Saturday, February 1, 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue August 2020 in pdf

Oriflame catalogue August 2020

Oriflame, the direct selling company, launches a new catalogue every month which reveals the current discounts and offers provided on different Oriflame products. The discounts and offers on the Oriflame products are varying every month. The discount which is offered this month i.e. August won’t be available next month.

Also, there are a few new launches every month. You may download here the Oriflame catalogue for August month as well as other months of 2020 in pdf version easily and share it with your loved ones or clients. This post will be updated every month (the rest of the months of 2020 i.e. September, October, November, and December) with the launch of a new catalogue.

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download oriflame catalogue august 2020 pdf
August catalogue 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue August 2020 in pdf

oriflame catalogue july 2020
Oriflame Catalogue July 2020
Download Oriflame catalogue July 2020

oriflame catalogue june 2020
Oriflame Catalogue June 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue June 2020

oriflame catalogue may 2020
Oriflame Catalogue May 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue May 2020

Oriflame catalogue April 2020
Oriflame catalogue April 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue April 2020

Oriflame catalogue march 2020
Oriflame Catalogue March 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue March 2020

oriflame catalogue february 2020
Oriflame catalogue February 2020

Download Oriflame catalogue Feb 2020

You may visit the official Oriflame website where you will find this month catalogue along with the activity offer, online flyer, and invitation campaign if applicable.

You may locate Oriflame in your country here at this link and explore the whole current month catalogue, flyers, and offers in your country.

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Oriflame Online Flyer, Activity offer and Invitation campaign in August 2020

Also, Oriflame has some more lucrative deals for the Oriflame consultants and VIP customers of the Oriflame in the form of an Online flyer, Activity Offer, Sponsor program (or Invitation campaign), and sometimes Reactivation offer for inactive consultants along with the launch of new Oriflame catalogue every month.

An online flyer is packed with a huge discount on some of the Oriflame products for a week. This is launched on the 2nd date of every month and is valid for a week.

Activity offer is a beneficial offer by Oriflame which promises to give advantage to the Oriflame consultants or VIP customers if they qualify the mentioned condition.

The sponsor program or Invitation campaign offers you a special deal with a big discount if you invite a certain number of new members to qualify a condition.

Oriflame Invitation Campaign August 2020

If you invite or recruit 2 people who qualify welcome program by placing 100 BP orders during the period of 1st - 31st Aug. then you are eligible to get The ONE Colour Unlimited Kajal (Ultimate Black) worth Rs. 2,078 for just Rs. 199.

And if If you invite or recruit 3 people who qualify welcome program by placing 100 BP orders during the period of 1st - 31st Aug. then you are eligible to get Philips Hair Styling Kit (includes Hair Dryer & Straightener) worth Rs. 2,140for just Rs. 399.

Activity Offer August 2020

If you place an order of 75 BP this month then you are eligible to buy any one of the given high range accessories at a low price.

Reactivation Offer 2020

Reactivation Offer is proposed for inactive members of Oriflame who did not place an order for a long time. If inactive members place an order of a specific amount mentioned during a specific period then they are eligible to buy a high priced product at a low cost. Current month this is not available.

Explore the current month Oriflame catalogue along with other deals such as Online Flyer, activity offer, Summer solstice offer, etc at one place from this link.

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