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Download Oriflame catalogue August 2021 in pdf (and September)

Download Oriflame catalogue August 2021 pdf (and September)

Every Oriflame brand partner/consultant or customer needs an Oriflame catalogue for exploring the current month offers and discount to schedule their own and customer's purchase list. Here we offer the latest Oriflame catalog for 2021 in pdf version. Oriflame August 2021 catalogue shared here that can be viewed in a window and can be downloaded in pdf. Also, the Oriflame catalog for the upcoming month of September 2021 is also added for reference.

Now you can download the Oriflame catalog August 2021 and September 2021 in pdf easily and share it with your family, friends, or clients. With the launch of a new catalog every month this post will be updated with the addition of the new catalog.

Note: What is Oriflame business and how to work in Oriflame, these topics are already discussed in our earlier posts. We also shared our ideas on selling Oriflame products and making 100 BP every month to progress and succeed in this work-from-home business. You may check out these posts if interested.

Oriflame August 2021 catalog

oriflame catalogue august 2021 pdf

View the current month catalog here itself by scrolling down ๐Ÿ‘‡.

Oriflame catalog July 2021 in pdf

oriflame catalog july 2021 pdf

Download Oriflame catalogue July 2021 in pdf

Oriflame catalogue June 2021 in pdf

download Oriflame catalogue June 2021 pdf

Download Oriflame catalogue June 2021 in pdf

Oriflame catalogue May 2021 in pdf

download Oriflame catalogue May 2021 pdf

Oriflame catalogue April 2021 in pdf

Oriflame catalogue April 2021 pdf

Download Oriflame catalogue April 2021 in pdf

Oriflame March 2021 catalog

Oriflame catalogue March 2021 pdf

Download Oriflame catalogue March 2021 in pdf

Oriflame February 2021 catalog

Oriflame catalogue February 2021 pdf

Oriflame January 2021 catalog

download oriflame catalogue january 2021

Upcoming month catalog๐Ÿ‘‡

We would like to inform you that this is not the official website of Oriflame and we only work to assist you to download the current month Oriflame catalog in pdf. You can visit the official website of Oriflame company where you will find this month's catalog along with the activity offer, online flyer, and recruitment/invitation campaign if applicable.

The Oriflame catalogs we are sharing here are only applicable in India and if you are one of them who belongs to a country other than India then you may locate Oriflame in your country here at this link. Select your location and you will be landed on the proper page of Oriflame which belongs to your country. Explore the whole current month catalog, flyers, and offers for you.

Oriflame offers in August 2021

Oriflame online flyer, activity offer, recruitment/invitation offer, and sometimes reactivation offer (for inactive consultants/brand partner), these are some of the lucrative deals offered every month to the Oriflame consultants/brand partner and VIP customers. These offers are made live at a particular date of the month (mostly the start of every month along with the launch of the new catalog) and it remains active for a limited time period.

An online flyer offers a huge discount on some of the Oriflame products for a limited period of 5days or 1 week. This is launched at the starting of the month. Nowadays this is not being offered consistently for a few months.

Activity offer as the name suggests this is offered to the one who qualifies the condition of the activity offer. Oriflame consultants/brand partners and VIP customers all are eligible to grab this offer if they suffice the condition.

The Recruitment campaign is also known as an invitation offer/campaign serves you a deal where you get a huge discount on selected Oriflame products if you sponsor or invite a defined number of new members to qualify a condition. This means if you recruit a specific number of new members and they qualify the condition of the welcome program then you will have the beneficial opportunity in this offer.

Check out the official website for all the current offers and Business class loyalty offer for brand partners, Managers, and above level.

Current Oriflame offer or program in August 2021

Various Oriflame offers in August 2021 are mentioned below.

Independence Day Special Offer in August 2021

The validity of this offer is 1st-20th August 2021. Independence day falls this month so here is the special offer. If you order for Rs. 1500 then you can get buy Tender Care Protecting Balm worth Rs. 349 for just Rs. 49.

Oriflame Plenty program August 2021

Plenty program offer period is 1-31st August 2021. During this period if the Oriflame brand partners place an order of 50 BP, 100 BP, and 150 BP then they are eligible to buy Love Nature Body Lotion worth Rs. 549 for just Rs. 99, Royal Velvet Repairing Night Cream worth Rs. 1799 for just Rs. 199 and both of these products (Love Nature Body Lotion and Royal Velvet Night Cream) worth Rs. 2348 for just Rs. 298.

Invitation Campaign August 2021

If you recruit 2 brand partners and they both place orders of 100 BPs each during the 1st-31st August then you are eligible to purchase an Oriflame Exklusiv Mora Tote bag worth Rs. 3490 for just Rs. 199.

Business Class Loyalty

This offer is valid from 1st July to 31st August 2021. During this period if you place an accumulated order of 200BP each in July and August both months then you are eligible to pick Elegant Serving Bowls with Glass Lids worth Rs. 5990 for just Rs. 499.

Other than the above deals more programs, Beauty Bonanza and Business Bonanza, are launched to accelerate the growth of the brand partners to achieve various levels and grab the lucrative prizes attached to it. Please check the official website for more details.

Also, check out Avon current month brochure.


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