Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Oriflame apps uses for Oriflame brand partners and VIP customer

Oriflame apps needed for Oriflame brand partners and VIP customer

Here I will discuss the Oriflame apps which are used for different purposes in placing orders online, enhancing Oriflame business from home, confidently recommending the products to the customers, and picking the suitable product for you. The apps covered here are Oriflame, Oriflame Business, Oriflame Makeup wizard, Oriflame SkinExpert, and Oriflame Conferences. Let's see one by one.
Oriflame apps for brand partners and vip customer

Oriflame app

  • Oriflame app is the main app that is equipped with everything required for a brand partner and VIP customer. It is loaded with the current month catalog, latest news/offers (if any), all product details, Oriflame branch activities, social media library, your all contact list, and Oriflame business tools.
  • We can place orders through this app and also can view the reports of your team’s work.
  • You can register new brand partners and activate them with this app.>
  • Business and the activity report is delivered in this app.
  • With the help of the “scan button”, brand partners are capable to scan any page of the catalog and quickly find all the description of that product and add them to the shopping bag if interested.
  • It has links to other Oriflame apps such as Oriflame business, Oriflame Make up wizard, Oriflame Skin Expert, and Oriflame conferences. All the Oriflame apps are linked to each other to download and share with another.
  • You can return any faulty product through this app using the “Claims” tab.
  • The social media library is the place where you find social media content of every product which you can share on your social media pages/groups.
  • You can add all your contact lists in a classified manner contacted and non-contacted.
  • Oriflame customer service tab lets you contact Oriflame in a needful situation.
  • The Oriflame app offers you a digital catalog, helps you learn about the products on the go, and supports you with hassle-free online orders.
  • This app can be used by both Oriflame brand partners as well as VIP customers.

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Oriflame business app

  • This app helps you to improve your Oriflame business in several ways.
  • You have a detailed overview of your network which helps you to analyze your teamwork, follow up on the progress, and plan to execute in a proper way.
  • You can easily find the contacts of your downline members and communicate with them.
  • You can track the progress of your team here like how are the team members working, points earned by members, how many are left to place an order, how many inactive for a few months, etc.
  • You can share the current month catalog to the inactive members to explore the discounts/offers and place an order if they want.
  • Also, this app is loaded with several prospecting videos and presentations which helps in prospecting your clients and recruitment.
  • This app is only suitable for brand partners and VIP customers won't need this app since they are only interested to buy products and not in recruitment.

Oriflame Makeup wizard app

  • This app helps you to try different makeup products on your selfie and choose the perfect shade suitable for you.
  • This is your virtual make up mirror where you can try and create various looks by applying the Oriflame make-up products virtually.
  • Oriflame VIP customers and brand partners both can use this app.

Oriflame Skin Expert app

  • This app helps in selling skincare sets. Using this app, you are capable to recommend the perfect skincare products to their customers as per their skin’s requirement.
  • This app makes Oriflame brand partners more confident to consult and recommend the skin range products by analyzing the skin scientifically.

Oriflame Conferences app

  • If you are an Oriflame brand partner and you are looking to find out the agenda and programs of the Oriflame conferences being held on various occasions and at different locations then this app will help you give you the overview.
  • To use this app, you need to be qualified and registered to attend a conference. Not everyone can use it.

After joining Oriflame whether it is a brand partner or a VIP customer, you all receive a consultant number (sponsor number) which is your identity in Oriflame. This consultant number is the login ID in the Oriflame apps and website.