Friday, January 17, 2020

Valentine and Anti-Valentine week days 2022

Valentine week 2022

February is noticed as the month of love due to the occurrence of Valentine's day (the Festival of Love) this month. Valentine week days are celebrated with great enthusiasm not only by couples but also the individuals. This is more popular among the young generation but the older generations also love to celebrate the festival of love. Here is the list of days of Valentine week with the dates.

valentine week days 2022

Days of Valentine week 2022

7th February, Monday - Rose Day
8th February, Tuesday - Propose Day
9th February, Wednesday - Chocolate Day
10th February, Thursday - Teddy Day
11th February, Friday - Promise Day
12th February, Saturday - Hug Day
13th February, Sunday - Kiss Day
14th February, Monday - Valentine’s Day

Rose Day

Valentine's week starts with Rose day. This day different colored roses are given to the loved ones which represent the various meanings depending on the color of roses such as red color rose means love and yellow means friendship.

Propose Day

After Rose day, here comes Propose Day when the lovers propose to their partner for a relationship.
It is assumed that your partner whom you proposed agreed to your proposal and said yes to you.

Chocolate Day

Now after the proposal day, you will gift chocolate to your lover to celebrate the occasion. This is not strictly limited to your lover only but also you may give chocolates to your family and friends too.

Teddy Day

After celebrating with chocolates, now it’s time to gift your lover or loved ones. Teddy day is the day to present your lovers a Teddy which is loaded with cuteness.

Promise Day

After gifting teddy, now you will make promises to your partner to be there forever whenever he/she needs you.

Hug Day

The sixth day of Valentine week is celebrated as Hug day when we hug each other to show our love and compassion.

Kiss Day

The seventh day is kiss day when you move one step ahead in your relationship and kiss your loved one.

Valentine Day

If you notice the above 7 days one by one, then you will understand that love bloomed and developed during these days and this is the time to celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner. Take out a few hours from the whole day and spend it with your loved one rejoicing the lovely moment with each other.

Anti-Valentine week

Right after Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine week starts. As the name suggests this is just opposite to Valentine's day and hence the celebration. This week is considered as anti-love.

anti-valentine week 2022

I assume that after being in a relationship for a period several differences occur which affects the relationship also and hence the anti-valentine week celebration. It starts with the Slap day, Kick day and ends with Missing day and Break-up day. This is purely my assumption behind Anti-Valentine week.

This is just for the fun which you can celebrate with your friends and should not be taken seriously.

Days of Anti-Valentine week 2022

15th February, Tuesday - Slap Day
16th February, Wednesday - Kick Day
17th February, Thursday - Perfume Day
18th February, Friday - Flirting Day
19th February, Saturday - Confession Day
20th February, Sunday - Missing Day
21st February, Monday – Break-up Day