Monday, September 14, 2020

How to apply for Sonu Sood Scholarship - application, email

Sonu Sood Scholarship (email, application)

After completing numerous good works and helping several people in need, now Sonu Sood pledged to support the complete college education for students in need. Recently he tweeted announcing the "Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship" for the 12th pass students who are willing to study further but deprived of money which may cause them to move ahead in their education. 

Sonu Sood offered this scholarship for those students who are brilliant in the study and facing financial issues to educate themselves further. This is named after his late mother's name Saroj Sood. Read further and know the steps to apply for the scholarship.

prof saroj sood scholarship

sonu sood scholarship email

How to apply for Prof Saroj Sood scholarship (by Sonu Sood)- the procedure

  1. As mentioned in the tweet by Sonu Sood declaring about the scholarship, the students need to send emails on email ID
  2. Once you send the email, an automatic response will come within a few seconds with a link to a form to be filled by students interested in the scholarship.
  3. Enter your full name, phone number, email ID, State (where you are currently living), name of the school and city (Grade 12), grade 12 subjects (science, commerce, or arts), Grade 12 Board (CBSE, ICSE, or State board), Grade 12 Score (in percentage), annual family income and preferred courses (such as MBA, MSC, Engineering, Diploma, Bachelor course, Medical, etc)
  4. You will also be asked whether you are comfortable studying out of your state or not.
  5. The next section of the form will ask you to enter your life goals. You need to be more specific and clear with your goals in order to win the scholarship. This offer is for the needy people who have the potential to excel beyond the limitations.
  6. Also, you will have to enter why you need this scholarship. Here you may describe your real limited financial condition which is the restriction in further studies.
  7. They also have a partial scholarship option which means the student has to pay half of the college expenses. You have to select your option from the given options.
  8. Fill all the details completely, correctly, and most important honestly. submit the form and let the selectors work on it.

If you are one of the selected beneficiaries for the Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship offered by Sonu Sood then you will be contacted by their team.

You can also check out the details of Sonu Sood scholarship from the CT University website