Sunday, September 27, 2020

How to use Microsoft teams app on laptop or mobile phone for students?

Microsoft Teams app (MS Teams app)

Microsoft teams app is a complete package for teamwork that compiled everything needed for the smooth online work of a team. Nowadays it is in more demand as most of us are switching to online work from home during the lockdown in the corona crisis.

In schools and offices, this is the priority app. When lockdown started and later most of us started switching to online work from home then most of us used the Zoom app for online meetings but due to some security issues this app was sidelined and Microsoft teams app chosen as the best alternative of the zoom app.

how to use MS teams app on laptop for students

Now let’s see the benefits of this app. This app is designed very vast and it has so many features and benefits but here we will talk short with the few and useful benefits for the students.

Microsoft teams app benefits:

  • When it comes to security this is trustworthy.
  • It has everything under one roof. You can chat, do video meetings or conferencing, make calls to anyone in the organization, set assignments or works, set your schedule, etc in the same app.
  • When used in schools teachers can set their assignments or home works here itself.
  • Students can have instant access to the websites (which are regularly used) if uploaded.
  • You can call or contact anyone added to the organization.
  • Students can discuss classwork among themselves in the same app.
  • Students are being more digitally literate at a younger age.

How to use Microsoft teams app on laptop or mobile phone for students?

Students will be provided login Email ID and password for this app by the school. You need these details while logging in MS Teams app after download and installation on your device.

After login, you will be asked to reset the password immediately. Now first learn how to download and install this app on PC and mobile phone.

How to install Microsoft Teams app on PC or mobile?

For Mobile: To download MS Teams app on the mobile phone, tab, or any other android device you need to go to the Google play store and search MICROSOFT TEAMS.

Microsoft Teams app for PC: To download the MS Teams app on PC you need to visit this link of Microsoft. Suggest opening this link in Google chrome as it works better in this browser. You will come to the page as shown below.

microsoft teams app wep app download

Click on the “Sign in” button here. Enter your Email ID and password provided by the school (generated for every student by the school).

After login immediately you are asked to reset the password and set a new one.

Now the next page of the browser will give you 2 options, first is “Get the Windows app” means MS Teams app for PC/computer and the second one is “Use the Web app instead” means you may continue with the browser itself. Go ahead as per your choice and you are done with the download and installation of the MS teams app.

MS teams app for students

The below image will show you the view of this app on PC as well as the mobile phone.

microsoft teams on laptop for students

There are different menus (or tabs) in the app for various activities and actions. They are all mentioned below.


This is your feed section. All recent activities will be shown in the Activity Tab. You can also filter your activities here.


In schools, this tab is used for different subjects. Here various teams are created as per the subject. When you click on a particular subject or team then you will find the related assignments and scheduled meeting details if any.

Once you enter a particular subject then you see various tabs/sections inside named Post, Files, Class Notebook, Assignments, and Grade.

Here you will see the concerned subject’s posts, files, subject notes, homework, and the grade which student acquires after the assessment.


Here all the meeting details are found date wise. It means this is your time table.

MS Teams app general information for students

  • Student can raise their hands to grab the attention of the teacher for any query or a fruitful discussion.
    Tap on the three dots beside the phone icon (at the bottom of the screen) and you may raise the hand, pin yourself, and switch your camera.
    You may end the meeting by clicking the phone icon in red color

    ms teams app for students

  • You can mute another student/participant only for you to avoid unnecessary noise if created from his/her side. This can be done by pressing on the video of the particular student.

  • The chat icon is on the top right corner. Tap it and type your message here.

  • You may see the total number of participants by tapping on the symbol beside the chat on the top right corner.

How to pin someone in MS teams app on mobile phone or PC?

Keep on pressing on the video which you want to pin. Then you will see the option of ‘pin’, tap it, and you are done. You can pin the host or any attendee or participant in the meeting.

To pin someone in the MS team app in PC you need to right-click on the particular video and select the pin and that’s it.

Overall this is a great app for online work from home and online studies. Do you have more values to add in this post which might be useful for the students? If yes then please share with us in the comment.