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Places to visit in Shirdi

Places to visit in Shirdi 

sai baba samadhi temple

Devotees travel and flock here in Shirdi from various corners of India and all around the world mainly for the Sai Baba Samadhi temple. Once reached Sai baba Samadhi temple and finished Sai baba darshan, they are keen to know different nearby tourists’ places to explore Shirdi in a better way. There are several places to visit in Shirdi including the local temples as well as entertainment places, have a look here.

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places to visit in shirdi dwarakamai

Dwarkamai is the place where Sai baba stayed for his whole life after he came to Shirdi. There is continuously burning Dhuni (the source of Udi) in a corner beside the stone where Sai baba used to sit. This place is also crowded always but the queue is moving fast so it does not take much time as imagined when you see the crowd.

Shree Chavadi

places to visit in shirdi chavadi

This temple is situated next to the Dwarkamai. This is connected to the Sai baba because he used to sleep here a few nights every week. This is a small place and accommodates a few things only including a large picture of Sai Baba.
Also, there is Shri Dakshinmukhi Hanuman temple close to the Chavadi.

Abdul Baba Cottage

abdul baba cottage

This is a cottage where Sai devotee Abdul Baba used to stay. He served Sai baba for a longer period. This is a very simple, compact and not well-maintained room opposite Chavadi.

Khandoba temple

If we are talking about Sai baba’s life then Khandoba temple holds major importance here. Sai Baba was first seen and welcomed by Mhalsapati in this temple only where he gave the name “Sai” to our Sai Baba. This is located at 5 minutes walking distance from the Sai Baba Samadhi temple on the main road.

These are the few small temples situated adjacent to the Sai baba Samadhi temple.

Sai Museum:

Sai Museum is located inside the premises of Sai Baba Samadhi temple. There are several things such as his clothes, utensils, cot, etc are stored safely which were used by Sai baba in those days. You must visit this place after Sai darshan.

Wet n Joy Water Park

shirdi water park

Wet n Joy Water Park located just 2 km from Samadhi temple. This is a quite huge water park including several attractive and adventurous water rides. You will have to spend your whole day here to experience all the rides and explore the water park completely. Several people from nearby locations such as Nashik travel to the Shirdi only to enjoy Water Park due to the unavailability of large water parks in those areas.


Saiteerth is a spiritual theme park dedicated to Sai Baba, located in front of the Wet n joy Water Park in Shirdi. The infrastructure of Saiteerth is huge and excellent. It offers 4 different types of devotional and entertaining attractions for the visitors mentioned below:

  • Teerth Yatra (a spiritual journey across 10 well-known temples of India)
  • Lanka Dahan (interesting and exciting 5D movie of Lanka Dahan)
  • Sabka Malik Ek (a movie based on the Sai Baba’s life is shown on a big screen)
  • Dwarkamai (similar to a puppet show where you will come across Sai baba in Dwarkamai)

places to visit in shirdi saiteerth

You may need 3-5 hours depending on the crowd to fully discover all the 4 shows. You will love catching the camera shots here.

Since Saiteerth and Wet n Joy Water Park, both of them are the parts of the Malpani group business so here you will get the combo offer for Saiteerth and Water Park.

Sai Heritage Village

Sai Heritage Village is a spacious enough theme park which is developed on the basis of Sai baba’s era which depicts the actions of Sai baba and the lifestyle of villagers during that period with the help of various statues. You will witness the beauty of the village when Sai baba lived there. The entry fee is Rs. 125 per person.

Sai heritage village Shirdi

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