Monday, October 12, 2020

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews - Our visit after lockdown

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews - Our visit after lockdown

After 6.5 months of lockdown, I was very stressed and I wanted an outing plan to refresh myself and get some relief from daily routine. So I planned to visit the Rainforest Resort in Igatpuri. This is approx. 55 km from our place in Nashik.

Igatpuri is well known for its natural scenic beauty which makes us feel fresh and relaxed. There are so many resorts in Igatpuri amid nature and they are in high demand among the tourists/travelers from Mumbai and Nashik as a weekend destination or short trip.

I chose the Rainforest resort in Igatpuri as my weekend destination last week. We searched everything about it online such as types of accommodation, rooms, prices, activities, facilities, food, and customer/guest reviews. I was happy to see the online rating 4.5/5 but I can give it a maximum of 2.5/5 after my visit, not more than that.

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews

I chose this resort only after seeing 4.5 ratings and so many good reviews but what I experienced was something else that is far away from those great reviews. I was not satisfied at all, in fact, I was disappointed.


We booked a luxury room for 1 day and 1 night. We paid Rs. 4,500 including the charge for our daughter. This price included the 3-time meal (i.e. lunch, dinner, and next day breakfast) and evening tea with snacks.

Rooms and cleanliness:

  • The room was good enough with the balcony. But the cleanliness was zero. So-called clean rooms were showcasing the dust everywhere clearly. Even the towels and bedsheets were looking dirty.

  • We saw spider web and dirt all over in the gallery and the rooms. Garbage was lying down everywhere outside the room. The dustbin was not only loaded with garbage but surrounded by it. I was surprised to see all this. We didn’t expect this from a 4.5 rated resort.

  • During this corona period when everybody is taking extra care for cleanliness then nobody can expect this irresponsible approach of the resort.

  • They took the whole price in advance otherwise we could have been shifted somewhere else. The half-price we paid 1 day earlier while booking the rooms online and the rest of the amount was asked to pay at the time of check-in only as per their policy they said.

  • So we adjusted ourselves there somehow and complained about cleanliness. The staff came and cleaned it; also we changed the towels and bedsheets.

Activities in Rainforest resort Igatpuri

  • If you see their website then you come to know that there are several indoor and outdoor activities being offered.
  • When we visited that time we could only enjoy indoor games such as carrom, badminton, and table tennis. The indoor play area on the 4th floor is spacious enough to accommodate all the indoor games but not well maintained.

    Rainforest Resort Igatpuri activities

    Maintenance and cleanliness is the main problem everywhere in this resort. The properties used for the games were not in good condition and spread everywhere.

    The dirt you can see in every corner. Sofa kept there for rest was in very bad condition. Why they need to keep this type of property? It will be better if it is removed from there.

  • Also, there are other water activities and adventure park but it was not available during our visit. I suggest you must do an inquiry about these activities on the phone in advance to plan your visit in a better way.

  • You can explore the surrounding nature by cycling. You will get cycle on chargeable basis. Rs. 100 per hour for 1 cycle.


Rainforest resort is widespread over a very large area that accommodates all types of rooms like deluxe, luxury, superior luxury, villas, and tent house. Tent rooms are provided with all the required facilities but they were closed when we visited.

Rainforest Resort Igatpuri reviews

All villas are provided with a small personal pool. This is very small but okay for small kids. They will enjoy it.

A common swimming pool is also there which was closed at that time. We asked for a separate pool for my daughter and they managed it for us. We were permitted to use the private pool of one of the villa rooms which was unoccupied.


The taste of the food is good here. You need to walk to the restaurant (located nearby) for food, tea, and snacks. You won't have food service in the room. Veg and non-veg food are served in different restaurants and they are located very near to each other. It was a buffet system.

Disappointments from Rainforest resort in Igatpuri - based on my review after visiting

  • Lack of cleanliness and maintenance everywhere.

  • They did not follow the preventive measures set by the government (regarding coronavirus). There is no body-temperature checking and no oxygen level checking at the entry point. They mention on online travel websites that they follow everything but in actual we saw nothing like that.

  • The staff is very casual and not professional. Some of them appear in front of you without masks during this corona crisis.

  • When we entered the room the first impression was too bad. The so-called clean rooms claimed by the resort staff did not seem clean at all. In fact, we were angry to see this.

  • Not only the dust present in the room which is noticeable easily but also the towels and the bedsheet on the bed were looking dirty. There was a huge difference in the picture of the room on the website and the actual room.

  • I don’t know what was wrong with the AC. It was not that effective.

  • The miserable condition of the play area.

Good things - Rainforest resort Igatpuri reviews

  • Since it is surrounded by fascinating natural beauty, the location of this resort is beautiful. You will capture the amazing view.

    view from Rainforest Resort Igatpuri

    view from Rainforest Resort Igatpuri

  • Food taste is good enough.

  • If this place is cleaned and maintained perfectly then it is one of the good options for the wedding ceremony, friends get-together, family event, and other party/events.


According to my view, the Rainforest resort is the perfect example of saying "Naam bade aur darshan chhote".

Learned so many things about it online but what we saw was just disappointing. This resort needs a lot of cleanliness and maintenance work to deliver what they promise online.

I think it is a lockdown effect that turned this resort into a miserable condition. Whatever it is but if they are welcoming customers then it is their duty to deliver the best and leave the customers satisfied which did not happen in our case.