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Vestige lipstick review - Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick shade price

Vestige lipstick review - Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Creme matte)

Mistral of Milan (MOM), the color cosmetics brand of Vestige, recently introduced super 16 shades of Crème matte lipstick and here is my honest review of the same.

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Packaging of Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Crème matte): 

The packaging you can see in the image. The outer casing has all the details of the lipstick such as brand, shade name with number, packaging date, specification of this lipstick and the quantity. They do not mention the ingredients used. Cap of the lipstick is tight enough so carrying in a handbag while traveling is not a problem.

vestige mistral of milan lipsticks review

vestige mistral of milan lipsticks review

Specification Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick:

  • Supplemented with SPF 15
  • Instilled with Vitamin E&A
  • The deep color which gives full coverage in one stroke
  • Moisturizing and smooth 

Shades of Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Crème matte): 

Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick (Crème matte) range has a total of 16 shades and you may check out all the shades at Vestige website.

I bought the Choco lava (015) shade for me. This is chocolaty color and suits for all skin tone. I have medium skin tone and it was looking nice on me. Since the choco lava lipstick shade is dark so it fits with every skin tone.


This is highly pigmented and no need to apply several strokes of lipstick for better coverage.

vestige mistral of milan lipsticks review

Vestige Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick price: 

Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick price is Rs. 425 for a quantity of 4.2 g. This is the catalog price but if you join Vestige then you may purchase it for Rs. 360 only. If you do not want to join Vestige then find a Vestige distributor and purchase it from them on discounted price i.e. Rs. 360.

Specification wise, I find the Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipsticks more close to the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks from most of the aspects like pigmentation, texture, lasting hours, etc. But the price of the Mistral of Milan Crème matte lipstick is higher than the Maybelline. Also, the MOM Crème matte lipstick has only 16 shades whereas Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick has a wider range of a total of 32 shades to choose from.

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Application and Lasting duration: 

Since this is highly pigmented so you do not have to worry while applying it. One stroke is enough to cover the lips. The texture of the lipstick is nice and feels good on the lips. No need to apply lip balm before applying Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick due to the creamy texture as this is infused with Shea butter for deep moisturizing. This keeps lips moisturized. But highly suggest scrubbing your lips before applying the lipstick.

How long does Mistral of Milan lipstick (Crème matte) last?

This is a matte lipstick but it transfers. Not very much but it transfers easily a little bit. It lasts for almost 3 hours after that you need a light touch up. If you eat something then it transfers some amount of lipstick but it is okay.

How to remove Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick?

Removing Mistral of Milan Crème matte lipstick is not a big deal; any makeup remover can remove it. This simply comes out with the rose water also.


I am satisfied enough with the Vestige Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick but I suppose this is costly as compared to other brands’ lipsticks with closer characteristics such as Maybelline. Maybelline creamy lipsticks cost only Rs. 299 while the Mistral of Milan (MOM) Crème matte lipstick costs Rs. 360 for a vestige member otherwise Rs. 425 if you purchase from some vestige distributor.

How to purchase Vestige Mistral of Milan (MOM) lipstick?

You may purchase any of the Vestige products from any Vestige distributor or buy for yourself by registering in the Vestige. To join Vestige or become a Vestige member you may contact any of the Vestige distributors. They will do registration for you and guide for better purchasing. You will find several vestige distributors online from social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you do not find any Vestige distributor and interested to join Vestige then you may contact us through email or you may reach us at Facebook or Instagram, we will help you to join Vestige for shopping vestige products.

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How to earn from Amazon Flex app - part time job, delivery app, payment

Amazon Flex app

Amazon flex is a plan under which individuals may register themselves as their delivery partners and deliver the Amazon orders in their area using their own vehicles. This is all done through the app and  Amazon will pay some amount (around Rs. 120-140 per hour) to the delivery partners for this job.

Requirements to become an Amazon Flex delivery partner

  • Age- at least 18 years
  • Phone: You must possess an Android phone which meets below requirements.
    1. An android phone of version 6.0 or higher with an active SIM.
    2. At least 2GB of RAM.
    3. Voice and data connection.
    4. Camera with flash and GPS location services.
  • You will need a two-wheeler vehicle with Driving License, RC, PUC, and insurance certificate.
  • A bank account and
  • A valid PAN card (mandatory)

How to join Amazon Flex program:

You may join the Amazon flex program through their app, first download the Amazon Flex app and then register yourself.

amazon flex app

How to download Amazon Flex app

You may download the Amazon flex app by entering the URL in your mobile phone browser or by visiting the Amazon flex website.

After downloading the Amazon flex app you register yourself as a delivery partner, schedule your delivery blocks, make deliveries and earn money from the successful deliveries.

How to work with and earn from Amazon flex app?

Part-time job: 
You may consider this as a part-time job which can be done as per your time availability. Here you are the boss and free to set your own working hours.

Delivery schedule:
After successful registration in Amazon Flex app, you need to be well versed with the delivery schedule. As per your availability, you may set your own delivery schedule during which you will make the deliveries.

Delivery offers: 
As per your delivery schedule set in the calendar of amazon flex app, you will receive the delivery offers for that particular delivery block and you are free to accept or reject it within a certain time period.

Amazon delivery station: 
If you accept the delivery offer in the amazon flex app then the app will provide you the package’s pick-up point 1 hour before your delivery scheduled time starts. After reaching Amazon delivery station i.e. the pick-up point of the packages to be delivered, you need to complete the required procedure and leave for delivery.

After finishing all delivery jobs, the delivery partners are asked to return to the pick-up point and complete the handover procedure. The delivery partners have to return all the items such as cash collected by the customer, the mobile payment device, the bag, and the undelivered package if any. Once done you are ready for the next delivery job if you want.

Earning through Amazon flex app: 
Amazon flex app pays delivery partners on the basis of length of time they assigned for deliveries in their schedule. One can make Rs. 120-140 per hour from Amazon flex app with the successful job done.

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In which Cities of India Amazon flex jobs available?

Presently Amazon flex is seeking for only 2 wheeler riders in 5 cities of India and they are Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Chennai. Later it might spread in other cities too.

Visit and explore the FAQ section for more details about Amazon flex program.

If you have tried this then please share your experience here in the comment section.