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Donate old clothes, toys, books and furniture at your door step

Donate old clothes, toys, books and furniture at your doorstep

Are you clearing your cupboard, removing all your old clothes and making space for the new items? If yes and then you must be wondering whom you can give or donate these old clothes. First, you may ask your maids if they need any of these items. If you are still looking for various options to donate old clothes then here is the list of the few NGOs in India whom you can contact and donate all your old belongings which will then be distributed to the needy people.

donate old clothes

Here I will mention 5 organizations through which you can donate old clothes, toys, books, furniture or anything else which is not in your use now but that might be useful for another needy person. Request you to donate the only items which are clean, well-maintained old stuff in proper condition for others to use it.

1. SADS (Share At Door Step)

You may contact SADS and schedule your own pick-up time for donation and they will come at your doorstep to collect your belonging which you want to donate among needy people. SADS accepts almost everything for donation including shoes, clothes, woolens, furniture, kitchenware, stationery, bags, mattresses, and electronics. You may opt to donate at your doorstep by paying a convenience fee otherwise you may reach out to one of their NGO points and drop your donation items by yourself. Convenience Fee is not fixed but this depends on the types and quantity of the items you are donating.

Contact: 8884784742

2. Goonj

Goonj is an NGO that is involved in several social relief activities while mainly focusing on clothing. Goonj does not offer a pick-up facility at your doorstep for the donation materials. They have several dropping centers across India where the individuals may send their donation materials at the scheduled time after discussing with the Goonj volunteer.

Contact: 011-2697 2351, 011-4140 1216

3. Clothes Box Foundation

Clothes Box Foundation only collects old clothes for donation and helps to reach them to actual needy people. Here donation is transparent through their social media page where the donor can see their donation reaching the perfect persons who need it actually and fulfilling their need. This foundation collects donations at the doorstep at a minimal charge.

Contact: 78383-71356

4. Goodwill India

Goodwill India is a social organization based in Pune which is involved in collecting donations and sending them to the underprivileged individuals. Goodwill India collects clothing, toys, books, and computers and distributes them to the right person who is deprived of these items.  You may call and organize a donation camp in your area or society after discussing with Goodwill India and they will send their vehicle to collect all the items.

Contact: 020-25290909, 9011013330

5. Pass It On

Pass It On is a web platform connecting donors and receivers. Here donors can list their unwanted items which they want to pass it on to the other person who will make use of it in a proper way. The receiver who is in need of the same item you are donating will contact you and collect the item.

Through this online platform “Pass It On” You may also contact any of the NGOs who will deliver these donated items to the needy people. Here you may donate any unwanted items such as old clothes, books, furniture, electronic gadgets, and home appliances, etc. This is a free stuff website so there is no cost included for anything.

Contact: 080-5000241

Nowadays some of the schools and malls also organize old stuff donation programs under which they ask to donate the items which are no more in use and these donated clothes or other stuff are distributed among the needy people. If you come through any of such programs then you donate your old belonging there and you may also ask your friends, neighbors and other known members to contribute in this donation program if they have old stuff lying down in their home with no more use if it in future.

If you have other options for donating old stuffs then please mention here and add more value to this post.