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Saputara hill station in Gujarat – a short trip

Saputara hill station in Gujarat

Saputara hill station is located in the district Dang in Gujarat and this is situated on the border of two states Maharashtra and Gujarat. Since this is located on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat so this is one of the weekend destinations for the tourists coming from Mumbai, Nashik, Surat, Vadodara, and many more nearer cities. My journey for Saputara started at Nashik. The distance between Nashik and Saputara is around 80 km and it takes a journey of 2 hours. Many tourists drop by here from Nashik in various seasons due to the lesser distance between Saputara and Nashik city.


Best time to visit Saputara hill station in Gujarat

Till now I have visited Saputara hill station twice, in the month of November and January. I would suggest the best time to visit this place in the winter season. Mid of December would be okay since that time you won’t feel too much cold. During monsoon or rainy season, this place looks amazing and offers a fascinating scenic beauty but I don't think that it would be a comfortable trip if it rains as you won't be able to reach some of the places here.

How to reach Saputara hill station in Gujarat

Saputara is well connected by road. The nearest railway station is Waghai station at Billimora. Also, several government buses are communicating from Saputara to various cities of Gujarat and Maharashtra and they are very economical.

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Places to visit in Saputara hill station in Gujarat

Saputara is a small hill station and this can be fully explored within a day. There are several places to visit, all mentioned below one by one, and they are located not very far from each other so one can discover all one by one by walking also.

❖ Saputara Lake

This is the center of attraction in Saputara hill station. Amidst mountains and green lush trees, Saputara Lake looks beautiful. Boating facility is available there for visitors. Boating charges are very nominal. Boating is not very pleasant in the afternoon period due to harsh sunlight.

saputara lake

There is a small amusement park for children beside Saputara Lake which comprises various kids ride. Also, numbers of rented fancy bicycles (with the flower in the basket) are provided by various boys on the street next to the Saputara Lake.

saputara lake boating

❖ Saputara Adventure Park

Saputara Adventure Park is situated in the vicinity of Saputara Lake, just a few steps away.  It offers kids joy activities, sky cycle, rope activities, game zone, ATV bike, bumper car, zip line, bungee injection, zorbing ball, and toy train. I have never seen a crowd of visitors exploring the various activities here.

saputara adventure park

❖ Honey Bee Center

Honey Bee Center is situated just next to the Adventure Park. This is a small honey farm where honeybees collect nectar and prepare honey out of it. There are several boxes at various places on the farm which is a house for honeybees and where they make honey. Here you will get 300 grams of pure honey for Rs. 150 only.

honey bee center saputara

honey bee center

❖ Step Garden

Another place in the list of places to visit in Saputara hill station is Step Garden and as the name suggests so it is. This is a beautiful unique garden that is developed not only on the ground but also on several levels i.e. steps hence the name is Step garden. There are so many different types of beautiful, colorful, and attractive flowers. This is a great place for selfies or photography and you will get wonderful shots here. A small café also included inside the garden so you can have your evening tea with beautiful surroundings.

step garden

❖ Sunset Point

Sunset point, this is one of the places in Saputara hill station which most of the tourists do not miss. Visitors or tourists explore the whole Saputara full day and at the end of the day, in the evening period, they all gather here for a wonderful view of the sunset. After capturing the view of sunset they all start leaving for their home.

sunset point

You need to pass through a bit tiring and hilly road to reach sunset point by walking since driving your vehicles are not allowed there. However, you may opt to have a ride on the chargeable bikes available there.

There are a few stalls offering tea, Maggi noodles, and some snacks items. Enjoy the wonderful sunset view with the tea in your hands.

❖ Ropeway

Saputara is also famous for ropeway activities done here. Visitors are charged an affordable fee for the ropeway. It takes you to the Sunset Point and then returns back. If you have your own vehicle then you may reach there easily otherwise you have to book any transport which will take you there because walking to this place, hilly area, might be a bit tiring. Also, note that there is a huge crowd in seasonal months so you may have to stand up in a queue for a few minutes.

ropeway in saputara

❖ Tableland

Ropeway and tableland both are situated just next to each other. If you reached for ropeway activity then you should not miss this place and go ahead. This is a land on the hills where you will find several activities such as Camel riding, bike riding, horse riding, kids play area, etc. along with eatable items offered by the vendor. A wonderful view of Saputara hill station can be seen from here. You may capture good shots for you.

table land

❖ Saputara Museum

Saputara museum is a tribal museum which is dedicated to the tribal culture. It has everything which is sufficient to showcase the tribal lifestyle such as the equipment or tools used in home or land, ornaments, various instruments, etc. Visitors are allowed to enter at a nominal fee. This is good but the infrastructure of the museum needs maintenance.

saputara museum

❖ Fish aquarium

There is a minor fish aquarium close to the Saputara museum with few fish tanks. This is not in good condition and you may skip visiting this place if you are running of time.

fish aquarium

You will find a small street market in the vicinity of the Saputara museum and fish aquarium where visitors do shopping. There is nothing special to buy but a few handmade items are worth it.

saputara market

❖ Rose Garden

Rose Garden, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the flower Rose. Many rose plants are grown here but this is not in so good condition. You may skip visiting this place.

❖ Artist Village

When we planned for the Saputara trip then we searched for different places to visit and found artist village also one of them but the reality is something different. There is nothing on the name of the artist village. There were a few small houses like you see in the village. Also, we saw an exhibition hall where various items prepared by the local artists are showcased for the visitors. When we visited that time it was empty with a few items left in the hall. You may skip this part also as you see won’t see anything special here.

saputara artist village

Few FAQs

Q. What is famous in Saputara hill station?

Ans: Saputara is a small hill station and one of the good ideas for short trips or weekend destinations. This is famous for Saputara Lake, boating, ropeway activity, paragliding activity, and sunset point.  Also, several tourists plan camping here and enjoy their time amid nature.

Q. Hotels and restaurants in Saputara

Ans: Since this is a tourist spot, you will find several restaurants and hotels around. Saputara Lake is the main point so most of the tourists go for hotels which are offering a lake view. We have stayed in the Patang Residency in front of Saputara Lake and it was great.

Q. What type of food is available there?

Ans: You will find vegetarian food in most of the restaurants and hotels. Finding non-vegetarian food in Saputara is difficult I think because wherever we asked for non-vegetarian food we were denied.

Q. Is alcohol allowed in Saputara hill station in Gujarat?

Ans: Alcohol is banned all over the Gujarat state so you won’t get here also.

Conclusion based on our experience

Overall Saputara hill station in Gujarat is a nice place to visit that can be fully discovered within a day. This is one of the weekend destinations for visitors from Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, and Surat. A one-time visit is okay. If you are visiting afterward, then that may be boring for you. Do not miss the ropeway activity here. Drop by here in the morning till 10 am so that you have sufficient time to explore each and everything comfortably. Finish your entire excursion till 5:30 pm so that you reach sunset point before sunset. Confirm the sunset time in Saputara with any of the local people. Grab some fresh strawberries from the street vendors; they are really good and cheaper also.