Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How to get new or duplicate voter ID card online

How to get new voter ID card online and apply for a duplicate voter ID card if lost

Nowadays it has been very easy to register for new voter ID card, correction in it or apply for a duplicate voter ID card if it is lost. Anything related to voter ID card can be done online through the National Voters’ Services Portal website  (NVSP) or Voter Helpline app.

The National Voters’ Services Portal has been updated and now you need to first register on that portal then you can apply for a new voter ID card or do anything else related to the Voter ID card.

How to register on National Voters’ Services Portal (NVSP) for voter ID card services?

Visit NVSP and get yourself registered by creating an account. First, you need to enter your mobile number which will receive OTP enabling the further procedure of registration.

Then you are asked for additional details such as name, email ID, EPIC number (if you have), etc.
Once filled up details and submitted, you are registered with the National Voters’ Services Portal.

Log in with the login details on the same portal and now you can perform any action mentioned below:

  • Fresh enrollment (register for new voter ID card)
  • Correction in voter ID card if any
  • Deletion of self/family enrollment
  • You may find out constituency details, electoral officers details and political party representative, etc.
  • Apply for a duplicate voter ID card if lost or damaged somewhere.

how to get new voter id card and duplicate voter id card

How to register for new voter ID card

  1. After logging in NVSP, click on the “Fresh Inclusion” available on the left side.
  2. Fill up or upload all the required details; full address, address proof, birth details, age proof, an assembly constituency, complete personal details (name, family details), passport size photo, contact details, and declaration. Filling the form is easy for anyone, you just need to be ready with all the details and document required to upload on the website.
  3. Once you submit the details, you are provided the reference ID which you can use it for further tracking of your application or find out the status of voter ID card. Do not forget to note it down for application tracking.
  4. New voter ID card registration takes a few months to complete. If I talk about my own experience then it was completed within 3 months. I applied for a new voter ID card in the mid of January month and received in the April month.
  5. Keep on tracking your voter ID card application to find out the status whether it is approved or rejected. If it is approved then you will be provided an EPIC number (Electoral Photo Identity Card) and a BLO is appointed whom you may contact for getting the voter ID card in physical form.

How to get a voter ID card in physical form after registration?

There are several people who are registered voters and they have an EPIC number but they did not receive their voter ID card physically. If you are one of them then you may contact your BLO (Booth Level Officer) for receiving the voter ID card.

If you click on “Search in Electoral Roll”, a window opens where you may enter your EPIC number and find out the all the details including BLO. Take out the contact details of your BLO and reach him/her to get your voter ID card physically.

How to get duplicate voter ID card if lost or damaged?

If your voter ID card is lost or damaged and you want a new one to be issued then you may apply for a duplicate voter ID card through the same website mentioned above i.e. National Voters’ Services Portal or Voter Helpline app.

Whether it is the National Voters’ Services Portal or Voter Helpline app, there is a tab called “FORMS” in both of them. There you will see different forms for several reasons. Last one “Issue of Replacement EPIC (Elector’s Photo Identity Card)” is the application for duplicate voter ID card, click on it.

how to get duplicate voter id card

Now fill up all the details while stating the reason for issuing duplicate voter ID card and submit. Here also you will get a reference ID for tracking the application. Keep checking it. Once it is approved then you will receive your duplicate voter ID card through any of the modes you mentioned while filling up the form.