Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jio fiber and jio set top box launched – features, plans, prices and offers

Jio Fiber and Jio set-top box features, plans, prices, and offers

Finally, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), announced the launch of the most awaited Jio fiber services and Jio set-top box on 12th August 2019. Jio fiber is the Jio’s plan for optical fiber fixed-line broadband service and this will be commercially available from 5th September 2019 for the customers.

Also, read Jio fiber plans and how to register for Jio fiber.

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Benefits of Jio Fiber broadband and Jio set-top box

Jio Fiber offers several benefits mentioned below.

  1. Fast broadband speed of up to 1 GBPS
  2. Landline phone connection at no extra cost
  3. The digital high definition set-top box
  4. Multi-party video conferencing 
  5. Virtual reality content
  6. Interactive gaming
  7. Voice-enabled virtual assistants
  8. Home security and 
  9. Smart home solutions
  10. Jio set-top box designed to accept the broadcast cable TV signals from their local cable partners.
  11. For small and medium businesses: Jio fiber empowering 2.4 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) by providing reliable connectivity, technology-enabled tools, and cloud applications and helping them to be more productive and successful in the marketplace.

Jio Fiber and Jio set-top box features

  1. You can do video conferencing with multiple persons at different locations easily sitting at home in front of the TV and this is called multi-party video conferencing. This service is interoperable between different devices such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop and the TV at our home. You can do a video conference with anyone anywhere in the world completely for free. Video conferencing setups costing thousands of rupees are not required now. 
  2. Jio set-top box is embedded with 100s of features inside such as video calling or conferencing, voice search, unlimited premium content and console light gaming experience, etc.
  3. Jio set-top box supports nearly all gaming controllers, also the gameplay in 4K. You can do multi-play gaming anywhere in the country. You can also do social gaming where your other friends can join virtually through video conferencing and enjoy the game with you.
  4. Mixed Reality (MR), the hybrid of AR and VR, is supported by Jio fiber. By wearing MR headsets you can virtually do the shopping, learn efficiently any chapter in education and virtually experience the entertainment as if we are there. By wearing MR headsets you can watch any movie on your TV screen while experiencing that you are sitting in front of the large screen in the theatre. 

When Jio fiber and Jio set-top box will be available?

Jio Fiber will be commercially available from 5th September 2019 (3rd anniversary of Jio’s launch).

Jio Fiber and Jio set-top box plans/price/tariffs

  • Jio fiber prices are very reasonable which will suit the budget of every segment. Jio’s basic plans will start at 100 Mbps and go up to 1 GPPS and this will cost from Rs. 700 – Rs. 10,000 per month as per the tariff you chose for you. 
  • Customers will have to pay for only one service either data or voice. Voice calls from home to any Indian operator mobile or landline will be free. (@45) Jio fiber offers the lowest fixed-line rates for International calling. Jio Announced unlimited international calling pack for US/Canada at just Rs. 500/month.
  • Simplify purchase and consumption content: Jio Fiber is packed with subscriptions to most leading premium OTT applications which override multiple subscriptions at multiple applications for different shows or movies. 
  • Premium Jio fiber customers will be able to watch newly released movies the same day at home and this offer “First-day first show movies” is not launched right now but planned to be launched in the middle of 2020.

Complete Jio fiber plans/tariffs/price will be available from 5th September 2019 on www.jio.com and My Jio app.

Jio also launched lucrative offer for the customers called “Jio fiber welcome offer” under which customers that chose Jio’s annual plan called “Jio Forever plan” will receive an HD/4K LED television (Tv) and a 4K Jio set-top box absolutely FREE.