Sunday, July 22, 2018

Review of Disha Computer Institute in Nasik Road based on My Experience

I have done web designing course in Disha Computer Institute in Nasik road and here is my honest review of this institute based on my experience.

About Disha Computer Institute:

disha computer institute nashik road

Disha Computer Institute is a computer education institute with more than 100 centers in India. They offer below-mentioned courses:
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • Software Programming
  • Animation Courses
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Tally ERP
  • Graphics Designing
  • DCGA (Diploma Courses in Graphics and Automation)
  • Web Designing
I have seen many pamphlets about Disha Computer Institute glued at several spots such as the pole, trees, and shops etc, advertising their courses. Once I thought to check in there for inquiry. I wanted a course with the help of which I can work from home through various freelancing sites like,,, etc. I narrated them about my background and my requirement, so they suggested me to go for Web designing course which included Graphics designing as well. I said okay and proceeded further with the confidence of fruitful results at the end from Disha which broke down with the passage of time. 

Web designing course details at Disha Computer Institute:

  1. Elements (languages or software) included: Coreldraw, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Flash
  2. Fees: Rupees 12000/-. Fees they ask to pay in advance. You may ask for installment too if not comfortable to pay at a time. My course was 6 months longer but they took full amount within the first 2 months after I enrolled myself in web designing course at Disha. 
  3. Duration: 6 months. Practically it went beyond 6 months.
  4. Daily hours: 1-1.5 hours
  5. Certificate provided after appearing in an online examination on the completion of the course.

My experience at Disha Computer Institute, Nasik Raod:


I had zero knowledge of any of the above-listed languages and software (Coreldraw, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Flash) included in web designing. On the very first day, I expected at least an introduction to the course, the elements included, their usage in different fields, what I was supposed to learn there. But nothing happened as per expectation, the trainer came, sat in front of PC, opened CorelDraw and started showing the tools inside without introducing what is it for.

Training Staff:

I do not know about other courses but trainers for web designing course are not very skillful. They have basic and limited knowledge which they pass on to the students. The chapter of Photoshop was a nightmare for me and the reason for this is the inappropriate teaching staff. They had only one Photoshop trainer, he taught me for 3-4 days then disappeared. Later I came to know that he left the institute. There was no other substitute for Photoshop teaching. I used to go there, practice Photoshop on my own then come back. I wasted several days like that.


Space available is compact but they accommodate students sufficiently in batches.


  • The software they use is not licensed but cracked one which you may download online.
  • The numbers of computers are sufficient for batch-wise accommodation. 
  • Electricity failure is often and that time nothing is left to do as everyone works through the computer.


The expected duration was 6 months but it took a total of 8 months to complete web designing course due to their improper management, I think.


  1. They are flexible if one carries his/her child along. They do not mind at all.
  2. Location of this institute is easily reachable. 
  3. Flexible batch timings.


  1. The teaching staff is not very skillful.
  2. Lack of teaching staff.
  3. An unprofessional way of teaching.
  4. No inverter availability in case of power failure.
  5. Several questions left unanswered.


I will not recommend Disha Computer Institute (in Nasik Raod) for web designing course. I learned more from online tutorials than this Institute.