Thursday, September 3, 2020

Vehicle or Car leasing in India

Vehicle or car leasing in India

Buying a car is everyone's dream but many times people are unable to fulfill their desire of owning a car due to lack of money so here the concept of vehicle leasing comes forward to help them to own a car of their interest without buying. Nowadays approximately all the car companies offer cars on lease.

Car leasing companies are giving people a chance to become car owners even without buying.

Vehicle or car leasing means you get the vehicle or car without buying for a fixed period at payment agreed between buyer and seller. This is advantageous for both parties.

Vehicle car leasing companies in India

Many car companies have started this car subscription program which means car leasing.

Under this program, neither maintenance cost nor insurance cost will be paid from the customer. Also, there is no need to pay down payment either.

Customers only have to pay the car subscription amount set for the particular vehicle and return the vehicle after the subscription duration expires.

The year 2020 is known for the pandemic caused by Coronavirus and several changes seen in our lifestyles due to this virus.

customers are shifting from public transport to personal vehicle and they are in search of a pocket-friendly solution that will not be a burden financially. So here the car subscription helps that enables customers to own a car for certain duration.

Vehicle/Car leasing companies in India:

Nowadays most car companies such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Honda are providing cars on the lease as a part of the Car subscription program.

Here I am listing a few of the well-known car leasing companies in India.

  • Zoomcar - It is a well-known car rental company in India which provides service in most of the locations in our country.

  • Avis Lease - This is operating in 170+ countries including India. This is working in India for more than 16 years and this is established as one of the top car or vehicle leasing companies.

  • - This is also like Zoomcar which services in 22+ cities across India for renting the car.

  • ALD Automotive India - They provide car rental services in 280+ locations across India.

  • SMAS Auto Leasing India - This is Japan's leading car leasing company providing commercial vehicle and car rental services in several cities of India.

How to lease a car?

You can browse any of the websites mentioned above for your requirement and continue with the offer given online otherwise you may visit the nearest car dealer or the showroom and do inquiry as per your interest.

Suggest going through each and every aspect of the car subscription program which might affect you financially and do not forget to discuss the below-mentioned points with the dealer or the car rental companies.

What should you know before leasing a car?

Before signing the contract for leasing a car you must check out the below things with the dealer:

  • What is included in the car or vehicle subscription such as annual usage of the permitted kilometer, road rax, car usage cost, insurance coverage, registration cost, and maintenance cost?

  • Be aware of the maintenance details being offered in the subscription.

  • What if the customer ends the lease early i.e. can you return the car early before the leasing duration expires?

  • The on-road or road-side assistance or support offered by the company.

  • Is there any lock-in period? It means the period, during which the customer can't cancel the subscription.

  • What are the charges if damage occurs due to the mishandling or negligent driving.

  • What will happen in case of car theft or accident?

So you inquire about everything you need to clear all your doubts and get yourself packed with the required details for a better leasing experience and no frustration later.

Have you ever driven a car on the lease? If yes then plz share your experience here and you are most welcome to add value to this post by including your tips for leasing.