who will guide you to go ahead appropriately. Joining through a brand partner is a good idea as this way you have your own guide who has all the knowledge and work experience to move forward and succeed.

  • If you are only interested to buy Oriflame products then you can join as a VIP customer and if you want to earn income from Oriflame then you have to register as a brand partner.

  • Registration will take a few details such as email ID, name, full address, contact number, birthdate, sponsor number, and KYC document details (any of the Aadhar card, voter ID card, Driving license, passport, or state domicile certificate).

  • While registering as a brand partner you need to fill up KYC document details but in the case of a VIP customer, you won’t be asked for a KYC document.

  • Brand partners are eligible to make business with Oriflame and earn income if they get qualified. VIP customers only buy Oriflame products at discounted prices and they are also eligible for more offers by Oriflame.

  • Anybody (age above 18 years) can join Oriflame and earn through this platform. There is no particular qualification for joining as a member.

Oriflame membership details and benefits

  • After registering Oriflame you will get an additional 20% discount on the catalog price. If any product is already at a discount in the catalog then, being an Oriflame member, you can buy that product at a 20% discount on the discounted price.

  • Moreover to a 20% discount, you are benefitted from several other discounts/offers like activity offer, welcome program, invitation program, loyalty program, etc. which gives you a chance to buy the Oriflame products at cheaper prices and qualify for the other achievements.

  • If you registered as a brand partner then you can recruit people under you and earn income after qualifying certain conditions.

  • VIP customers can upgrade to the Oriflame brand partner at any time and start recruiting and earning from Oriflame.

  • After joining Oriflame you have access to Oriflame apps through which you can explore their wide range of products and place an order for yourself at discounted prices and get delivery at your specific address.

  • Oriflame brand partners have opportunities to travel their own country and worldwide to attend Oriflame seminar conducted at various places. There are several levels that are rewarded with recognition, cash awards, travel opportunities, etc. If you qualified the required condition for a particular level then you will be rewarded with awards attached to it.

  • There are so many business tools provided by Oriflame to support, assist, and ease the work of brand partners to expand their network and succeed in Oriflame.

  • After joining Oriflame you are provided with all types of support and training required so that you are capable to understand, order, recruit, work, and grow your network to earn income.

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