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How to treat cracked or dry skin on toes due to dryness

How I treated cracked dry skin on toes

A year back my 5-year-old daughter was suffering from a skin related issue on her toes. Her skin around toes was very dried which resulted in a bleeding cut very often. Here I will share my whole experience of the treatment to cure my daughter's dry skin on toes. Below is the picture which shows her before treatment and after treatment state.

cracked dry skin on toes
Before and After picture of cracked dry skin on toes

When I first found dry skin on her toes

I first discovered this issue when she was about to complete her 4th year and that time only the skin around a toe in one leg was affected with the dryness and later on spread like hell. As it was looking like a patch of dry skin and she has dry skin also so I did not pay much attention because it was something we face every winter season. I used creams and lotions on the toes and feet to keep that part moisturized. Till that time nothing was problematic.

Dryness on the toes increased and I consulted a doctor

After a few months, I observed that the dryness on the toes was increasing it was also affecting the adjacent toes skin. Then I decided to consult with the family doctor. He said this is just the dryness and nothing to worry about. He prescribed a few medicines for her and a cream called “Moisturex” to apply to the affected area.

I went ahead as per the doctor’s suggestions and gave medicines to her and applied the cream on the dry skin. After a few days, I saw it was healing and I was happy to see the result. It was better than before. Medicines finished but this did not cure completely; the affected dry skin area seemed different from the other adjacent skin. After few days again the same dry skin emerged, and then I kept on applying “Moisturex” cream. After the application of Moisturex skin looked a bit nicer but after some time when the cream effect vanished again the same dry skin.

Dry skin around the toes spread more and turned painful

Now that dry skin on toes was turning to a more problematic one. Whenever my daughter used to do more physical activities like running, jumping, or any other activities which involved the legs she got a cut on the toes which was bleeding. I used Neosporin (skin ointment) to heal the cut. Repeatedly she got cut on her toes due to dry skin.

Then I decided to visit a reputed and well-known skin specialist in our area. He also said that this is just the dryness and nothing to worry about. He suggested a tablet and the same cream Moisturex for few days. He did not ask me to visit again also. For him, being a Mother I was overreacting for such a small thing which is just a dry skin nothing else. Again I completed the medicinal course and I found the same result; it was not treated completely.

1 year passed like that since I found the dry skin on her toes causing cut several times and during this period dry skin spread and affected other toes also. Her toes in both the legs were totally dried and I was clueless of what to do next to treat this issue of dry skin completely which was hurting her frequently.

Homeopathic treatment for cracked dry skin on toes

One day I came to know about homeopathic treatment through one of my friends. She suggested me to visit a homeopathic doctor once for the treatment of patchy dry skin issue on the toes. Though I was not sure about homeopathic treatment still I thought to give it a try as I was not satisfied with the action of other allopathic doctors too and her belief in the homeopathic doctor, she was consulting with, was so high that I felt to visit once there.

One day I fixed to visit the same Homeopathic doctor recommended by my friend with my daughter. His clinic is very small occupies only a few peoples but he holds 40 years of experience in this field and acclaimed by his patients with positive feedback. I narrated the whole story of the dry skin on the toes from the beginning. He asked everything from her behavior to the interests, eating habits, hobbies, and history of diseases if any. Then he gave her medicine.

I was told that skin-related issues might take several days to heal in homeopathic treatment and I was ready for it. I went ahead as per the doctor’s suggestion and saw a significant change in her toes’ skin within the first 7 days of homeopathic treatment. This was not a major thing but I was happy that it started working before I expected and this built my confidence in homeopathic treatment.

Now it is almost 2 months when I started homeopathic treatment for my daughter and I am satisfied with the result. Still, the homeopathic treatment is ON and doses are being given to her. That homeopathic doctor convinced me that this dry skin issue will be finished from the root and will not emerge later. This is so relieving and now my confidence in homeopathic treatment is greater than before. 

There are more days to go for full and final treatment. Till now whatever is the improvement in her toes you may see in this before and after image of her toes given below.

cracked dry skin on toes

Have you suffered the same issue of dry skin? How you treated it, would you mind to share your experience here?

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