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Best and unique gift ideas for women and girls – Starting from Rs. 500

Best and unique gift ideas for women and girls

Please do not expect the usual girly/feminine gifts such as makeup items, dresses, jewelry, handbags, and shoes, etc. Here you will find the list of the best and unique gift ideas for girls or women which will be useful for them. You must have searched for the best and unique gifts ideas for girls/women on the occasion of Rakshabandhan festival, Valentien day, her birthday or any other event. She might be your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or just a friend. Whoever she is, you can gift her one of the items mentioned below within your budget.

Silver Coin

unique gift ideas for women and girls

This is one of the unique ideas for gifting a woman or girl you know. A silver coin that will be designed or engraved with wishing messages, quotes for a particular relationship, God/Goddess carving and many other designs. The price of this silver coin falls in the range of 500 to 1999 depending on the size and weight of the coin along with the design engraved. Pick your choice from the list of designs to be engraved for a specific occasion and gift your loved ones.

Cosmetics Makeup Holder or Organizer

unique gift ideas for women and girls makeup holder

Girls/women are always flooded with lots of cosmetics and makeup items but most of them could not store these products in an organized way. So, why don’t you help them in storing their beloved items by gifting Cosmetics Makeup Holder or Organizer? This is a unique gifting idea and not very expensive also. The range starts from Rs. 250 and it will increase as per the holder/organizer size and storage capacity. 

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Body Massager 

unique gift ideas for women and girls massager

In today’s lifestyle, the schedule is very hectic for all. At the end of the day, many people often go through stress and feel pain in various parts of the body mainly shoulders, legs, and feet. In that case, the body massager is the perfect gift option that can provide happiness and relaxation to your loved one every day. So stand away from the crowd and pick this unique gift idea for her. There are so many different types of massager in the market such as neck massager, head massager, foot massager, leg massager, multi-tasking massager, etc. at different prices. The price of the massager starts from Rs. 500 and go on increasing as per the type of massager and the benefits they offer.

LCD Notepad

unique gift ideas for women and girls LCD notebook writing pad

One more useful and unique gifting idea or option for girls/women is LCD Notepad which can be used for different purposes such as making quick notes, preparing a to-do list for the day to day life, teaching sketching/drawing or anything else to the children, etc. This is portable, rewritable and equipped with the magnet at the backside so that you can stick it to the metallic wall or base. This is ideal for the office as well as home.

Bluetooth Headphone

unique gift ideas for women and girls Bluetooth headphone

The Bluetooth headphone is a great and unique idea for gifting since this enhances the utility. This is useful in several ways like listening to music, hands-free calling and hands-free actions through Google assistant. Nowadays Bluetooth headphones are available in various designs that go perfectly with your style. Some of them are headband shape and it looks like a fashion accessory which you would like to put on every time. The price of the Bluetooth headphone falls in the range of Rs. 500-3500 depending on the type of headphone you chose.

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