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How to Apply for Patanjali Distributorship and Patanjali Mega store

Patanjali distributorship

In today's date, Patanjali is a well known FMCG brand in India. Established in 2006 and spread widely within a very short period with positive support and feedback from consumers, although followed by some negative news too about a few Patanjali products. Many are interested in doing business with Patanjali by becoming an authorized distributor of their products. Not only we see small shops of Patanjali products' distributors everywhere but also Patanjali mega stores are being opened in a large space. If you are interested in Patanjali distributorship or want to open a Patanjali Megastore, here is the procedure, please read further.

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patanjali distributorship

How to apply for Patanjali distributorship or dealership?

  • The procedure is very simple and easily found. First, go to the website of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd -
  • On the top menu section, click on the "Download" menu. There are various forms to download but you only need to download the "Bulk Sales Distributorship" form.
  • This is a single-page form asks to fill up general information such as name, contact details, address, business details, prior experience in FMCG distributorship if any, and capabilities in terms of area of the warehouse, number of salesperson, transport vehicles, etc.
  • Take out the print of the form and fill up every detail. Now attach this form with last year's ITR (Income Tax Return) and balance sheets and send it to mail: [email protected]
If you have any query, you may contact Patanjali Ayurved Ltd at the below numbers:

Patanjali Ayurved Limited
Patanjali Food & Herbal Park,
Village – Padartha, Laksar Road,
Haridwar 249404, Uttrakhand.
Contact number: 1800 180 4108
Email: [email protected]

Applicants interested in overseas distributorship of Patanjali products can download the "Export Pre-Enquiry Form" instead of the Bulk Sales Distributorship form.

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How to apply for Patanjali Mega Store?

  • To apply for Patanjali megastore, you have to download the "Patanjali Store" form from the download menu of the Patanjali website mentioned above.
  • This asks for store location, proposed area, and expected investment along with general details like name, address, contact, etc.
  • Patanjali has set few rules to open Patanjali Megastore and they need to be followed. These rules are mentioned in the application form itself.

To open the Patanjali Mega Store:

  1. Minimum area required - 2000 Sq. ft.
  2. Initial investment - Rs. 1 Crore
  3. Security deposit (refundable) - Rs. 5 Lakhs
  4. Patanjali Mega Store allocation - the prime location of the city

Fill up all the required data and attach this form with below documents required while applying for Patanjali Mega Store:

  1. Passport size photos of applicant– 5 nos.
  2. 5-6 Photographs of proposed Location for the megastore.
  3. Applicants' pan Card, identity proof, and address proof- duplicate copies
  4. Copy of sales registration, ownership or rent deed of Mega Store, etc.

Send duly filled application form attached with the above-mentioned documents at below address or mail it to [email protected]

Head Office address:
Central Office-Bharat Swabhiman (Trust), Patanjali Yogpeeth- Phase II
Rajiv Dixit Bhawan, Near Bahadrabad, Haridwar-249405, Uttarakhand (India).
Telephone: 01334-240008, 244107, 246737

To take the Patanjali franchise you should contact them only through official sources and do not fall into the trap of tricky people doing fraud on the name of this brand and asking for money.

This article only provides the procedure of application for Patanjali products dealership and this is based on the information provided on the official website of Patanjali. This is not the channel to be awarded for Patanjali distributorship or megastore.

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