Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How to do E-waste recycling business

E-waste recycling business

E-waste is the electronics items that are of no use. There are many such electronic products in our homes or offices that are of no use to us like batteries, remote controls, bad CDs, watches, smartphones, etc. and we throw them in the garbage without thinking that they should also be recycled. We should contact our nearby e-waste collection center to throw or discard our electronic products so that they can send these items to the respective recyclers.

Nowadays we are living in a digital world where everyone is touched by digital products and we all are using these electronics. As we are progressing in the field of technology, the production of electronics products is also increasing and their use is also increasing. Along with this, electronics wastes are also piling up that need to be focused and recycled, for the betterment of the environment as well as ourselves.

e waste recycling business

Why do we need to recycle e-waste?

E-wastes are hazardous for the environment and our health as well. It contains several such elements (lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, etc) that might be harmful if they get leached with the soil. This is obvious that if such things are carried with soil then they might become a part of the crops and water then they may create several health hazards for us. So they need to be removed with the help of recycling the electronics waste materials.

E-waste business profits/benefits

E-wastes are a rich source of metals (such as gold, silver, aluminum, and copper) so if they are recycled properly then a considerable amount of metals can be recovered and used for another purpose. The E-waste recycling sector is profitable if you understand it appropriately and pick your role suitably.

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E-waste business ideas

The E-waste sector has several business ideas where you can fit yourself as per your capability and earn profits. Let's see further.

E-waste collection and selling (Collection Centres)

In this business idea, you can collect waste electronics products from several points such as electronics shops, malls, homes, offices, and other known places and sell them to the dismantlers who will sort and dismantle these E-wastes perfectly.

Now from where to find these dismantlers whom you can sell your collection of E-wastes so CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) is the solution. Visit the Official website of CPCB (https://cpcb.nic.in/e-waste-recyclers-dismantler/), there you will find "List of E-Waste Recyclers/ Dismantler". Here you will get all the details of authorized E-waste recyclers/dismantlers present in all the states of India.

E-waste dismantlers and recyclers

E-waste dismantlers are essential to sort the electronics wastes and dismantle them for further processing. You can also become the dismantler. To become E-waste dismantlers or recyclers you need to be authorized and registered by the concerned State Pollution Control Board. Also, there are certain standards and guidelines set by CPCB for the E-waste collection centers, dealers, refurbishers, dismantlers recyclers, and consumers/bulk consumers, you must check them.

Visit the CPCB website and go through all the E-waste rules (https://cpcb.nic.in/e-waste/) and regulations applicable to start the E-waste business.

I also suggest reading this document, at this link (https://www.meity.gov.in/writereaddata/files/EWaste_Sep11_892011.pdf ), to better understand e-waste recycling in India.

This document gives details regarding the inventory of electronics waste, e-waste generation in India, legislative measures for e-waste, salient features in e-waste rule, enforcement agencies in India, e-waste recycling practices in India, and authorized dismantlers/ recyclers, registered with CPCB.

Useful and supportive websites related to electronics waste handling

  • Centre of Excellence (CoE) in E-Waste Management is a research institute that provides all the possible assistance required for the E-waste recycling system. Check out the official website - https://www.coeonewaste.com/ and find out your information.

  • Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) - Skill Development Training Program on E-Waste Recycling Technologies and Testing of Restricted Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Visit the website - https://www.cmet.gov.in/skill-development-training-program-e-waste-recycling-technologies-and-testing-restricted-hazardous.

  • Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) - https://cpcb.nic.in/e-waste/.