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Download Vestige product catalogue June 2022 in pdf – Latest offers

Download Vestige product catalogueJune 2022 in pdf – Latest offers

Vestige business is growing rapidly and joining more and more people per year. New Vestige catalogs are offered every month along with various lucrative deals and monthly schemes. You may download the Vestige catalog for June 2022 and the latest offers down below in pdf form and check out the vast range of vestige products.

download vestige catalogue June 2022 pdf

About Vestige business

Vestige Business is an Indian company and it has become a well-known direct selling company in India. Vestige head office situated in Delhi and it has been 14 years since it is started. Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood, and Karmaveer Singh are the owner of this company. Together, these three started Vestige business about 14 years ago, and today, more than one crore people have joined to date. Every month around 300000 people are joining the Vestige business and it is moving very fast in India as well as other countries in the world.

Vestige is a direct selling company which is also known as Network Business or Multi-Level Marketing. There are many more direct selling companies operating in India such as Oriflame, Modicare, Avon, Forever Living, Herbalife, Amway, IMC, etc. Vestige follows all the guidelines, issued by the Indian government under Direct Selling since starting. To join the Vestige business, you do not have to pay any amount and it is absolutely free with no risk in it.

Vestige Products

Vestige covers a wide range of products which includes personal care, health care, oral care, agricultural products, air purifiers, and a large group of FMCG products. You can explore and order these products online on their website and also through their apps.

Have a look at the Vestige products being offered.

Health care

There are 8 categories in the health care section of Vestige.

  1. Vestige Prime - It includes a total of 4 supplements.
  2. Joints and bones health - It has a total of 3 supplements which include Glucosamine, Calcium, and collagen.
  3. Cardio care - It has a total of 4 supplements.
  4. Glycemic health - It includes 3 supplements.
  5. Fitness and diet - It has a total of 4 supplements which include Veslim protein powder, shake, capsules, and tea.
  6. Immunity boost - It includes a total of 5 supplements.
  7. Detox and rejuvenation - It includes a total of 5 supplements.
  8. Women's health - It includes a total of 4 supplements, Folic-iron plus capsules, hair skin nail capsules, cranberry capsules, and Shatavari capsules.

Personal care

  1. Skincare - Face wash, cream, face pack, anti-aging cream, exfoliating scrub, facial massage cream, BB cream, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, SPF 30+, Shaving cream, soap, hand cleansing gel
  2. Haircare - Shampoo, conditioner, hair spa, hair oil
  3. Body care - Body polish, body wash, body lotion, body butter, foot cream, deodorants, body talc, perfume spray, and hand wash.
  4. Self-care - Instant relief cream

Vestige Essentials

Pure Face mask and nasofilters for easy breath.

Oral care 

Mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss sticks come under this section.

Health food

It includes rice bran oil, olive pomace oil, zeta special tea, zeta coffee, protein powder, freshnup drink, choco-flaxseed bar, and Hi-nutrition breakfast cereal.

Agri care

It includes several Agri betterment and boosting products.

Audiobooks (self-health series)


It includes a total of 7 ayurvedic supplements. The brand is Ayusante.

Premium skincare (skin formula 9)

It includes 6 products, youth elixir, hydration cream, blemish gel, brightening treatment, deep cleansing oil, and under-eye serum.

Men's grooming

Men face wash, shaving gel, bathing bar, and deodorants.

Color cosmetics (Mistral of Milan)

It includes all the makeup products. Lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liner, eyeliner, kajal, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, compact powder, loose powder, blush, concealer, makeup remover, nail polish, nail polish remover, and makeup brushes.

Home care

Detergent powder, glass cleaners, air fresheners, ultra wash for clothes, cleansers for utensils, floor cleaner, and toilet cleaner. The brand is Hyvest.

Air purifier

Water purifier

Women hygiene

Sanitary napkin, panty liners, and intimate wash.

Vehicle health

This is an engine oil additive for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers and the brand is Mach-Drive NanoEnergizer.

Download Vestige product catalogue

Here you may download the Vestige catalogue for this month (i.e. June 2022) and also explore the latest offers and schemes.

Download Vestige catalog June 2022 in pdf

Every month Vestige proposes new offers and exciting schemes for their members and here you will get it all. Please note Vestige product's new catalogs and monthly schemes will be added every month in this post to keep you updated.

Download Vestige monthly schemes and latest offers for June 2022.

You can find all the details of Vestige products, catalogs, Mistral of Milan catalogue (MOM), and monthly schemes from their official website also. You may choose your language from Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil.

Vestige business benefits

You can buy Vestige products at discounts and also enjoy the huge offers launched every month with the release of the new catalog.

Also, you have earning opportunities by increasing your network. If you are successful to suffice the conditions for income by recruiting or joining new people under you and they also purchase Vestige products then you can also earn some amount from Vestige. Larger your team (active), the more your income.