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How to plan a trip to Tirupati Balaji temple – TTD online Tickets and accommodation

Tirupati Balaji temple

The most famous Balaji temple is situated in Tirupati city in Chittoor district of state Andhra Pradesh in India. Tirupati Balaji temple is the most visited by devotees throughout the year and this place is crowded all the time. I suggest planning your trip to the Tirupati Balaji temple properly to avoid any discomfort in your trip in terms of accommodation or Balaji darshan. Below are the things you need to know before planning your trip to Tirupati Balaji temple so that you are able to finish your Balaji darshan easily and explore the other places or temples in Tirupati within the scheduled time.

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tirupati balaji temple

Best time to visit Tirupati Balaji temple

Till now I have visited Tirupati Balaji temple thrice, in the month of April, July, and November. Tirupati is very hot during the summer season so I would not suggest visiting Tirupati during summer but you may opt to visit Tirupati Balaji temple in winter season due to the satisfying weather in winter.

Online ticket booking for Tirupati Balaji Darshan 

  • Book your tickets online for Special Entry Darshan at Rs. 300 per person through the official website of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) services. Children below 12 years are allowed to enter for free but you need to show the age proof. You will be asked to upload photo ID such as Adhaar Card while booking tickets online and carry the same photo ID with you to show it at the entrance. 
    tirupati balaji temple ttd online

  • You will get the tickets for Special Entry Darshan of Balaji for the time slot after 1 or 2 months because the earlier dates for Balaji Darshan are already booked so plan your trip for Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan accordingly.
  • First, you need to sign up on the TTD services website, log in and then you may carry on with the booking procedure for Special entry darshan, accommodation or any other services.

Accommodation for Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan

  • Once your Balaji Darshan tickets are booked means your dates are specified for Balaji Darshan, now you can book your accommodation for that period.
  • TTD offers satisfied accommodation to the pilgrims in Tirumala as well as in Tirupati at a lower cost. TTD accommodation in Tirumala is occupied very soon so you have other lodging options in Tirupati. Srinivasam Complex (Tirupati), Madhavam guest house (Tirupati) and Thollappa gardens (Tiruchanoor), these are the other lodging options offered by TTD. 
  • I have tried Srinivasam complex in Tirupati and Thollappa gardens TTD guest house in Tiruchanoor. Out of these three TTD accommodations offered, I would suggest picking any of them other than Thollappa garden because this is located in Tiruchanoor at 5.7 km distance from Tirupati which is the ideal place to stay as a tourist in Tirupati.
  • Also, I do not find Thollappa garden guest house a good option because when we reached this place and saw the condition of this guest house we immediately checked out and booked a hotel for us. This is not well maintained like Srinivasam complex.
  • Also, there are several hotels, lodging and boarding options in Tirupati and Tirumala where you can stay. If you are not interested in TTD accommodation then you may book any of the hotels available there.

What you need to know before booking accommodation in Tirupati for Balaji temple darshan?

  • Balaji temple is situated in Tirumala, a hill town in Tirupati, at a distance of 23 km from Tirupati Railway station. Prefer Tirumala for accommodation, this is near to the Balaji temple. If you do not find any suitable one there then you may check the other options in Tirupati.
  • If you are interested to stay in one of the guesthouses offered by TTD then you need to book your accommodation 2-3 months before due to the massive booking in advance for reservation.
  • If you decided to stay in Tirupati then I would suggest staying nearer to the Srinivasam complex because this location is ideal for communication as well as food.
  • There is NO on the spot booking in Srinivasam complex and Madhavam guest house in Tirupati. You need to book it in advance. 
  • TTD guest houses can be booked only for 1 day. They do not offer an extension. 

How to reach Tirupati?

  • Nearest airport - Tirupati Airport or Renigunta Airport
  • Railway station – Tirupati and Renigunta railway station
  • The number of trains direct to the Tirupati railway station is lesser than the number of trains running through the Renigunta railway station. Reserving tickets on the train direct to the Tirupati station might be a bit difficult so you have another option i.e. Renigunta station.

Sightseeing near Balaji temple:

There are several other temples and religious places to visit in the hilly area of Tirumala. APSRTC buses are running frequently for the devotees or tourists to facilitate communication between the different places. The places are:

  1. Swami Pushkarini (this is situated in the Balaji temple premises only)
  2. Akashganga
  3. Papvinashanam
  4. Jabali Teerth
  5. Pandava Teerth
  6. Kapila Teertham etc

Temples in Tirupati

There are many well-known temples in Tirupati also which are visited by devotees after Balaji Darshan and they are:

  1. Padmavati temple
  2. Govindrajaswamy temple
  3. Kodandramswamy temple
  4. Kapileshwar temple
  5. Srikalahasti temple (at 1-hour distance from Tirupati)


  1. You have to wear traditional dresses while entering the Tirupati Balaji temple. For males, a shirt or kurta with dhoti or pajama is compulsory. They won’t let you enter the temple with jeans or pants. If you do not have dhoti then you may purchase it from there. You will find several Dhoti vendors nearby. For females, the required dress is saree or salwar kameez with dupatta. Any kurta with the legging will also do but do not forget to carry dupatta. 
  2. Free buses named Srivari Dharmarath in orange color are operated by TTD for the local transportation of devotees in Tirumala which covers several stations of Balaji temple complex.
  3. Wherever you deposit your belongings such as mobile phone, camera, shoes, bags or luggage, they will be delivered at Common Delivery Centre only and this is labeled on the card you receive after deposit.
  4. TTD does not offer accommodation for a single person. 
  5. Carry the print of ticket and photo ID (such as Adhaar card) you used while booking tickets.